Thursday, February 9, 2012

changes of life

3 months of Semester break is finishing in 4 days, yesh!!! class is reopening on 15th Feb! woolaaaa~~!! I'm excited. First goal of 2012 is to maintain the result like how I did in Sem 1. Bravo to myself, right, I'd forgotten when but since then, I promised to myself that I will never failed to meet my own expectation and to myself, I'm giving the highest expectation and achievements. Perhaps this is the difference between the old and the new me. Undoubtedly, I'd became more and more confidence than ever but good thing about it is, I'm not arrogant. blah! who cares what you think, it's my life it's my blog. I'm just jotting down things happened in my life to remind myself and to see how I grow. Hi, I'm me, I love mumbling to myself :D oh yeahh~!
Bad thing about school is, some friends are leaving or transferring to INTI Subang (blame Laureate, you sucks!!)
Two persons to be remembered. PZ and 'bro'. Anyway, I wish you both good luck on your choice altho you both will never see this blog forever (unless I tell you to see) teehee~!

Life's going on. We are growing up. I realize, perhaps the hardest part of life is to grow up mentally. If you think that life is about 'Eat Pray Love' then forget about it, you sucks. Many things happened within these months. I'd been through a lot and I realize, being mature and grown up are not what I thought it was. I'm re-defining 'mature' and 'grown up'. To remind myself here of being Mature and Grown Up. Summary and cutting off the details:
1. The way of treating people and myself. 
(No doubt I DID NOT treat the others disregarding to my own conscience but after many things happened, there it is, new resolution. Treat everyone like how they treat you. Fair. Here is a little ceremony, mourning to her and welcome the brand new one.)
2. Talk lesser. complain lesser. trust lesser. 
Growing up seems to be hard but challenge accepted and conquered. I'm again, glad of myself. 
Now I'm a grown up person. At least I know I am, deep down inside my heart. :)
I love my life, undoubtedly. I have great true best friends, awesome gang of friends-L4TP and my group of kendo friends. Actually I realize having older friends are good as they experience more than I do and they can give advice. I know I did not mess up with wrong persons, at least I don't need anyone of you to differenciate good or bad, or even teach me to mix with anyone else. It's my life and I'd NEVER did a wrong decisions of making decision and of course making friends so far. Time pass and time proves everything, I'm not regret of anything yet.

Although I appreciate and love my life now, but still, I would like a try.
If I can escape from this city, I just wish I could escape to a place that nobody knows me at all and start a whole new life there. I'm looking forward to next year. smile :)


I'm back to blog, no reason, just because I feel like it.
I wouldn't delete anything or change anything here, just let it be like it. Life's going on. Neither did I re-read anything because it isn't necessary too. The other main reason is because.. I'm lazy to create a new one blablabla.. teee heee~!
Okay, done the 'opening speech'.
Next post onwards will be the life of mine now.

I'm embracing every now and then gratefully :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

why grey ? because it's as dull as grey

every morning every night,
when my eyes are still blinking and looking,
but no,
i dont get it any longer.

if you ask me will i regret if i'd nvr wake up again
i say no,
everything i do ,
i did it with my best.
so if tmr nvr came again ,
imma nvr regret for myself.

i did , i thought , i tried , i felt.
but oh , i cant feel the warmest heartbeat.
it was like that , it is like this.
take it and do it the best or leave it.
to do or not to do , imma gonna put it a smile.

i'm tan.hui.mei.
and nobody could ever replace this.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

it's all about nature

guys ,do you know about the mechanism of immunity ? let me explain.

antibody, the Helper T-cell in your immune system will be triggered if it detects antigens.
it'll then produce interleukin , this chemical triggers the killer T-cell and plama cell from B cell.
The Killer T-cell will then produce cytotoxin to kill the pathogen which some may attach on the surface of macrophage on the MHCII.
Antigen is destroyed , B cell then produce memory cells for the next invade of the same pathogen.
So , you see ? human's immune system is awesome. It make you immune to it. and eventually it has no effect when the pathogen invade ur body again.

So , be optimist !
nothing is gonna bring you down ( unless you've poor immune system LOL )

i learn and i'm perfect and yes! no one of you should oppose this statement.
maybe this is it :
perfect makes me bend more and more.
have a nice day !
when you want to do something ,
do it at the best.

ohhhh wait ? isnt bio paper over? hahahahahahahahaha !! so be it !

