Thursday, November 20, 2008


facial oh facial..
off to hv facial ytd.....due to i am a female..
hahaha...female loves pretty , rite ? hah
oh face is the ugliest in ly life time...
i dun even dare to look at d mirror !
tat is more horrible than a ghost ! OMG OMG OMG !!!
luckily there is no tuition for this whole week ..
if not , T.T ..
i wont go..haha !
stop here..
waiting for my face to recover..

and theresa ,
i am still waiting for my photo to blog of.
looks ncie but it's suffering afterall


kc said...

HAHAHA...really got so serious bo? me ur black black mia face when doing facial!! xD

huimei said...

my hands already no strength..
how 2 take photo? XP

kc said... facial so tiring eh meh?not vry enjoy eh ar?c ur picture there eh ppl... xP