Saturday, November 6, 2010

it's all about nature

guys ,do you know about the mechanism of immunity ? let me explain.

antibody, the Helper T-cell in your immune system will be triggered if it detects antigens.
it'll then produce interleukin , this chemical triggers the killer T-cell and plama cell from B cell.
The Killer T-cell will then produce cytotoxin to kill the pathogen which some may attach on the surface of macrophage on the MHCII.
Antigen is destroyed , B cell then produce memory cells for the next invade of the same pathogen.
So , you see ? human's immune system is awesome. It make you immune to it. and eventually it has no effect when the pathogen invade ur body again.

So , be optimist !
nothing is gonna bring you down ( unless you've poor immune system LOL )

i learn and i'm perfect and yes! no one of you should oppose this statement.
maybe this is it :
perfect makes me bend more and more.
have a nice day !
when you want to do something ,
do it at the best.

ohhhh wait ? isnt bio paper over? hahahahahahahahaha !! so be it !

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