Monday, November 8, 2010

why grey ? because it's as dull as grey

every morning every night,
when my eyes are still blinking and looking,
but no,
i dont get it any longer.

if you ask me will i regret if i'd nvr wake up again
i say no,
everything i do ,
i did it with my best.
so if tmr nvr came again ,
imma nvr regret for myself.

i did , i thought , i tried , i felt.
but oh , i cant feel the warmest heartbeat.
it was like that , it is like this.
take it and do it the best or leave it.
to do or not to do , imma gonna put it a smile.

i'm tan.hui.mei.
and nobody could ever replace this.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

it's all about nature

guys ,do you know about the mechanism of immunity ? let me explain.

antibody, the Helper T-cell in your immune system will be triggered if it detects antigens.
it'll then produce interleukin , this chemical triggers the killer T-cell and plama cell from B cell.
The Killer T-cell will then produce cytotoxin to kill the pathogen which some may attach on the surface of macrophage on the MHCII.
Antigen is destroyed , B cell then produce memory cells for the next invade of the same pathogen.
So , you see ? human's immune system is awesome. It make you immune to it. and eventually it has no effect when the pathogen invade ur body again.

So , be optimist !
nothing is gonna bring you down ( unless you've poor immune system LOL )

i learn and i'm perfect and yes! no one of you should oppose this statement.
maybe this is it :
perfect makes me bend more and more.
have a nice day !
when you want to do something ,
do it at the best.

ohhhh wait ? isnt bio paper over? hahahahahahahahaha !! so be it !

Thursday, November 4, 2010

random post of excitement

hey hey hey hey hey !
my freedom is waving to me and i am seeing it so clearly now !!
2 more hours and i am freee !
why 2 hours ? because i will probably finish studying everything by 12am and sleep , so .
dont count the sleeping hours, quarantine time is also excluded , then exam , of course it's not included too !
after that ? ohhhh 12.30pm tmr !!!! i'm totally truly deeeply madly happily nutly freakly crazily freee..
hey do u see the words ? I MEAN...
FREE !!!
okay i shall stop typing now so tat i can fully utilised the 2 hours remained.
byeeeee ~

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


and so ! i left one day of examination !
hey people !
bloooody ONE !
first of all , i cant wait to flung all my stackssss of books tonnes of notes and so and so and so !!! =D
lots of happiness gushing from my little excited heart !
ohh what about scary ? yeahhh scary !
because one year is over just like that , it indicates.........
okay , i suppose to stop saying that , be happy ! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~~!

ps : i like this bottle quite a lot , perhaps it was the childhood memories that attracted me .
someday i'll wish upon a star,
and wake up where the stars are far behind me,
where trouble metls like lemon drops,
away above the chimney tops,
that's where you'll find me!

(imagine readers here have their jaw drops and look at me with their queer face.)
oooopppsss.. i forget this is not a right country , at least i dont wish to put myself on a risk for a criminal crime. and ohh ! i dont have a crystal blue sea and white soft sands with hermit crabs peeping my toes from its hole. =p

hmmmm..this place had been my top list for some places of honeymoon,always will be =)
( i suppose only one person knows what is the exact place of the piacture above. geeeeez )

ohh yeshh ! this is practical now . how much i miss burgers in chilis ! mmmmm.... =d


biology time , byes ~

found some nice pictures in my camera ,
so i suppose i will have at least 2 posts queueing up here.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


some random and (boring/funny/lame/weird) post to share.
ps : i'm not gonna post any celebration event or any picture posts due to the lack of time ( final exam is on fri ) SCREAM WITH PRESSURE *
however , i still need to take some times to relax and come to blog. x) .
whisper : i am still tv series ! O.O KILL ME PLEASE*
just to record down some weird dreams i dreamt these weeks, kinda funny thou.