Thursday, November 4, 2010

random post of excitement

hey hey hey hey hey !
my freedom is waving to me and i am seeing it so clearly now !!
2 more hours and i am freee !
why 2 hours ? because i will probably finish studying everything by 12am and sleep , so .
dont count the sleeping hours, quarantine time is also excluded , then exam , of course it's not included too !
after that ? ohhhh 12.30pm tmr !!!! i'm totally truly deeeply madly happily nutly freakly crazily freee..
hey do u see the words ? I MEAN...
FREE !!!
okay i shall stop typing now so tat i can fully utilised the 2 hours remained.
byeeeee ~

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


and so ! i left one day of examination !
hey people !
bloooody ONE !
first of all , i cant wait to flung all my stackssss of books tonnes of notes and so and so and so !!! =D
lots of happiness gushing from my little excited heart !
ohh what about scary ? yeahhh scary !
because one year is over just like that , it indicates.........
okay , i suppose to stop saying that , be happy ! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~~!

ps : i like this bottle quite a lot , perhaps it was the childhood memories that attracted me .
someday i'll wish upon a star,
and wake up where the stars are far behind me,
where trouble metls like lemon drops,
away above the chimney tops,
that's where you'll find me!

(imagine readers here have their jaw drops and look at me with their queer face.)
oooopppsss.. i forget this is not a right country , at least i dont wish to put myself on a risk for a criminal crime. and ohh ! i dont have a crystal blue sea and white soft sands with hermit crabs peeping my toes from its hole. =p

hmmmm..this place had been my top list for some places of honeymoon,always will be =)
( i suppose only one person knows what is the exact place of the piacture above. geeeeez )

ohh yeshh ! this is practical now . how much i miss burgers in chilis ! mmmmm.... =d


biology time , byes ~

found some nice pictures in my camera ,
so i suppose i will have at least 2 posts queueing up here.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


some random and (boring/funny/lame/weird) post to share.
ps : i'm not gonna post any celebration event or any picture posts due to the lack of time ( final exam is on fri ) SCREAM WITH PRESSURE *
however , i still need to take some times to relax and come to blog. x) .
whisper : i am still tv series ! O.O KILL ME PLEASE*
just to record down some weird dreams i dreamt these weeks, kinda funny thou.

1. i dreamt of myself sitting for the HSC final exam. the students were all my high school school mates.the teacher in charge is my primary school teacher named as APPLE PIE or RABBIT BIN. shit ! we hate her ! and the exam hall is somewhere like a concert hall ,very nice.. uhhh !! now i rmb ! it's MYOB concert hall ! qi , the hall appeared in my dream LOL !!! duhh !! and you knw what ? i forgot to bring any stationery to exam and i'm a bit late !! so i just simply took others stationery where they put outsite the hall , and one of the stat. i took is FELICIA LIM's. what a 4 in 1 weird dream !from primary to pre-u. damn ! ps : i'm under pressure i suppose. the beginning of the dream , i'm in a toilet , the toilet is a weird toilet , which you can pass throught it to another room of toilet , which mean it has no privacy tho it has door which can lock as usual. the worst part is , when i stood up and look at the other toilet ( which has nobody , luckily ) i saw a GOD DAMN FROG ! it saw me and it said : YES MADAM !" then immediately right after the 'yes madam' , it jumps to my toilet ! omg !!! so i sneak to another toilet and IT CHASED ME !!! i ran to the living hall , who knows its speed is like rocket !!! goodness know ! you know what ? it has very sharp teeth and it wanted to bite me ! and when i'm hiding in somewhere else.........
i'm awake because some stupid ppl call me on my phone. but thanks to her or i've to stay in the nightmare ! hahahaha..

3.there's a heavy rain and it flood all way from the jelutong highway to dono-wat-named-highway which we used to go to qb. you know wat ? i dreamt myself parked my car at INTI , it's late night , i realized it and i've to go back to take my i CYCLE to INTI! weird part is , when i was cycling , it's day time !? hahahaha.. it was still a heavy rain , and flood , so i'm all wet yet still hv to cycle ! and i met HERRICK RIDING MOTORCYCLE ! hahahahaha !! i kept cycling the wrong my surprise , i cycle faster than vehicles which drive at the right lane ! LOL !!!!
ps: i wonder what bicycle is that. but somehow it looked very old and kolot in the dream.

4. i dreamt myself sitting for exam again. 3 times in total.

the end.
shit..i have to go study again. bye ~