Tuesday, October 7, 2008

as i wrote in my msn personal msg ,

she's horrible until..
like when i knew it , i was like ...
WOW !!!!!
even yy also agree !!
i dono wat the hack is she thinking , and i am not interested to knw .
but ...
am i angry now ?
not reli , but scared of her !
she's scarier than ghost and even death !

she'll has karma.
i bliev.
so it's bad tat i am stupid until go n revenge.
wasted my energy , my brain to think , and even break my image.
and it's so childish and dun make sense okay.
i do not need to go insane with these CHILDREN.
not worth it right ?
so i do not need to care abt this kinda people will do.
as i dun bother , and i wont affect my mood.

everything will be okay ..
bcz ?? hahhahaa... ( u , continue. ) abb. =)

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