1. i dreamt of myself sitting for the HSC final exam. the students were all my high school school mates.the teacher in charge is my primary school teacher named as APPLE PIE or RABBIT BIN. shit ! we hate her ! and the exam hall is somewhere like a concert hall ,very nice.. uhhh !! now i rmb ! it's MYOB concert hall ! qi , the hall appeared in my dream LOL !!! duhh !! and you knw what ? i forgot to bring any stationery to exam and i'm a bit late !! so i just simply took others stationery where they put outsite the hall , and one of the stat. i took is FELICIA LIM's. what a 4 in 1 weird dream !from primary to pre-u. damn ! ps : i'm under pressure i suppose. the beginning of the dream , i'm in a toilet , the toilet is a weird toilet , which you can pass throught it to another room of toilet , which mean it has no privacy tho it has door which can lock as usual. the worst part is , when i stood up and look at the other toilet ( which has nobody , luckily ) i saw a GOD DAMN FROG ! it saw me and it said : YES MADAM !" then immediately right after the 'yes madam' , it jumps to my toilet ! omg !!! so i sneak to another toilet and IT CHASED ME !!! i ran to the living hall , who knows its speed is like rocket !!! goodness know ! you know what ? it has very sharp teeth and it wanted to bite me ! and when i'm hiding in somewhere else.........
i'm awake because some stupid ppl call me on my phone. but thanks to her or i've to stay in the nightmare ! hahahaha..

3.there's a heavy rain and it flood all way from the jelutong highway to dono-wat-named-highway which we used to go to qb. you know wat ? i dreamt myself parked my car at INTI , it's late night , i realized it and i've to go back to take my i CYCLE to INTI! weird part is , when i was cycling , it's day time !? hahahaha.. it was still a heavy rain , and flood , so i'm all wet yet still hv to cycle ! and i met HERRICK RIDING MOTORCYCLE ! hahahahaha !! i kept cycling the wrong my surprise , i cycle faster than vehicles which drive at the right lane ! LOL !!!!
ps: i wonder what bicycle is that. but somehow it looked very old and kolot in the dream.

4. i dreamt myself sitting for exam again. 3 times in total.

the end.
shit..i have to go study again. bye ~

Monday, October 11, 2010

damn it !
imma gonna kill !
so frustrated !!

Friday, October 8, 2010

good bye my INTI friends

and so , i'm back from INTI college , for the last time.
i feel reluctant i feel sad ,i'm down but wat to do ? this is life.
i'm about to go to another chapter of life again thou this is a really short one yet a nice one.
dont feel like talking too much today , i just want to observe everyone clearly and make them into a print in my journey.
before i came back , i went into the last place , the only one place i want to enter so much >>> miss leela's office. so , opened the door , entered.
telling her something , some last words i guess. she too , gives me some encouragements some advices and some good luck says stuff..feeling very nervous , not because im talking with her but because i'm controling some  you-know-what-glands. but well , i did it well . ( whisper : just not after i get into my car )
i rmb i once went into her office before , and tat's the epic one , not to mention of course , a private stuff.
today was the last day i go into class,
today was the last day i listen to the lecturers teaching,
today was the last day i can laugh at some funny students,
today was the last day i can sit with a few of my friends in my good friend list and girls talk,complain,this and that,
today was the last day i come to class with my dearest friends and beloved,
today was the last day we keep poking me and draw on my hand and 'bully' me,
today was the last day we can sit together and discussing about questions,
today ...
was really the last day we can ever be classmate,  5++6 months , very short yet a lot of sweet memories , how much i want to be classmate with you again but i just freaking cant.shit !
not to mention the feeling of how much i dunwan to leave the pre-u life , because everyone should know how sorrowful it is.
life goes on,
but , my toughness still does not move well.

leela's celebration and some pictures with classmate will be posted when i'm free.
ps: final external exam is just around the corner ,6 days to go. 
i'm actually , a weak person.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

we love you

year comes year ends 
time flies like an airplane;
if you dont enjoy it, you'll end up suffer in agony and dismay 
if you do,you will not realize times sneak away.

