Wednesday, May 19, 2010

reality versus interest

after considering for a long time , i had finally decided for my future.
yes , i shall not being stubborn.
instead of doing things that i like yet family members do not support , i rather choose something that indeed suit my personality , personal skill and potential and have a great support from them altho it's not on top if my wish list.
After some pratices with friends , i had found my debate skill and interest in it.
i actually should have thanks to sze yun , modeeeeee for reminding me something:

When we let go something today, maybe something which is more suitable is waiting for us in the future.
what i have learnt is , face the reality , interest and reality cant blend together , i mean , in some cases.
and i am just right in this situation,sad.
and you ! yeah you ! dont act as you are my whoever else , because the fact is YOU'RE NOT AT ALL ! dont try to give me advices or comment abt wat i had decided abt my career in he future.
bare in mind , you're just a friend of mine , not even my save you comments for youself , i dont freaking need it. =)
next year is the year , i gotta prepare myself.
i had decided a new life for myself , it will be a tough one i know , at least i can learn to be independent , as in TOTALLY independent.
sister ,  i am not naive , i gotta do it and prove it to you that i can , as in , i really can !
do you still remember what i say ?
just stand aside and watch alright ? dont care about me.let me be alive or dead on my own.
if i am successful , then be it.
if i fail , stand up high , point at me , and LAUGH !
you've only two ways to do.
i do not need supports too,indeed , i will support you in doing whatever you like,
because i love you,you're still the best sister on earth.

upcoming post :
bayview beach with lot of nice pictures.
staytune. ;)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


i actually did update my blog !!!
didnt u see ???
are you sure no ???
well ... you can view it if and only if you know my password for my blog. =p
*which i doubt only one person reading it *

anyway , exam is still on.
but fortunately , bio and math extension1 had over !!
and most of all , i can still do it , not too bad i guess ! wheeee ~~
left chem !!!! woooo ~~ i'm gotta get 80 and above or i will be so so so dead ! =D
i dont count on eng (listening paper) and math on thurs , coz ,i cant do anything with it..booo ~!!
good thing , i dont take phy ! hoooray !!!!! i dont have any exam after 10am on fri !!!
good luck guys for phy paper on sat !! HAHAHAHAHA..*evil laugh*

promise to update my blog after my mid term exam !!
and promise that my post will be an interesting one.

ciao ~!