Wednesday, December 9, 2009

i'm nt going to sleep tat early.

spm is over over over !!!
well i knw i've said this many times but this time is almost real !
i mean almost lol ..
whooo ~~ exam is over !!! oh no ~!
'i gotta feeling , tat tonight gotta be our good night , tat tonight gotta be out good good night , feeling ..woooohoooooo ~~~ '

sher , chaw yeh and i decided to go watch movie after chemistry so paper.
so we went to watch mulan !!
me love ~!
it's a reli reli nice movie ,worth it !!
i love it i love it , really , you will hv no regrets if u go to watch.
so now i am waiting for avatar !!!!! wow , seems awesome yea ????

nah , i love zhao wei in this movie , she's just so bergaya !
yeah !! i mean it !!
go watch go watch !! i lazy to blog it xD.

after tat we went to shopping !!
the happiest thing !!!
so as i said , we just decided to go gurney after exam , which means u brought nt much money.
anyway i saw a pants and a outfit , so nice so nice !! i'm going to buy it !! =/
but cy , seriously , i think tat the outfit is like office lady la...
anyway it's real nice la!! i want it i want it !
we took a photo in the fitting room..
waiting for sher to send me , so tat i can upload here..wheee ~~~

right , so this is the most interesting part of the day.
after sher went home , cy and i felt so hunry .
so we went to gurney drive for dinner..
sat there , the waiter gv us the menu.
chaw yeh said :"
oh wei !!!!!!!! do we hv money now ????
o-h-m-y-g-o-o-d-n-e-s-s !!!!!
freaking hell !!!!!!!
i 4gt tat i just brg a lil money !!! so i had spent it with movie and some food..oh my.....
so we walked away , luckily gurney drive is always nobody cares.

and the next part is......
will post abt it tmr ( afda cy send me pic )
oh no !!! cy , send me quick !!!
am so eager to blog it !!!
IT'S SO GOD DAMN NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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