it was a touching memories recorded in my pre-u chapter.
in this day, 30 sept, a strict yet humour legend was borned.
yes, she's the legend among all the teachers and lecturers, i couldn't deny she is a very successful lecturer.
she's relatively strict, she scolds people badly and horribly ,
she tease people with a very irony way with something like :
" you know what is gong kia ? gong kia is you ! "
" whoever add me in facebook before this course ends is a moron , they don't have any thinking skill , thinking skill is a total zero, because they let me check out what they do and say in in fb."
" this simple chemistry question can be answered by a baby or a kindergarten kids. "
however , she add some jokes sometimes :
" the pollution causes the BAFFALOS dont have fun times with COWS anymore" ( okay, are cows and baffalos friends ever since ? LOL !!! )
" the examinor is a fierce man , OLDER THAN ME , HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE , ANGRY ... " ( well , these facts dont make a man being impatient and it's not actually a fact but a says from her LOL )
her jokes arent just an oral jokes , she adds some facial expression if it's available from the jokes, something like the :
- b'nnnggg face ( b'nggg = blur , according to her )
- shouts when her favourite tv shows end at the climax
- cute fake smile yet a very irony one
- suffocate face when suffering from alkalosis.
no doubt, everyone is very afraid of her , even english school or malay schools guys.
she is so , yes , but everyone respect her , a lot a lot !
she is so , yes , but everyone will still love her even after she scolds us badly.
but , we know , we know she's scolding us with reason and for our goodness sake.
so no matter how bad she scolds us , right after class dismiss , we'll still respect her and love her.
now, it left only one bloody week before our final study break and graduate from pre-u.
for me , i have a sudden realize that time just flies away without me realizing it.
i'm sad ,
i'm not willing to graduate away from her class,
and i....
i started missing her already...

year comes year ends,
flies like an airplane.
happy birthday, miss leela ,
i wish you all the best, stay healthy , stay happy, stay strict, stay humour,
be the best lecturer especially the chem lecturer.
we love you.
up coming post : miss leela's bday celebration.
i'm gonna cherish the last week nx week.
til then, tears drop dramatically now.
bcos, i love you, miss leela.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i am.

fear is overwhelming
but all of sudden
you're here.
you swap all my fear away
i know,
i'm a grown up lady.
that i've someone who love me
and be by my side when i need you.
it's a touched
that i couldnt express
of the sudden 180 degree turning of my mood.
your hug
is always the best and warmest cure
am i a sadist ?
only those who understand me well know. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010


come ! let me tell you a story of our great government.
just sit down , relax and listen  to me. =)
I am legally 18 months ago yet i havent change my Identical card.
one fine day( wth ),i went to register for my passport due to the needs. here the story starts......

i reached the passport department (PD) early in the morning but the officer told me that i have to renew my IC to the 18 years old one.. oh crap. wat the hell , which means i hv to go to the IC department (ICD) located at ansun road to renew my IC.
that man told me that i need to get THE PIECE OF PAPER for my new IC as i cant get my IC so fast..
well , i rushed to ICD. i took the number and waited.
" sorry mr and mrs , due to the down line of our system , the registration of the new IC is now unavailable , please wait for a while to let our system get back to its function"
ughhh ! holly ~! okay..wait..wait..wait....
but wat the fuck !! we waited from 8 something til 10 something , start feeling irritating. so went out for lunch and went to some colleges to ask for some stuff..
so we expect it to be okay after we went back , but no !!
waited for another while , then mum decided to send me to college for class and go to sungai ara there to do after my class.
after my class , it was 4pm.
straight away went to sg ara there to do those shit , finally.i get the PIECE OF PAPER.

in the next day , i woke up at 6 something to queue up so that i can settle those stuff b4 my 8am class started.
anger fill me , but shit ! i still have to go to ICD anyway.
so went to ansun road there to get that shit.
okay !!!! what the hell twice ! so we headed to sg ara again and get it.
then travel back to PD to do my passport.
it was kinda late , like 9 something or 10. now my number is 100+ away which means i hv to wait 100+ more ppl to go.
so we waited from the morning til the afternoon, around 2pm+
did it , but still have to come back 2 hours later to get the passport.
2 hours later , i finally get it.
i guess this is how they work..
uhhh ~! two days wasted for all these shits..issssshhhhh....

Monday, September 13, 2010

i do.

Doubt that the stars are fire,
doubt that the sun does move,
doubt truth to be a liar,
but never doubt I love.

becos i'm tan hui mei.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


just like a girl who hit by a vehicle,
its a great accident.
and she ?
she had lost her memories,
gradually being another person.
until someday,
accident hit her and she woke up.
she realized how much things have changed.
but sorry,
she cant leave what she has now.
but something good is that she remember everything back.
she compares the two lives,
the two personalities,
the two conditions.
is an accident.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

the way i love you.

i could make you happy make your dream comes true,
nothing that i wouldnt do.
go to the ends of the earth for you,
to make you feel my love.

