Monday, December 7, 2009

for me or for them?

this will be a boring post , as i'm blogging with no purpose.
it's midnight now, 1.41am.
as you know , i've only two moods in the starry late night.
one , hyper which i will laugh like non stop amd feeling high . second one , emo .
right , i'm actually emo now..  X(
studying chemistry listening to music , disturbing ppl in facebook( nt as in the kidding tone , but wanna-scold-people mood ) .

nt feeling well anyway..
uh huh ! and i was talking with a patient .
so i feel better, anyhow, i pity her . O.o
needa eat med for 2 months , so u say , pity or not ?
i'm one who will vomit the pill out when i'm swallowing it even it's jz a lil pill..cant imagine =X

oh yea !!
i told my mum and my sis abt some decisions.
going to tell my dad tmr. i hope he says 'okay' ! hahaha..
and i think he will , bcz he always support me , awww....wat a lovely dad.
anyway , the decision was nt wat i want.
it's abt to fulfil family's expectation.
my parents , siblings , aunts . o.O
big big family.
and tat's wat they want me to be.
alright. i will. =)
as ppl say :" you happy , i happy."
anyway , it's nt too bad too , i still hv some spaces to speak.
i've a good talking skill ( yes i always do ) =D
so the job reli suits me lot , and it's professional , so, alright.
and there's another extra thing i want so tat i can join them into the big family business.

yeah , i can actually see my future now.
you wont be seeing me in the azure sky across the fluffy clouds  but..
OL look , with my awesome dressing way , hahaha...
socialable me can apply my socialable-ness now. how good huh ?
and to improve my talking skill .
of course i need to improve , i want to be the best !!
because i'm simply awesome.

full stop.
going to dream myself being a ......... ( post abt the details nx time )

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