Sunday, November 30, 2008

december , a signal of my hactic life

looking back*
i realize tat i do nothing in this year..
i nvr learn all d science's basic well.

december is coming . i mean..very very soon..
just an hour to go..
and my relaxing life is going to end.=(
human oh human...
life is always so hectic..
or mayb a psycho's person can stay happily..
but i do not want to be a psycho 1..=D

just do it !
i believe i can. =p

i love this cool !

a sheet of calender had been torn out one by one,day by day.
december is a signal of spring , a new begining of a year or the signal of the end of the year ?

Friday, November 28, 2008

success and love

just finish watching a koream drama - lobbyists.
it's abt a woman who was a bus driver at the beggining and a man who was a fisherman.
there was war..
then after some long story*
the woman become a lobbyist , and she's a vy successfull woman afterall.
and the man become a lobbyist too , he's vy successfull too.
both of them work for their country.
however , the woman did some treacherous stuffs just to revenge for her sister , but of coz , not oing too treacherous , just a lil lil bit , and also , not doing this to tat man .
they are couple.
after some long story*
the woman finally decided to give up everything , the revenge , the success she made.
and they ( the man and the woman) live happily in the village which they used to stay at as the beggining of the drama.

actually , can you just gv up the success just like this ?
yea , maybe some people may do this for her/his lover or for her own.
but to me , i dont think i can give up my job , the success that i built . geee..
anyhow , i'll think a double-win way , wont u ?
we're superwomen because we live in a 21st century world.
no one can ask me to gv up on my lovely job just for a man.
if my love one ask me so , then...he will better be a houseman and go away.haha !!
heeee.maybe it's just to me.

my friends bet me to be chg my mind..haha..maybe i will ?
who knows their own fate and future mind ?

i just love to be a successful one.
nah , of coz i wont sacrifice my love too. haha.
i want to be a successful one in every aspect.

ladies , love and success , which will u choose ? both rite ? =p

i'm weak

it's time to make it again.
my willpower is not as strong as last time.
but i did not worry for tat moment but tomorrow.
alarm rang , look at it.
oh , as i predicted..
bt not as serious as last time.
heeee..should appreciate ald.
nah , i am a superwoman actually.hahaha !

Thursday, November 27, 2008


wat will appear in ur brain when ppl say twilight ?
hand with apple ?
vampire ?
NO !
yea , the movie is releasing,but i couldnt go to watch on the 1st day . =(
oh , edward cullen.....
is so so so so cool.
heeee..but afterall , the real person is not as handsome as i imagine. =X
but still..he's not bad though.

edward n bella
the cullens.
the most artistic one.
*actually i love breaking dawn more.the chess is simple and so so so nice !
edward cullen , i am freak out for you.haha !
fall for you !

miss saigon

miss saigon , a vietnamies restaurant.
again , it located at e-gate . besides old town/georgetown ? or mayb near there.
the decoration and the style is nice too..
philipin's style,a different one.

my sis order this . it's quite nice.but u'll feel disgusting if u eat too much , i mean the something sushi-like thingy,but of coz it's a totally vietnamies style.

and i order the wat beef..see , the beef is in the bamboo , and do u see the red juice-like at the bottom of the bamboo? it's a hot pepper sauce.super duper spicy !! make me looks like a dog or even cow ? for some minutes. haha !

and i personally like the chopstick and the spoon.
it's made by something like wood ?

the price is affortable , i think it's quite cheap.
and the food is fabulous.haha !
i'm a food maniac.heee.
those restaurant must pay me for the introducing. was kidding.
the love of the chef is felt when the food is chewed and dissolved in the mouth cavity.

el mondo

el mondo , an italian food restaurant.
it's located at e-gate.
beside TAO. it's the corner-most one.
the decoration and the style of the restaurant is nice though.
i mean , i like it. =)
the light is a lil bit dim but mayb this is a romantic restaurant for couple. sis n i ordered mushroom soup as appetizer.
the mushroom soup looks a lil bit too brown , eh ?
yes , it's b4 u stir it. well..the mushroom soup is unique.
the mushroom taste like had been smashed?
yea , i think so.

mushroom soup + garlic bread

here come the drinks ..
uhh..i had forgotten the name of the drinks.
the left 1 tastes sour , the right one taste sweets.
the left one should be more suitable for this.
ps : the drinks make the bill more valuable for them.aha.

and finally , the pizza ! oh my gosh !!
the pizza percutaneous is so thin and the cheese is sooooo..
should i say thick of a lot ? =p
it's so yummy !
and the red slices aren't the sausage thingy , it's beef. wow !!
feel so hungry afterall , times to search for some supper. [ 1.19am ]