Friday, August 27, 2010




Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i'm 25 years old.

we have had this opera favourite in august, organized by fingerprints choir.
sponsered by hair impression and clover make up academy.
ps : well this saloon really impressed me by making me older by 10 years.. omg... =(
but i guess it was alright, because opera is abt old british men and women.
actually this post suppose to be published months ago, unfortunately, i had my trial. so i didnt.
now let the pic talk,imma lazy to type. X)

this was the song with king kong.
i was acting her maid. successful right ? xD
omg ! su lynn's hair style is like mr mcd, the red hair man. =D
next, being a couple and dating at the park.
grand finale. gypsy ! loving it !
actually there were around 20 songs. i was just involve in a few. so that was all.
group photo! *wink*

Monday, August 23, 2010

two way traffic(language)


just like this materpiece,
it indicates the starting point of our journey,
and its not gonna be an expire day on anyday else.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

eenie meenie mani mu.

okay.. it's really driving me crazzzzzeeeehh !!
but alright, i'm kinda satisfied with my english and math extension paper X)
tho i dont expect much on extension. heeee
why am i here writting crap ?
chem tmr, thurs bio, fri math.
and i'm freeeeeeeeeee ~!
this coming inter-sem. break will be so interesting !
toodles ~

oh, i'm gonna blog abt my old english woman(aunty) style after trial.
stay tune.

Thursday, July 15, 2010




喧嚣的城市里,我依然找不到那股宁静 。



Monday, July 12, 2010


people who know huimei say :
huimei's nuts !
she's crazzziiee and fun !
and oh ! she's so sampat !
a 24 hours happy one.

wah..i was sooo ( you know , i know ) last time , no wonder i was sooo (you know , i know ) xD

people who understand huimei say :
i wish you've a world like what you've apparently.
cheers .
she's yet not a happy one inside.
she's actually not as tough as we see.
dont think too much , put all the things away and relax.

oh these two crazy pic was taken after my tennis game , while my whole head is still wet . yeah , am sure.

ps : i found out some of the old pictures and the two below are so funny !! =D

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I read a book , its in madarin and the title is ‘说话的艺术' ( the art of talking )
no wait , i read it since a long long long time ago , and i'd forgotten when.
it's all about the technique of talking.
you know what , this is what i believe :
If you've a good talking skill , you're on your half way to success.
If you've a suck talking skill , you're on your half way to failure.
and yeah !  this is true ..
of all these years , i still cant prove the one of my principle (stated above) wrong.

however , when you meet someone like a babarian or anything , ignore them then.
you dont need to waste your time and saliva to talk with someone like that.
ps : but i bet you dont use the art of talking EVERYTIME , you still have to spare some of those kidding and fun talk for you and friends.

somehow , i am thinking of borrowing you this book.

Friday, July 2, 2010

S.O.S !

i had a fun and interesting one week holiday , the one week simply passed so fast..
did i just mention holiday is going to an end in another 2 days time ?
OH NO !!!!
i left english presentation , i left tonnes of chemistry homework , i left my math and math extension revision , i left my chemistry revision and i left that idiot sotong's moral assignment !!!!!
sigh ~~~

i'm currently searching for a good movie and good song for my english presentation .
the content of it need to be a strong plot and has got a strong sense of belonging..
people , do u have any ideas ? can you suggest me ?
i'm turning over and over my playlist , yet i cant find any..
i'm so dead !!!!!
i need a good suggestion , anyone PLEASE ?!?!

Monday, June 21, 2010


do u ever heard of ' changes have got their pusposes , to be a better one or the worse one then ?'
what i heard is of the better one.
and do u ever heard of  'when it is the end , it's a good one , if it's not a good one , it's not the end yet' ?
so , from the mathematical induction , i can conclude it as :
changes have got their purposes , it will be the best one in the end.

if you believe in God , u know God will arrange everything for you , and it has its purpose.
To me , i am a free thinker , the God i always mention is not specific , i believe in any God , Buddha , Jesus , Hindu , Muslim , anything as long as they teach the right thing but not something like teach u to do stupid stuff and commit suicide for God. ish..
but what i belive the most is 'fate' , my 'The Secret' and also 'my own believe and thought'.
alright , back to the topic.

let's give an example :
you want a Pineapple .
To some of the people , Pineapple is disgusting , its a nightmare but to some people , Pineapple is simply awesome.
so , your mum suggest you to take Apple.
you dont like it , not as much as Pineapple , but it's also good for health.
Yet , u insist to take Pineapple .
fine , some of the people has got a bad feeling when u eat Pineapple , and to you , Pineapple wont make you very healthy , and u cant go to somewhere quickly and make you feel sick.
Finally , you decide to take Apple , everywhere has it.
everyone around you feel happy because majority likes Apple, and you wont feel reluctant to eat it too.
with that , the ppl around you offer you to eat a better Apple , mayb an Apple from california or wherever.
besides , they feel happy and offer you to go california for a better quality Apple in a shorter time.
In the end , you can stay in california happily with people who can accompany you to eat Apple.

