Saturday, October 25, 2008

bali + paris

eye on paris

surfing in bali

bali island
bali =)
8888 is the figure.

see you ,marathorn

i wanna go for penang bridge international marathorn..
but i've gt trip on tat day.
16th nov.
too sad !! super sad !!
the marathorn is 25km.
sooo attractive okay!
i thought it is dec.
and i fill up all the details and who knows....
sad case.

my form. =(
pulau pangkor to go with friends .

pangkor island.
fine. i will go next year.see you.

Friday, October 24, 2008


i'm addicted to e-gate recently..
i love e-gate. =)
shop to intro :
1.the vietnamese food (beside georgetown)
the couldnt remember the name , bcz i only remember the taste.=p
but i do remember , it's number 25.
it's nice ! must try!
the food there r all abt georgetown food.
ermm..ppl may ask , aren't u stay in georgetown ?
okay well..
but u knw , sometimes , the food in a lil restaurant may be a lil bit better . =)
i think i do not need to intro the food.
bcz i will not finish typing if i do so. =)
anyway , it's japanese food.
my favorite !!
(before i forget , mr.lau k-chuin , dont forget u still owe me 1 meal in tao)

okay..i just buy drinks in starbucks.
i love green tea frappucino with cream. =d

5.sushi king
it's quite ordinary
but anyway , it's all japanese food , so i like it. =)
ps: i love salmon =d =d =d

6.secret recipe
i like d mushroom chicken.
and the hot choc. cake. HOT .
yummy =d

7.old town
the nasi lemak and the blackcurrent shake (something like this) r killing me. Xd
the food is very very cheap but nice . =)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


went to taekwondo training as usual.
wearing slipper and thought of we'll hv normal training .
who knows ah sir said go to hiking !
me and ke xuan stared at each other..
then xiao ying said both of us wear slipper.
but luckily ah sir didnt scold .
then hike to num. 5 ...

hiking is quite tiring though.
muscle pain somemore.
after tat we saw scorpion and '4 leg snake' .
both of them are so huge.
and the stupid scorpion is red in colour.
think will die if it sting.

anyway , i sweat a lot.

Friday, October 10, 2008

我在几分钟前才知道!!!原来真的是她!!!今天在上,当他们再说这件事时,他们说肥肥,可爱可爱的。我的头脑就闪过了她的脸,心想说,不会是她吧//知道刚才,我朋友on9,说她是一个图书管理员。。我愣住了!!!心想,不要告诉我真的是她!!!结果几分钟前我打电话给文书问那个女生的名字,结果真的是她!!!!!!! 我哭了//哭得很凄惨。。。为什么是她???为什么上天那么残忍?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

rest in peace 安息

today , after i reached sch , i heard something which sad and scary.
a f1 student had died.
听说前天她在放学后在巴士上'ki tarik' ,巴士司机送她去诊所,但医生说需马上送去医院。
according to a student , after sch dismiss when she was in d bus , she 'ki tarik' , the driver sent her to clinic bt he's required to send her to hospital.
after she reached hospital , she already died.
heard tat they said she has got something brain cancer ? but they didnt knw abt it !
and yesterday , her mum decided to let her rest in peace.

death is not scary.
i think i will be regret if i am hanvent did wat i wanted to do !
and plz , if i get stroke or watever cancer that cant be cured anymore .
please let me die !
because i really scare i hv to lay on the bed , cant move , cant talk , but my brain still can think.

rest in peace , little junior.


sometimes , god is cruel.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

as i wrote in my msn personal msg ,

she's horrible until..
like when i knew it , i was like ...
WOW !!!!!
even yy also agree !!
i dono wat the hack is she thinking , and i am not interested to knw .
but ...
am i angry now ?
not reli , but scared of her !
she's scarier than ghost and even death !

she'll has karma.
i bliev.
so it's bad tat i am stupid until go n revenge.
wasted my energy , my brain to think , and even break my image.
and it's so childish and dun make sense okay.
i do not need to go insane with these CHILDREN.
not worth it right ?
so i do not need to care abt this kinda people will do.
as i dun bother , and i wont affect my mood.

everything will be okay ..
bcz ?? hahhahaa... ( u , continue. ) abb. =)


final exam is around the corner.
as everyone does , i am quite stress though !

me and my friend :"
huimei , u're stress huh !
why said so ?
ur pimples show me ..
everytime when midyear and final , u hv d same situation.

how sad !
stupid pimples ,

Thursday, October 2, 2008


off to play tennis just now..
but i'm a bit too late due to the weather is so nice for sleep.
long time didnt play , scared i mempersiasoikan diri..

at d 1st , it's kinda sia soi..
after tat, i spoted wong wai yi's racket .
so i used that one.
after tat , the game went well..
wong wy said my racket is a bit too heavy for me..>.<
so i gonna buy a new one !
his racket is cool and light..
bought from US.
only cost RM300++
cool !!
gonna consider to buy ..

he asked me to go for d game every mon n thurs..
well..i'll consider .
exam is coming but exercise is important for our brain isnt it ?
he voted me as d most progressive rookie..
XD !!
i love tennis as i always do.

the colour is not so nice..i mean , it's kinda ordinary.

this 1 only 225g ! i like d colour too..