Tuesday, December 30, 2008

tagged by eelyn

tagged by eelyn

tag :
5.chaw yeh
6.kye chiun
9.yun yan

*How you know 1?
high school.

* What would you do if 3 & 4 dated you?
oops..we are girls.

* Would 5 & 6 make a good couple ?
hahahahhaha !!!

* Do you think 7 is attractive? *
why not

* Do you know anything about 8's family?
a lil bit.

*Tell something about 9.
she's in love !!!!

* What language does 2 speak?
chinese , eng , malay and hamster language

* Who is 3 going out with?
tze bey ? sherlyn ?

* How old is 4?

* When was the last time u talk to 5?
nt long ago

* Would you date 7?
told u we r girls

* What's 9's last name?
yan la duh

*Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
told u how many times ?!?!

*Which school does 2 goes to?
zoo.animal planet. =p clhs

*What do you like about 3?
her style.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

smoooch christmas

smoooooch christmas..
went to crystal point for celebrating.
i am way too lazy to type.
so...let the photos talk..=)

gossip girls. X.O.X.O

joel , rick , hm , lek , tt , dan , ivan

rick , hm , qi , lek

tt , hm , qi , joel , rick the dumb. LOL

hm , tt , qi ( 3 gossip girls )

yi , hm , qi ( long time no see sobbie ) XC

qi hm tt yi maine yun

santa claus r coming to town.
a lil bit blur . =X

rick mei qi lek ( qi n lek r sibling ) LOL
i am glowing because.....
i use DARLIE the toothpaste (colgate) LOL

and qi too..=E

us again

our blur faces
oops ! i had admired myself for this pic !! the picture in the picture !

the husband and wife ..ROFL
qi n me ( love this the most ) weeeee
let's smile for the 2nd last photo
cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez ~
wishes come true in xmas,people.=)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

tagged by rabbit

1. What's your ambition ?
it's so obvious ( according to someone , i had forgotten who told me this XD)

2. Who is more important to you? Friends or boy/girlfriend?
i wanna choose BOTH

3. How often do you think of committing suicide?
ohh..this would nvr happen on me *winks

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
yea XD

5. How many babies you want?
as everyone wishes , a boy a girl of coz

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
stud.of course.duh

7. What is your goal for this year?
my result in everything =D

8. Do you believe in eternity love?
dono..wait n see..i hope yes

9. What's a perfect girlfriend/boyfriend like to u?(list 10)List 10??
the 10 character he has. LOL ( i dono YET )

10. List 5 characteristic of your best friend.
nice , kind , humour , passionate , funny

11. What is your bad habit?
emotional ?? ( according to mt ) but i am trying to chg. =)

12. What's your opinion with Distance relationship?
not really good.

13. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
yup but u knw , u cant control sometimes.

14. What does flying means to you?
MY GOD MY GOD !!! UHHHH !!! WOAH !!! YESS !!! GO GO GO !!! *SCREAM (u knw wat is d ans)

15. What do you crave for the most currently?
sch reopen !

16. Are you single/relationship?
oh single..wahahahhahaha =.=

17. Describe the person who tagged you in 7 words.
Cute Humour Active Wise Yerrr(XD) Emo Honest(?)

18. What have you done to yourself make yourself happy?
watever idea pop up in my brain suddenly

19. What will you become in another 10 years to come?
oh..26 years old WOMAN..and of coz...a F.P!!!! XD

20. What is the worst thing that happens to you recently?
gt everyone shocked their mouth opened and saying woah ! omg ! or laughed their lungs out hahahah !!!

Camping Instructions: Remove one question from above and add in your personal question. Make a total of 20 questions and tag 5 people. List them out at the end of the post.Notify them in their cbox that they've been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings.
hey hey
YOU YOU !!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008







独霸一排机位,是遥远的旅程, 最寂寞,空虚的一段路途



拿起 和 放下
堕落 和 前进

理念 和 视角

ps:thx song huan

Friday, December 19, 2008

4 : 1

let me count the ratio of my exercise time.
let's see..

when there are school :
monday ( 1 peripd of pj ) , tuesday ( play tennis at psc , sometimes ) , wed ( 1 period of pj ) , saturday ( 3 hours of taekwondo training ) sunday ( 2 hours of tournament team training again).
total up : 8 hours and 30 minutes .
woah , i hv a at least exercise for 8hours n 30 minutes..

