Thursday, December 31, 2009


flightless bird - american mouth.

i whisper :

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

lalalilatampung day 1

hello people !!!
i'm finally back to blog ! miss me huh ? =p
i wont talk too much for now , let's see the photoss !!
lalalilatampung , GO !!!!!!

something happened when i was sleeping , they play some 'finger posing' thingy . wat-the-hack.

and they said i was smiling when i was sleeping ?! wat ?!?! where ! when ?!?! nah .. picture , i didnt k ?
reach hotel , it's the zon hotel , not bad , very good. love the hotel.
1st day of the trip , MPYO concert .
YING QI is performing !! and we were being best buddies to go support her , cry qiqi !! anyway , the concert is awesome ! love it thou ! =D  
we have to wear formal so as u know , ladies need to make up while the guys....waiting for us .. they said they had finished 1 round of mahjong and we still havent ready ! xD now you knows , we have lotsa things to prepare.=) 

tada !! we're ready !!
ps: actually the guys use our consealor especially sh. xp

and the guys say , thanks god , amitaba ! LOL
lek and dan act innocent .. boooo ~!
yucks !! sei yam lou !!! xD xD
oleh oleh oleh oleh oleh oleh ~! OMG WTF !!!
btw i love this photo !!!!!!!
we walked to KLCC for the concert from hotel , high heels , killing us. and we ate at sakae sushi.=D
my dishes , i love salmon just sooooooo much =d

ying xiu . =O
concert started. we actually prepared qi a present , it's her belated bday present. herrick represent us ! wheee ~! qi loves the watch !!! yay !
photo shooting session. =)

T and i.
with dinosour lalahong.
lalarick / ruan jing tian, haha
oops sorry ying xiu .. this is lalady ( andy )

daniel ding , laladan
lalalek , what the hack , maksud tersirat / fingers again !! gahh .
me with our miss liow wing ki ( ying qi ) / lalaqi / the violinist

performing theresa the vampire !!! rraaaaaarrrrrr

here goes the vampire sucking blood again.. rooooooaaarrr !!

see !! qi really loves the watch ! woohooo~!
then we went to makan nasi kandar. hehhh !!

herrick performing his taking off outfit show . LOL

woohooo ~!!!! mr. sexy ruan jing tian .. photo taken by...err ermm herrmm.. me ! xD
ps : we should edit some mao for him !! hahahaa. yucks

shi hun the male ballerina. he has nice body shape too

and zhi hong...sigh ~! sam zhan bak !! OMG SLAP ME LALAHONG !!
lalalek , way too shy to show more.. so i think he has sam zhan bak also. hahaha

we have a xmas exchaging present , so we pick the lucky person.and here are our expression.

performing the 3 hoods( buddha )

the serious , laugh and smirk hoodsss
terima wahyu , crawling out from tv , blur hoodsss
wait let me take a rest 1st. see their innocent face.

roooarr !! lalahong the dinosour !!!!
group pic. heee

okay continue...

the gong hoodsss
mouth-less , eye-less , ear-less hoodsss
the arabian hoodsss

the rock star hoodsss
saw their tie , then i snatch zh hong ties to play .. haha
photo of the days.
okay that's all for day 1.
to be continue.......