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a quirk of me

embarrassing case.
off to have dinner just now and u knw wat ?
i saw a stranger wearing a familiar t-shirt..
eh ? eh ?
oh yea !! tat's my t-shirt which i was wearing ..
omg !! so damn embarrassing !

huimei's principle : hate ppl wearing same outfit with me.

aha..i knw it's a lil bit ridiculous..
but so far i had never seen anyone wearing the same outfit with me , except today , oh yea , and tat day..both of them are pdi shirt..
and my sch bag , nobody's using the same sch bag with me.which 1 feel so proud and satisfied for buying it. but of coz , it's a nice bag , nt tat kind of ungly until nobody use it.=p
my pencil's still unique...
eh wait !!! tat mt has it too !!! oh luckily i chg ald..hahaha ! or i will feel uncomfortable.hee..
although i seldom wear these shirt , but wat a coincidence ? just dislike it a lot !
so from now onwards , i'll not buy pdi's shirt *although i seldom buy.

the feeling of embarrasing is ridiculous ? is offensive ? is funny ? maybe it's like the t-junction.

Monday, November 24, 2008

happy birthday miss chaw yeh

24th of nov.
wat'ss o special of ?
yeah ! as the title , it's chaw yeh the rabbit's bday !
hhhmmmm...we've ald gv her the present too..
and yeah !no
i'll text u 1 more time..aha !

people's turning to her sweet sixteen while i'm going to be seventeen ..
herrmm...not so fast okay.*

anyway ,
happy birthday to u ,
happy birthday to u ,
happy birthday to chaw yeh ,
happy birthday to u .
wish u..ermm..
all ur dreams come true yeah ! forever hermmm..XD
chaw yeh the rabbit.
just fooling around.
chaw yeh the inspector/konan.aha !
the next birthday boy will be jia eian ! my love one.
ps:yingqi , not ur turn yet..haha !

happy birthday miss yuen sue

oh !
tomorrow is miss yuen sue's bday...miss ah bong !
aiyar..but we gave her the present ald..
so wat should i do tmr ?? errrrrmmm...
mayb some surprise...
let me think..

call her and wish her ?
text her and wish her ?
pos laju a bday card ?(i dono her add.=.= )
date her out with jun ling n others?

oh fine...
call her and wish her will do.

anyway ,

birthday , once a year , wat it actually means to a person ?

holiday holiday , go away

holiday is good ?
holiday is nice ?
holiday is fun ?
NO !
holiday is bored to dead !
i have been staring at my dekstop for how many hours ald ?
besides , what can i do ??
maybe watch some drama.. but there r no new drama to watch.. *sob
hang out ?
but sister is not in , friends are working , huimei dun hv license.
ohhh. i stay at home 24 hours..dun even walk ! my life is abt eat , sleep , nap , staring at d pc , tv , reading other's blog, sleep ,sing and syok sendiri, pc , pc , tv !!!

okay...mayb i should go to play tennis with chin tee. heee..but my racket is still with my ah sir.
okay...mayb i should ask weixi , peiwen , chailing , huiyi them for TAO..(yea , i must ask them later ! )
okay...maby u should ask theresa , yingqi , and others for redbox and movie.. (yea ,theresa did say ! well , i will ask later !)
okay...mayb i should listen to my teacher's advice, revise my f4 syllabus..(wat the hell ? i am sick of book ! but mayb i should..)
okay...mayb i should ask my sister for shopping..(yea , i can!)
okay...mayb i should go to exercise..(yeah !! i am abt to grow fat soon ! eat sleep eat slee
without exercise,i should go for jogging , swimming , badminton , gym ) yeah !! badminton n gym with weixi , swimming with nee , wei lun , lilian , jogging with ? =X )
okay...mayb i should ask for a job.(u see , my friends r working , it seems not so boring rite ?)
okay...mayb i should go KL with theresa and yingqi , yeah !! yingqi !! i will go to support u !! love u lot !! )

wei xi on9 !!!! and she asked for hang out as i just wanna asked her !!! WEI XI I LOVE YOU !!
YEAH !!!!
i am going to shopping , talk , and crap..guys , u will never know how girls talk ! ahaha..
we should manage our time couldnt buy time.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

pulao pangkor trip ( day 3)

last day trip..
went to gua tempurung..
before that , chaw yeh took a pic..------chaw yeh and her detective cap.cheeeese.

there are 4 choices..we chose 3rd , thought of 4th , but some of them did not we went for 3rd..(4th is the most adventurous 1 ,3rd is the 2nd most)
afterall it's still okay..

