Monday, September 29, 2008

final exam

guys !!
we left 1 more month..
and we will hv our final exam..
this is horrible !!!
i'm gonna go mad !
wish u guys good luck in ya exam !!
add oil !!


modern maths

additional maths


Sunday, September 28, 2008

tat day i was planned to go to sch earlier.
but after i reached , i saw hz them , the whole gang.
wy , hz , yy , yz , sm , yt and xr .
so i decided to go to hz's house with them.
XD !
we played monopoli.
although it's a boring board game , but we had fun by doing some stupid and funny stuffs.

i dono y was i smiling like a moron.
i'm half laying , half sitting.
cover myself* so that hz cant capture me. =)

look ! it's my money.i'm d king of monopoly.hahah

my houses+money
being vain in d toilet.
and of course , hz too
time to go to sch , bye guys
hello , fast !

Friday, September 19, 2008

posted by hz ! ( laugh me to hell )

And okay, mentioning about school. Photos taken during library duties.
captured by hz , we r still talking.
hey you ! yun yan
oh yea ! i am pro in binding ! here i go . =)

binding again. =]

cleaning d table . ( was acting for moral proj) =]

sweeping d floor ( moral proj ) =]
here is henna lulubelle !! ( lulu belle is her dog's name) XD
arranging d book. ( moral proj ) =]
moral prj
They're not working, they're just posing.(for proj ) =)
Huimei was oh-my-gosh, so high!!!
We were talking about expressing yourselves, saying I love you to those that you like and they dared her to say I love you to miss chan, the not-liked library assistant who always give us wierd jobs like washing the basin, clean the curtains.
And she was Okay, No problem!!
there she goes...
"Hey, Miss Chan, I love you."
Miss chan looked up, stunned, stared at her.
After a few minutes, (and we were laughing like hell beside)
She asked, you're taking a dare?
Nobody answered her, we were laughing to hard.
Then, someone asked huimei to ask her Miss chan do you love me?
She went.
Unfortunately, Miss chan looked up and say " u come again?"
She scuttled back laughing.
Then being still very excited and happy, huimei went dancing.
some wierd moves that I do not know how to describe.
And she even climbed up the ladder and acted like a chicken and even a mushroom +
dance on d ladder + climb up to d top of d ladder .
Freak. =)
hz , seriously , i am reli a freak.
huimei d freaking arthur. =)

u bitch

luckily i asked e. everything , and e. asked me everything.
if not , all misunderstanding r exist among us !
these are all so ridiculous !!

wat ??
wat sit there bcz of me ?
wat like me ?
wat the hack ?!

u better open ur mouth widely and eat up all those shit !
i reli gt shocked when i heard all that !!
wat the hell r u thinking abt ?
u hate me ?
u hate her ?
u misuderstand...
i bet u better is misunderstand..
or u will keena with me !

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


going to shopping with sis soon.
tadaa !! itro u all my sis , my girlfriend..XD
me ... revolution >>>>>
ma beloved !
hui ying in the house , hui mei in the house..cousin's car outside the house.LOL ! we hv couple pic. =p

of coz , i wont miss my green tea ice cream later..
n mayb green tea frap in starbuck..

this is my fav drinks !!! i am in love with the one who made this fabulous drinks !

this is at d groun floor. the green tea shop.. RM2.50 each. =d

so ..
bye guys

to buy list : a short pants and a tee. =)

hol is boring

today is a public hol.
okay well..
hope we will hv peace..

those stupid(u knw who i mean) , pls get lost !
dont always talk nonsense and make no peace.
dont u think u r a fool ?
did such thing but still dun wanna apologize.
isshh ~~
mempersiasoikan kita semua rakyat!


check stock

libray check stock is an important activity.
so hope u guys forgive us for stop borrowing books.
and i knw it is pmr and spm trial.
but how ?
blame gov. ?
they set ur date and whatoever.
it's impossible to check stock at d end of d year ,which u all want to borrow holiday's books rite ?

stupid g.!
this year our target is 2 weeks.
kinda okay afterall .
2 days to go.
i think okay lar..