but now :
tues n thurs ( tennis ) started from dec. =.= sunday ( tkd training , which 1 rarely go , coz of........) ps : ah sir is going to kill me..oh my....

look !! how different huh !
the ratio is abt 4 : 1
went to weight in tat day , just to check my weight and my muscle and fat..
what the !!!!
my around 2% of muscle had turned to fat !!
my god !!!!!!!! which make me so so so panic !!
but very lucky thing is ... my weight drop 1 kg..weeee !!
ps : i didnt on diet ok , but eat even more..i mean..kinda A LOT !

so i decided to play tennis twice a week ( which make me kinda addict to it >.< )and go back to training on sunday..
u just dono how important is the weight for a taekwondo player.

i want my fat turn back to muscle again !

Can Blood Type Determine Your Personality?

I have a rare blood type—AB, which only 4 percent of the U.S. has—and secretly, I always thought it made me kind of special, even though I had no basis for that belief.
But in Japan, blood type is used to determine one’s personality and temperament.
Like astrology, the scientific community often dismisses blood type as an indicator of personality, but that doesn’t stop its popularity in Japanese women’s magazines, where blood type horoscopes are published.
In Japanese video games, blood type is commonly a dimension in character creation.
In fact, some Japanese might even be shocked if a foreigner didn’t know her blood type.

What Your Blood Type Says About Your Personality :

Type O
You are the social butterflies. Often popular and self-confident, you are very creative and always seem to be the center of attention. You make a good impression on people and you’re often quite attractive. Organized and determined, your stubbornness will help you reach your goals. You make good leaders. Lovewise, O is most compatible with O and AB. Common career choices: banker, politician, gambler, minister, investment broker, and pro athlete.

Type A
Type As may seem calm on the outside, but inside, you’re filled with anxiety and worry. You’re perfectionists and often shy and sensitive. Usually introverted, you’re stable and thoughtful. You make good listeners and are sensitive to color and your surroundings. You like to be fashionable and are up on the latest trends, but never flashy or gaudy. You like romantic settings and often shun reality for fantasy worlds. A is most compatible with A and AB in the love department. Common career choices: accountant, librarian, economist, writer, computer programmer, and gossip columnist.

Type B
You can be very goal-oriented and often complete the ambitious tasks set before you. Outgoing and very charming, you’re good at reading people and providing support. Though critical of appearance (but not your own), you aren’t picky and are unlikely to dwell over the little things. Type Bs are impulsive individualists who often create their own path in life. You are very strong and optimistic. B is most compatible with B and AB lovers. Common career choices: cook, hairdresser, military leader, talk show host, and journalist.

Type AB
Not surprisingly, ABs can be quite dualistic, possessing both A and B traits. You may be shy and outgoing, and hesitant and confident. You often stand out from others, don’t like labels, and are nice and easy going. You are logical and determined to do things correctly. Usually trustworthy, you like to help others. You often speak in a serious manner. Your patience, concentration, and intelligence are admirable. AB can find a soul mate with any other blood type. Common career choices: bartender, lawyer, teacher, sales representative, and social worker.

We all love to know things about ourselves and blood type is just another fun way to learn new traits and understand why we do certain things. You don’t have to believe in it to get something out of it—just have fun with it and take it with a grain of salt. My blood type is actually considered the worst in Japan; no one wants to work with ABs and most anime villains are that type.
article by Natalie Josef.

heh , i still love my own special blood type. =)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

darlie is going to fly !

oops !
i am going to advertise darlie very soon ...
look .. i became darker day by day.
urrghhh !~is actually due to i am a lil bit addicted to tennis nowadays !
play twice a week at penang sport club.woah !! nice ! but my complextion...
urgh !!!fine , there must be some sacrifice to satisfied my desire.heh....