the cave is very dark or should i say no light at all ? yea!
so we hv to use a torchlight.
it seems like we did a lot of exercise too... squard and stand , crawl? , climb , slide..
and u knw wat , some holes are so small until we hv to lay on the ground to go over and the ground is river-like..means there are water , oh god ~~
and also , there are mud..sooooo....we were like buffalo ( buffalo plays in mud )
and according to zhen lin, she said it contains bat's fecal..eww ~~
but it's such a precious experience.
and we'll did have strong perseverance.
because there r lotsa stairs , up and down , up and down......@.@
finally , we saw light , we were sooo so so happy !
that's the 1st time i love sunlight.!

and i am glad tat i am a 21th century's people..
i wonder how primitive people stay in a cave.
it's like a horrible scary place to us but to them , it's a warmth home sweet home..duh ~
so there r some photos of the superwoman.!

a scene at gua's so relaxing..

theresa , yingqi , huimei , yeeching , mode(szeyun) , ying xiu the superwoman

ying qi and my dirty shirt

after tat , we went to the 老黄芽菜鸡..the famous chicken rice shop in ipoh..
yeah ! no doubt , the chicken rice is really delicious. =d
but i hate bean sprouts ... i was like ...ate...a lot..haha !! i was way too hungry ald. wahaha..
'shopping' time.
went to buy the local products of ipoh..
i spent RM13.50 , which is quite okay compare to xin tze..
she bought a lot !and we spot this cutie food:

piggie ! i think it looks like jia yun !! many ppl agreed ! i gave jia yun this pig..haha

see ! the monkey has got ... LOL!
well ..last photo for the trip cheeesee!

a single photo took a sweet memory saved and yet the happiness might be felt.

Lateral thinking‏

Check out Lateral thinking . . . Scroll down slowly andthink like a wizard . . .

1. Man ------------ Board

Answer = Man Overboard

Okay, let's see if you've got the hang of it.

2. Stand ------------ I

Answer = I Understand OK .

Got the drift?

Let's try a few now and see how you fare?

3. /R/e/a/d/I/n/g/

Answer = Reading Between the Lines

4. Cycle



Answer = Tricycle

Easy to figure that one out ha!

6. 0------------ M.D. Ph.D.

Answer = Two Degrees below Zero

C'mon give it a little thought!

7. Knee------------ Light

Answer = Neon Light (knee-on-light)

You can prove you're smart by getting this one.

8. Ground --------------- Feet feet feet feet feet feet

Answer = Six Feet Underground

Oh no, not again!

9. He's X himself

Answer = He's by Himself

Now you're messing up big time.

10. Ecnalg

Answer = Backward Glance

Not even close!

11. Death ..... Life

Answer = Life after Death

Okay last chance.. .


Answer = Think Big !

And the last one is real fun - - -

13. Ababaaabbbbaaaabbbbababaabbaaabbbb ...

Friday, November 21, 2008

pulao pangkor trip ( day 2)

we woke up at around 6.30am ..*yawn
then off to island tour ..
wah , the wind vy cool ~

1st destination : dutch fort
the design is quite nice .. they plant tree in the shape , and if u look down further , it will hv the shape , anyway , we dun see any due to they din plant the tree anymore.

theresa said these are temenggung..haha !
3 big butt
2nd destination : fu ling kong
i am strong enough for this stone.haha !

we love money ~

can u spot me ? haha
after climbing such a lil mountain , a coconut is refreshing. =)

3rd destination : pengkor island
this uncle is vy entertaining.he drove us around.=)

can u see the whale? i mean the stone..
and what abt tortoise ?

me n mode .. our gong gong eh face

sea rambutan

sea cucumber , disgusting !
yea , ying qi was screaming like hell ! and i love to scared her ! *evil laugh
time for snorkelling...wooots ~ who captured this !?

duh ~~~ bad memory ... i gt sting but the stupid jelly foot turn even red after a day..
ying qi is the most serious 1..and theresa...allah ~~~jusr like an ant only..haha~
4th destination : 'shopping'

asked the uncle to write for me..bcz i reli hate jelly fish ! haha !! ying qi gt the same one too.
we used all possible stuff to take some funny photos..XD
oh my leg was so pain until ..... but still forced to walk..

look , our 'gun' is an umbrella

our bra..haha
after the whole day , back to our pent house again..and played poker & uno cards..heeeee
and i started to ki siao again..haha !!

we talked , gossip , laughed and crapped until midnight - 2am ... girls are always girls..
we even had cup noodle , biscuits as supper ..haha ! slurrpp ~~
stary stary night , i felt better because there r light. fell asleep within 5 min.