Friday, November 28, 2008

success and love

just finish watching a koream drama - lobbyists.
it's abt a woman who was a bus driver at the beggining and a man who was a fisherman.
there was war..
then after some long story*
the woman become a lobbyist , and she's a vy successfull woman afterall.
and the man become a lobbyist too , he's vy successfull too.
both of them work for their country.
however , the woman did some treacherous stuffs just to revenge for her sister , but of coz , not oing too treacherous , just a lil lil bit , and also , not doing this to tat man .
they are couple.
after some long story*
the woman finally decided to give up everything , the revenge , the success she made.
and they ( the man and the woman) live happily in the village which they used to stay at as the beggining of the drama.

actually , can you just gv up the success just like this ?
yea , maybe some people may do this for her/his lover or for her own.
but to me , i dont think i can give up my job , the success that i built . geee..
anyhow , i'll think a double-win way , wont u ?
we're superwomen because we live in a 21st century world.
no one can ask me to gv up on my lovely job just for a man.
if my love one ask me so , then...he will better be a houseman and go away.haha !!
heeee.maybe it's just to me.

my friends bet me to be chg my mind..haha..maybe i will ?
who knows their own fate and future mind ?

i just love to be a successful one.
nah , of coz i wont sacrifice my love too. haha.
i want to be a successful one in every aspect.

ladies , love and success , which will u choose ? both rite ? =p


kc said...

sure u can...have faith in u...

huimei said...

hah,..good !