sometimes , the books r reli old and smelly , even d bookworm cant survive in it.but still dun want to hapus kira..very geram !!!
veryday check until 6.00pm++
didnt go back to class..
ps:actually i went back to class during important lesson) XD !!
blah ~
and the stupid hw was like a mountain !
but i had complete those important 1..
hahaha ~

oh my...( but this is not my homework,LOL)
tat day ..
my flesh . =(
was like it will drop off anytime !
oh my pity flesh ~
tat day i heard ppl say meat which they mean flesh..
hahah !!!
LOL !!!! + ewww !!! hahahah !
have a nice day ~

Sunday, September 14, 2008

support me or not ?

u know what's my ambition well..
u're the one who i respect the most.
my ambition=my dream=my life(part of).
dont u support me ?
both of them ( dad , mum) already agreed.
i knw my physic is not tat excellent yet.
i am working hard.
i knw even though u r not agree , i'll still study.
but i just want u to agree !

everytime u will say :
pilot the pen
pilot very dangerous
pilot is d captain of d plane
pilot is a high risk job
but if i will die in a air crush , tat means i will die in an accident on the same day,no matter how i avoid.
it's an easy sentence as everytime u said.
fate is a constant,i believe.

i do not know what's your reason which u do not want to support me.
if it's bcz of it's a high risk job , plz scroll up.
if it's bcz i am a female ..
oh my god...i knw this is not the reason.
it's enough if u agree when everyone on earth dun agree.
this is the truth that i wanna say.
just dun talk abt this face to face.
until you support me.

michelle ryan . the played-well woman pilot.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

editting pic

yvonne,kam xia ~ =D
aisyeh ~
ppl very pro in editting d huh ??
XD !!!
i took this pic when my mood is super duper good..
wahahha ~
enjoy pic

love this frame , simple and nice
simply draw by my own

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


didnt ur parents teach u some manners??
dont u know taking other ppl's stuff is rude ? bad ?
u r poor izzit ?
or u r the ghost ? lack of food ?
i thought july was over ?
you should go back to ur hell !
and snatch some foods from the soul there , not here !!!
damn you !

u want candy ?
sweet ?
choc ?
uhhh yeah !!!!
i will THROW some to u !
or u need rice ?
i will POUR it to u !

did u finish eating the choc. ?
delicious right ?
i bet u , u will get food poisoning tonight !

damn u !
idiot !
bitch !
freak !
moron !
stupid !


Friday, September 5, 2008

correct or wrong

what i think i need to do ,
i did.
i know i need to apologize ,
i did.
i know i should not mess up with u anymore ?
i did.

but i hope ,
i am wrong for these decision.
i still wanna mess up and crap ,talk nonsense with you..

i let god to decide my fate.
once i do more ,
i will get hurt more.

friend ,
dont act .... ???
( i dont know wat word should i wrte , because i relidont knw. )

Thursday, September 4, 2008


yesterday .
when i went back from tuition,my mum told me my cousin accident..
this is ridiculous..
this is d 5th or 6th time he accident ....
he's a cat ! bcz in chinese , ppl say 九命猫..
but of coz , he is a human being..

motorist , or even driver,
can u all just be careful and be patien?!
stupid !!!
u feel like wanna die , just go n bang on d wall la !!
dont let the one knock u and let them feel so sorry for d whole life ...
this is really bad..
people may go crazy u know ?!

cherish ur life , u hv no right to choose to be borned but u have the right to choose to be death.
but, did u all ever think of your parents ? relatives and friends ?
bcz of u are selfish , and everyone sad,cry for you..
this is ridiculous !!

having problem so what ?
just solve it or forget abt it !
no one will blame u and hate u forever ? dont u ?
if they dun forgive u , so what ?
blame urself and change !
bcz it's u did wrongly..not them..

i am born to eat ...
born to enjoy my life..
and of coz...

hope u recover soon.

Monday, September 1, 2008

the rainbow after the rain

after eating cheese ..
i get a lil bit happiness..
because cheese is delicious , and will make ppl feel happy u know ?

afterall , i am satisfied.=]
thanks for the cheese.

and jia wen , u're right.
if she cherish our friendship , friendship i mean.
she will be my friend still.
if not , i also dont need to be disappointed...
becase i loss a friend who is not treat me as friend.
but i dono wat she thinks la..
i am not her anyway.
but of coz !!
i din hate her or dislike her or wat !!

i just treat her as friend,as usual..
dont u ??

i dono..
i am waiting.

hope our friendship is still d same..