see !
do u get what i mean ?
alright , i know only a few people know what was i talking abt with that example.
so what i want to say is :
If something you like make your situation bad , you should have change or thinking and try some other things. Good things will also follow it when you change , because :
changes have got their purposes , it will be the best one in the end.

i came blogging in such a late night ,
it's actually because i cant sleep !
teh tarik's fault !

Sunday, June 20, 2010

for you.

read this every single word carefully , i know you knew it but still.
read it over again , with your heart. =)

when the rain is blowing in your face ,
and the whole world is on your case ,
i could offer you a warm embrace ,
to make you feel my love.

when the evening shadows and the stars appear ,
and there's no one there to dry your tears ,
i could hold you for a million years ,
to make you feel my love.

i know you havent made your mind up yet ,
but i would never do you wrong ,
i've known it from the moment when we met ,
no doubt in my mind where you belong.

i'd go hungry ,
i'd go black and blue ,
i'd go crawling ,
down the avenue ,
no ,
there's nothing i wouldnt do ,
to make you feel my love.

the storms are raging on the rolling sea ,
and on the highway of regrets ,
though winds of change are throwing wild and free ,
you aint seen nothing like me yet .

i could make you happy ,
make your dreams come true ,
nothing that i wouldnt do ,

i love you arent the three words anymore ,
it's (far) not enough for my love towards you .
maybe ,
I.L.Y.  I.U.Y.

Monday, June 14, 2010

watch me.

this is what i decide . hear it clearly , see my every single word clearly :
i will make a win-win situation NO MATTER what !
maybe it only sticks to the old plan .
but if it's double-win situation , it's alright.
i wont pick a choice that make me happy and sad at the other side.
so if you're nt gonna choose a win-win situation ,
i will !
let me be it then,
if you u still think that that's the best plan for you.
i dont mind doing the tough job.
i'm tough , i'm alright , i'm fine !
because i am : 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

stole me a dog-eared map
and called for you everywhere.

Friday, June 11, 2010

my favourite art.

i dont know if i have ever mentioned about my favourite art.
well , i love african art !! it's like so artistic ,so sexy and most of all , it looks so so wild !!
british art isnt so nice , it gives me no feeling at all.. but african =D
here are some arts , enjoy !

you see you see !! can you feel the wildness ? this is an awesome piece.

this is not bad only , the feeling isnt so strong yet. ( i think it's bcz of the over smooth background )
lot of spaces to improve.

this is something like hang on the wall , so cant see the colour clearly . but it's quite nice.

this doesnt really look like african art , but this is another type of art i like.
it looks very artistic isnt it ?
this is an oil painting. =) 
too simple , i would give a 55% out of 100%

this is another type i like too..
it is like , drawings in a drawing - 画中有画.
can u see the drawings in it ? some faces , fishes , butterflies , body and so on.
( i drew once , mayb i should have scan it next time. ) =D
among all these master pieces , altho some art awsome some are nice some are artistic , but there's still the most important feeling that i dont find in those pieces above.
the wildness feeling + the 'taste'.
i suppose it's the colour problem , if it's a dark red , lighter than maroon a lil bit .
it should be perfect !
( something like the font colour i used to describe it , slightly lighter than it.)

talk about african , i suddenly had an idea about an important event .
the theme.
wait and see ! ( looking forward ) =D

Thursday, June 10, 2010

the solution.

not going !

if you ask me why ? i will tell u that u will understand if u love someone.
wateva it is , i can go there anytime.
and after a few arguments and dealing , the problem solved.
this is the way we communicate.
bring out all the problem , discuss it , say wateva we want , then find solution.
wth altho it took my whole afternoon as i planned to take a nap . xD

anyway , you guys enjoy the trip la !
see ! i am being so kind ! give the others d chance. =p
we ( buddies ) go there together next year la ok !?
this one , cheh ~ no friends , no photoshooting session ( i am talking to u qi =p ) , no fun.

i lovey you
nothing matters ,but you.