Tuesday, June 30, 2009

miss chew

i am finally calm down ( a very little bit ).

yesterday is history , tomorrow is mystery.
i hope the history could be a happy ending , but why it ended like this ????
i went to my english tuition last night .
1st of all , the light bulb had gt problem , ok , so my teacher's god sister helped to repair it.
ok , skip this part.

my teacher sat down with a very serious and weird expression.
so there she told me :"
huimei , i have something to tell u ...
today is ur last lesson already."
'i hv to go for operation'
'why ? for wat ?'
'gall stone , and i hv gt diabetes , super high blood pressure.
it's abt 267/300'
if u are one bio student , u knw how dangerous is tat , and anything will happen if she didnt admit to the hospital.
'w-a-t-t-h-e-e-f-f-i-n-g-h-e-l-l-?' !!

i had so many question marks in my brain ?
why ??? u r so healthy , tho u r not thin , but but , u r one healthy one !! but why r u telling me so many sickness ??? no , there's must be something wrong...
ok , so accept the fact.

she still has to go for another check up...
no , there's no more sickness ald !! yes !!!! no more...no more.......no more....................
so ??? do u knw how suffering is to control my tears ??? like for 2 hours !!

my teacher reli looks weak right at the moment , she was so tired until she felt asleep...
i dun want to wake her up , no ...
wat i can do is just......staring at her....
yes ? why ???? why is everything happen out of sudden ? like in just a moment ?!
she told me :" i didnt knw my life will come to a stop like this' ...
stop stop !!! plz dun tell me anything , i am still controlling myself...
she told me something , she repeat , repeat and repeat..
and the way u are so tired....
and i can feel a pain on my chest...

finally , it's 9.30pm , it's time...
i walked out quietly , i saw her sitting on a chair and was sleeping.
i....wat i can do is , walked back to the room and rub off my tears ..
take a very deep breath...
walked out again , with noise..so my teacher woke up.
then open the door , ' goodbye huimei , u must take good care , dun 4gt wat i said , health is ur prosperity. all the best in spm and bye bye....
i ..... i dun even dare to look back , just , raised my hand up then....*waving bye*
just right when the door 'bang' - closed...
so ..............
until the night , i cant stop thinking of it.
i actually saw her looking at me disappear from the sight at the window , just , i pretend i didnt notice that. bcz i knw u r sad too..

today , during the english lesson , i miss my teacher like a hell lot !!!
yes , i am sure nobody realized i actually had cried several times today...
i had kept myself busy just to prevent myself thinging of it .

my teacher , i rmb she said she will create a web and ask some of her students to write some article there . and it's abt to encourage those absent-minded ppl.
actually , i can see u r sad ytd , by the way u told me and by the way u repeat ur words...
you are one who always ask me to keep up my hard work to achieve my dream..
and the collection of the newspaper,whenever u saw it .. u will cut it down...

this tuition is 1 to 1 english tuition , so it's not only like the ordinary 100+ students tuition.
u will never understand my feeling.
the fear , the disappointment , the hope , helpless feeling....

i know u are one who love fabulous food.
so i knw how u feel when u cant eat food with oil , salt , sugar...
like the tasteless food , i understand.
the memories are still clear , the laughter , the complain ...........

i know you will be fine , yes , u will be fine....
i will take the video abt soemthing u knw , as i promised.
i will do well in my papers..
i , i will achieve my dream..
i will.....
i will.

'i understand.take care of yrself and ally ( cat ) and i will always remember you.'
'yes , i will always rmb u and ally too.....'

god plz bless my teacher , i pray , and this is wat i can do.
i can still hear ur voice , saying goodbye.
morning , afternoon , evening , night , midnight , my wish is still , u will recover soon and hv a good health.

Monday, June 29, 2009

teacher's day

i know you all have been waiting for this post .
and yea !! u guys are real lucky..
which my sis allow me to use her laptop and blog !!!
and as u all knw , my desktop has gt problem with blogger .
ok let's start ...

everyone had to wait at auditorium since 9.30am.
busy changing clothes , making up , setting hair , preparing for the performance.
and so on so on..
so here i went like this : *chit cha chit cha*...
let's see !

ah beh , my partner was making up for yan jing and drama club members.

so this is tat 'liar' - yi nong , ah n0ng.

this is the 'chinese teacher' with lotsa styles - ke li.

nah these 3 teachers - dalilah , ke li , yi ting - ' miss leng , leng kah lau ' .


dalilah with fear look , and ah nong with errr....'buy this gui wa wa from me , or i will kill u' look.
(i bet only pcghs students wat am i talking abt)

