Friday, December 4, 2009

brand new me

let's say ...
OH MY ~~~~~ ( as in HIGHER PITCH at the back of the 'oh' and back to the NORMAL PITCH at 'my' ..) let's say with QIQI !! ahahahahha....
oh my oh my ~~~~!!
phy is finally over , spm is 95% over !!!
left chem and bc which is * flip my hand twice *.. LOL

oh no oh no !!!!!!!!!!!
i hv so many things to do .
shopping ..
hiak hiak buy a new 'baby' ( looking forward ) ..
red box !!
trip .. ( wooooo ~~ shout with 11 of them .. oh yea yin fang , did u finish the script ?? oh my !!! i'm so eager ti see that !! hahahahahahaha !!! we are the fun gang , right ! )
buy xmas present...woooooo ~~ !

christmas is comning soon !!!
i love xmas even more than new year !!
i dono why but i sheer love xmas..
it's a vy warm day , it is a day which is full of loves , dedicate ur love to all our friends and family ... ( sigh , dun hv lover yet , or else , xmas with lover will be the nicest thing )and of course ! receive xmas present , favourite thing.. hahahahaha...
i've actually knw wat i wanna buy for my friends who will receive my xmas presents..
eh eh , they are lucky one k ??? not everyone can receive the 'unique' present...
er hermm err hermm.. ( especially qiqi theresa etc, you all hv better start thinking of my xmas present ) xD
hugging ppl on xmas is extra extra extra......warm  , dun u feel ??
i love you all my dearest friends..

talk abt that topic..
er those who knows wat am i talking , you all hv better shhhhh..
bcz this is a curse , once u tell the other b4 i allow  , you will live with no one forever !
er hermmm .. * clear throat *

friend( hey you dunwan me to say ur name out here rite ? ok )  : eh i tell u something ..
me : issh ...faster tell faster !!
she : i found that you have a unique taste
me : hahahahah( laugh non stop ) i am gonna blog abt it !!!!!! you knw why ?? nah , look at my header * smirk * * still cant stop laughing bcz i syok diok *
she : siao po .... vain dao................
me : aiyar , 'one road come' eh dono meh ?? haiz ...wat a friend..sigh ~
she : ok stop tat !!
me : ok so why did u say tat ???
she : bcz i found tat ur stuffs are all nice yyet unique . it's like i rarely see the other ppl use it / wear it.
me : * start laughing again * until she said...
she : even .... er hermmm... Everest ( ok so this is the thing u guys cant tell anyone without my permission k?)
me : issshh ishhh ishhh....wat's it with ??? so u wanna say my taste is good except for that huh ?
she : no la.... but it's reli a rare kind.
me : how rare ?? i love rare , so nvm. * wink to her * oh my  ~!
she : dun ki hiao huh , wink somemore... no la , tat kind is like seldom ppl like mah....
me : yea lo ... tat Everest vy nice mah , i like..even the surface of the Everest is also the type i special it looks like huh ?? Everest is a mature mountain , good la !! stable mah... or else later when i go to hike , the whole mountain RUNTUH er...
she : swt punya you..yea also la...Everest is a tough monutain , so seldom ppl will go for it.
me : me love ~! it's even better er ... nobody climb with me , fresh air , bigger space no one snatch my place to rest or sleep mah  .. doink..
she : okay lar....the coating of the Everest also nt bad la..
me : of course !! it's wat i like too... the coating of Everest a kind of simple and nice.
she : hanr hanar you win la you win .
me : of course i do. xD
she : okay lar !!! then i wish you good luck and i'm sure you will be climb up to the Everest ..
me : whoooo~~~ this is the best thing you say to me b4 graduate and afda graduate .. ttqtqtqtqtqtqq..

couldnt deny but the thing i like is kind of unique..HAHAHAHAHHA....
i love unique , unique love me.
ps : ok ignore me , i am ss-ing again , i shuang dao ... LOL

okay i am posting this for my friend .
it is boring maybe. but who cares.
haha..i'm waiting for my xmas present * hint hint *

hint : i sing this song , look at the lyric .
baby you knw that , mayb it's time for miracle
coz i ain't giving up on love ,
no i ain't giving up on love.

get it ? no !! nt tat one.
yayayayyaa...this one !! hahahahahahhaa...
the Tahan. LOL =p
* oh no... you're gonna say i'm gorgeous * OH MY GOODNESS !! SLAP ME !

be prepared to be kissed by qi.

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