Sunday, December 6, 2009

where's my jake ?

watched new moon with buddies ( qi , shi hun , T , lek , dan , rick ) =D
uhhhrmmm..if you are the one who always forward when u're watching tv , then mayb u'll feel tat it's a lil bit boring at some parts..
okay skip this part...
i am gonna blog abt JACOB / JAKE !

OH NO ~~~!!!
i cant bliv tat i love jake !
oh no ~~!!! he's so damn man !! and his muscle , oh my ~~~!
nt tat i love a guy who is muscular ( gosh , a lil bit horrible thou )  , but jake....oh no oh no !!
knw wat !?
he gives me a feeling  , a very important feeling ( to me ) ------- safety.
eh , do u think i will say a guy who will gv me the safety feeling is an easy job ?
nawww !! no way !!! unless he really is.
nt tat the muscle made me feel safe  LOL ..
but the protection of jacob towards bella....oh no ~~~
we're gonna melt ( melt ? sounds gross ) but right !!! qi and i were melting LOL !!
he will just do everything for bella's sake , including leave her altho he loves him just bcz he knows if he stays with bella , bella will has no peaceful life... oh no !!! me love ~
jake says : " i want to live with you , i'll wait , no matter how long is it. " oh no ~~~~`~~~~~
i love jake , oh no oh no ~~~~

talk abt bella .
hey , seriously !! bella is real pretty !!
she has a kind of gorgeous !! really !!!! i love to see her . haha..
horrr horrr..
her pretty's 'quiet' and 'inside' her , the good girl's type yet elegant.. oh no !!! i'm out of words ! but it's nt enuf to describe her with words =D
but but !!!! i dislike her for wat she did to jake..
she chose edward..
i knw this should be wat happened in this series of story books/movie but why cant she be with jake ?
jacob did so much for her , so much so much !!!! even with his life . urghhh !!
why did she choose edward ? ( ask the writter la , stupid me. LOL )
edward isnt bad la.
but he just isnt my cup of tea and seriously i think jacob should deserves bella mrore than edward lorrr !!!!!!
ishh isshh...fine ... hahahaha


nah ,...i prefer this ! hahaha

anyway , i will choose the one who loves me and of course love him too rather than the one i love most but doesnt love me.
meaningless ~
rite rite ?? qiqi , hor ??????? hahaha

this is her jake 
and where's my jake ?

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