1st ...*smile*

and i couldnt deny , ah nong's make up is real real real yeng !

hey hey . look , praise me for this angle. she must take pic with this angle , why ? ask her lo..

nah , this is 1 of the 'student' - yan jing. and ah nong.

dalilah and i , lalala

this pose is called 普通啦..LOL

hohoho. gini !!!!
she performed singing , as this is her talent / potential. and i am sure many ppl out there know her.
ps : gini , remind me to send u all the photos.

ask me why am i laughing like this !!! ' why? '
oh , bcz i was suppose to pose for a picture , but there comes so many ppl walking around , so i felt embarrassing , and here i go like this..lol

yes , there's nobody as u can see , but i am still paise.LOL

yin fang !!!! she performed singing ..
oh yea !! yin fang , tell the world , wh0 is the professional who make up for u , LOL...
oh of coz it's u ( huimei ) LOL LOL LOL
wat , i even has the professional look when i was making up for yf ok...ask yf and see !!

yes , and this girl , i dono wat is her name. but bliv me , she definitely is a cute girl !!!!
and u will like to talk to her and give her a big wave when u see her again.

le rong ?? tze tong , and errr( sorry , tell me ur name if u see this ) hahahaha.....
so i still cant stop laughing when i look at this pic.
thx to the one who make up for le rong lo , so damn omg.....hahahahah

le rong(dance) , tze tong ( harmonica ) , errrr...( singing and guitar) , huimei ! ( drama ).

it ends like this , for those who wants their pic from me , just tell me , i will send u in msn . i have more than these.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

fly away

the anger of mine had fade away
to the highest altitude
like a timid ambush.

green blue
indigo cocklat
every feeling had been mixed up
waited to be mended with satisfactory make up

the only feeling to brew
to be precipitated
into the place my core located

put an eye on me
to see how i achieve my dream
one day one moment
i will be out of the bitch.

wooots..my brain is rusted.
wat the hack.

Monday, June 8, 2009


0223 a.m 8 jun.
i made a decision which
'm so unwilling ,
'm so forced to.

huimei oh huimei , i'm dead.
i'd told myself ,
look at you ! u did wat u dun wanted to do !
look at you ! u are right , but why did you do so ?
look at you ! where's your hot temper ?
look at you ! where is your own principle ?
for what for what for what ?!

the word ' fair ' is created , just to match with ' devil '

huimei is dead.



记得!书,运动,乐器 。

i am not okay , where are you ?


i am happy today,
tho it's just a little random chat.
my mood is finally back to normal.
the anger , the sadness , the nervous and so on so on.

thank you.
thank you ! i mean it.

i feel goood because of u.
and tat's a secret i will not tell you. =)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

'm still the champion

competition competition competition..
ohh i am nervous i am nervous..
WHY ?! OH WHY !??!?!
i'd nvr been so so so lack of confidence , is this me ??!
no no no !! this is so not me !!!

this is the last year ..
yea..this is the last year , last competition .
ohh !! so tell me how am i going to be calm ?!
oh pleasseeee !!
where is my confidence !?
i know , if i am nervous , my brain will be out of idea ,out of plan , out of.......
and so so so .. how am i going to fight if i hv no plan in the ring, i will end up lose in the ring.
oh no !!
cannot cannot cannot !
calm down calm down calm down calm down !!!

ah sir said , this competition will be harder.
2 more states are going to participate too.
oh and tat's a very good team ! the so called GENG .



Wednesday, June 3, 2009


i still couldnt sleeep.
starry night , windy night ,
bloody night.
i need someone to lullaby me.

Monday, June 1, 2009

night at the museum 2

as the title - night at the museum 2.
it's a must watch movie !
pretty cool !
awesome !
funny !
touching ! oh especially the amelia's part.

the fuuny parts.
able and uhh ermnm..ok..the another monkey.
lar : concentrate on attacking ur enemy.
2 monkeys : slap*
hahhahaha !!

oh nah !!!
this part this part !!!
my passion was boiling and it seems like gonna burst anytime soon !
and i was nearly cried bcz of her great job and her success !
this is the real name , not only just a name in d movie.

if u dun hv any imaginary for the form 5 sejarah chap 1 and 2.
so watch it !!!
there are rom , firaun 2 ......
and u will totally love the scene!

do u ever heard of get slap bcz ppl talk to much ?
*inside joke*

this scene , remind me 2 chinese quotes.

okay , so ever wonder how the pictures proceed ?
just go to watch it !