darlie reminds me a person which make me feel like vomittnig now ! my god ! hahaha
today has not much aeroplane..
this tues , i mean , previous day , woah ! the aeroplane , pass by 1 by 1...
woots !! make me so excited and a lil bit not concentrated.aha !~
i cant explain why i love the sound of the engine of an aeroplane.
i love the sound.i love the freedom-like. as it can fly as high as it is as far as it can as.......
i've this habit since i was young , when i was a kiddie.=)

maybe i did play with my bro and cousin ( a boy ) when i was young ,
so i like to play gun , soldier , train , horse and watsoever boy's stuff . (no more since i am a teen)maybe i did wear pants but not skirt when i was a young ,
so i prefer pants now ( well ,i am still wearig skirt , just limited ) XD
maybe i did play wrestling with brother when i was young(which is so lame n stupid) ,
so i am a taekwondo player instead of a orchestra. ( which i feel proud )
maybe i did know to ride motor and car since i was around standard 6 or form 1, ( a real car )
so i am fated to insist being a pilot.(well,i reli cant explain why, but i really love it and interested in it ok)
many ppl could think tat i am a lil bit ridiculous especially boy ( except jason , kc , sh ok) =).
but to girls , it's kinda woah...
well..dun be silly ok .
21st century , women can always do wat men did and mayb can even bit up the men.
just hv a look at star paper ok.
see , even my parents , sis and bro, my whole family i mean had agreed.
so what to do with other's opponion huh ?
my tuition teacher said :"
yes ! i totally agree , teacher !
and i am nt day dreaming for doing something impossible right.
nah , go to check it our yourself and see !
airline or college.there r college which is encouraging ppl espeacially women to be a pilot.
yes , it's overseas.
nah , the point is , i nvr want to stay in malaysia also.and i had planned to work at the other country.
so what ?
my teacher suddenly talked abt pilot in physic class,he said :"
urghh !! i am a lil bit desperate , bt i already search everything.oversea do hire women pilot ! overseas college do encourage women to study pilot!
so i still INSIST my dream !!
i wont give up no matter what.i mean...NO MATTER WHAT !!
tat' my interest , it suits my own characteristic , and the most important is..tat's my dream , my ambition.
say until like no women pilot yet huh , duh ..
again,...surf the net..there r lotsa women pilot in this world ok.

i heard some of my seniors or frineds said they wanna be a pilot , but end up , it's just a say..
i dun understand why dun they follow their interest , their dream.
they say it's dangerous.
yea , it practiacally is. but our life is fated by the almighty god isnt it ?
if ur 'deadline' is let's say 50 years more , so u cant even die if u get accident , i always believe this !
so dun be afraid peeps , come on. hahaha

anyway ,
especially...a million thx to mt !!
u knw why am i thanking you.
treat u nx time will yea ?
and , let u to try the fur seat ok ? =D
and dun forget what i suggested u this noon eh . ? =) *wink

michelle ryan , the best play pilot.
aha ! my kid will be like this ! LOL
i insist my dream , my ambition.
any objection right now ? LOL

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

james vs edward

it's kinda late to update this but still hv to update.
nah , abt the story , i dun think i need to summarize or watsoever else.
yea !!
edward cullen is cool , but not his look , but his character.
he's so protective.
he's so attractive when he protect bella.

but ..
i prefer james..
hahahha !!!
he's so so handsome + hot !!
but too bad !! he's a bad guy !!!

look! his charming eyes r so gorgeous ! LOL

woah , man with a lil bit muscle !!
omg !! how hot he is !!
look !!
and he looks cute here !!
urrgh !!
i am gonna love him.. hahaha !

long live grandma

17th of dec.
it's my granny's bday !!
we had celebrated on monday.
so , no dinner for us tonight.
went to red rock hotel for the celebration.
i hv some wonders b4 the dinner.

1: my 3rd aunt ask why dun i take care of my face ! :A
2: my 3rd uncle ask , ah mei , wat u wanna be in the future. ( oh of coz i've t the ans )
3: 2nd uncle talk non-stop to me which is kinda..ANNOYING !
4: 1st aunt cho siao cho ten to me as usual.
5 : 3rd aunt n uncle ask if i wanna be whose daughter in law !! omg !! laugh me to hell.. LOL !!!

before the diner , my granny is always being a big customer to the saloon.
hahaha..she wants a black black hair !

this is 2007 !
will upload 2008 when they send me picture.
happy bday mama !!!
heh..i am the youngest in this side's family.
not bad not bad,...i feel good..lol !

Sunday, November 30, 2008

december , a signal of my hactic life

looking back*
i realize tat i do nothing in this year..
i nvr learn all d science's basic well.

december is coming . i mean..very very soon..
just an hour to go..
and my relaxing life is going to end.=(
human oh human...
life is always so hectic..
or mayb a psycho's person can stay happily..
but i do not want to be a psycho 1..=D

just do it !
i believe i can. =p

i love this calender..so cool !

a sheet of calender had been torn out one by one,day by day.
december is a signal of spring , a new begining of a year or the signal of the end of the year ?

