Wednesday, September 17, 2008

check stock

libray check stock is an important activity.
so hope u guys forgive us for stop borrowing books.
and i knw it is pmr and spm trial.
but how ?
blame gov. ?
they set ur date and whatoever.
it's impossible to check stock at d end of d year ,which u all want to borrow holiday's books rite ?

stupid g.!
this year our target is 2 weeks.
kinda okay afterall .
2 days to go.
i think okay lar..

sometimes , the books r reli old and smelly , even d bookworm cant survive in it.but still dun want to hapus kira..very geram !!!
veryday check until 6.00pm++
didnt go back to class..
ps:actually i went back to class during important lesson) XD !!
blah ~
and the stupid hw was like a mountain !
but i had complete those important 1..
hahaha ~

oh my...( but this is not my homework,LOL)
tat day ..
my flesh . =(
was like it will drop off anytime !
oh my pity flesh ~
tat day i heard ppl say meat which they mean flesh..
hahah !!!
LOL !!!! + ewww !!! hahahah !
have a nice day ~

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