Thursday, July 31, 2008

truth is the truth


[saw this at ty's blog]

it's so meaningful.
if the truth is so difficult to say out,just shut up.

so , i regret i told her the truth that day.
do u know ?
i just cant stand she hurts u like this ?!
do u understand ?!

mayb u or ur friends say bcz i jealous.
jealous for what ?!
jealous for her hair is less than me ?!
jealous for her skin is darker than me ?!
jealous for her behavior is such the idiotic ?!

i dont think i want to explain anymore.
what u all want to think is ur business..
i know myself.
i didnt do anything tat should feel sorry to myself !

u dun bliv ?
i dun care.
nothing is related to me.

i hate to tell lie.
so u all do not need to doubt my words.
i say yes means yes , no means no !
that's all.
i look down on those who lie this n that to protect theirselves.

these are just so ridiculous !!


tomorrow tomorrow and tomorrow.
so what with tomorrow ?
i wanna say :"
good luck my darling !!!! "
go get it !
i know u can and i believe u can.

let me gv u some motivation . XD

hayman island

hayman island

gold coast

test is over

test is over..
let's celebrate .
it's not exam.

went tesco had dinner.
chopper board + ... ?????
31th .
wat is d date ?

i had my fav green tea flavour.
chopper board.
the food not reli delicious.

Friday, July 25, 2008

good luck peeps

test is coming soon..
let's stop online for a while..

good luck everyone ..
and of coz..
go ! go ! huimei !

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

rock climbing

all of us =)

muahaha , look ! i am...

stronger ... XP XD

spiderman X)

this is d most difficult part

and this is fun !

swing ? yep ? actually is , fell down after my hand was too tired to hold d rock

i love this =)

couple couple

dead's hot !

me , teng , mei

we love nike ! from the top : suki , me , bb ( bb's shoe is d red ghost one) X)
rasyidah is cute ! XD


sun yon was going to kill ppl

who tied us tgt ? i dunwan ! XD

rasyidah was so pity

red beg XP

^.^ V

Y ^.^ Y

trying to act ghost

windy day LOL

we love to act XD

act# take 2

wat were we looking at ? (sun)

felling down .. wait lah !




i am =)
bcz =( is d one of the stupid stuffs which every human will do.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

little cottage

the memories...
when we practised for the basketball competition..
after the competition...
here we go..

yu tian wy hm

how dare you took my pic at that time

i want the ball !

i had snatched d ball frm her !! mauahhaha

i am number 15 XD

little cottage

a coffee a day , an energy a day

look at sze min ... she is reli crazy !

fatimah the maid and xiao bai(the dog)'s food

4 gina playing

zoo pic

this is wat fatimah snatched from xiao bai

husband and wife

playing chu dian...doing my 'what' face

wan yi is always our victim XD

pig sze min ( my uniform was sos o so untidy )

angeline and me squeezed !! haha

being a housewife

wan yi and me

everyone was busy for their own stuff

i ain't short ! it's i bent !

mr. smiley

trying to make my secret recipe..

my bombaman

wan yi , please wait !

basketball family

well...sze min ! u r not belong to 1st family XD

well....this is so blur ! but it has all of us !

i am d oldest one..=(

making coffee again

i admit i am childish..XP

i look like a pig =.=

blue , green and yellow , gogogo !

everyone will get to the train of d life..

here are just part of it..

when a passenger left , will u miss her/him ?


i will !

i do appreciate every moment when i spent with d passenger..

and appreciate every passenger.

will you guys ?

hope our friendship forever !