Friday, November 28, 2008

success and love

just finish watching a koream drama - lobbyists.
it's abt a woman who was a bus driver at the beggining and a man who was a fisherman.
there was war..
then after some long story*
the woman become a lobbyist , and she's a vy successfull woman afterall.
and the man become a lobbyist too , he's vy successfull too.
both of them work for their country.
however , the woman did some treacherous stuffs just to revenge for her sister , but of coz , not oing too treacherous , just a lil lil bit , and also , not doing this to tat man .
they are couple.
after some long story*
the woman finally decided to give up everything , the revenge , the success she made.
and they ( the man and the woman) live happily in the village which they used to stay at as the beggining of the drama.

actually , can you just gv up the success just like this ?
yea , maybe some people may do this for her/his lover or for her own.
but to me , i dont think i can give up my job , the success that i built . geee..
anyhow , i'll think a double-win way , wont u ?
we're superwomen because we live in a 21st century world.
no one can ask me to gv up on my lovely job just for a man.
if my love one ask me so , then...he will better be a houseman and go away.haha !!
heeee.maybe it's just to me.

my friends bet me to be chg my mind..haha..maybe i will ?
who knows their own fate and future mind ?

i just love to be a successful one.
nah , of coz i wont sacrifice my love too. haha.
i want to be a successful one in every aspect.

ladies , love and success , which will u choose ? both rite ? =p

i'm weak

it's time to make it again.
my willpower is not as strong as last time.
but i did not worry for tat moment but tomorrow.
alarm rang , look at it.
oh , as i predicted..
bt not as serious as last time.
heeee..should appreciate ald.
nah , i am a superwoman actually.hahaha !

Thursday, November 27, 2008


wat will appear in ur brain when ppl say twilight ?
hand with apple ?
vampire ?
NO !
yea , the movie is releasing,but i couldnt go to watch on the 1st day . =(
oh , edward cullen.....
is so charming.is so handsome.is so awesome.is so cool.
heeee..but afterall , the real person is not as handsome as i imagine. =X
but still..he's not bad though.

edward n bella
the cullens.
the most artistic one.
*actually i love breaking dawn more.the chess is simple and so so so nice !
edward cullen , i am freak out for you.haha !
fall for you !

miss saigon

miss saigon , a vietnamies restaurant.
again , it located at e-gate . besides old town/georgetown ? or mayb near there.
the decoration and the style is nice too..
philipin's style,a different one.

my sis order this . it's quite nice.but u'll feel disgusting if u eat too much , i mean the something sushi-like thingy,but of coz it's a totally vietnamies style.

and i order the wat beef..see , the beef is in the bamboo , and do u see the red juice-like at the bottom of the bamboo? it's a hot pepper sauce.super duper spicy !! make me looks like a dog or even cow ? for some minutes. haha !

and i personally like the chopstick and the spoon.
it's made by something like wood ?

the price is affortable , i think it's quite cheap.
and the food is fabulous.haha !
i'm a food maniac.heee.
those restaurant must pay me for the introducing. was kidding.
the love of the chef is felt when the food is chewed and dissolved in the mouth cavity.

el mondo

el mondo , an italian food restaurant.
it's located at e-gate.
beside TAO. it's the corner-most one.
the decoration and the style of the restaurant is nice though.
i mean , i like it. =)
the light is a lil bit dim but mayb this is a romantic restaurant for couple.

well..my sis n i ordered mushroom soup as appetizer.
the mushroom soup looks a lil bit too brown , eh ?
yes , it's b4 u stir it. well..the mushroom soup is unique.
the mushroom taste like had been smashed?
yea , i think so.

mushroom soup + garlic bread

here come the drinks ..
uhh..i had forgotten the name of the drinks.
the left 1 tastes sour , the right one taste sweets.
the left one should be more suitable for this.
ps : the drinks make the bill more valuable for them.aha.

and finally , the pizza ! oh my gosh !!
the pizza percutaneous is so thin and the cheese is sooooo..
should i say thick of a lot ? =p
it's so yummy !
and the red slices aren't the sausage thingy , it's beef. wow !!
feel so hungry afterall , times to search for some supper. [ 1.19am ]