Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i'm 25 years old.

we have had this opera favourite in august, organized by fingerprints choir.
sponsered by hair impression and clover make up academy.
ps : well this saloon really impressed me by making me older by 10 years.. omg... =(
but i guess it was alright, because opera is abt old british men and women.
actually this post suppose to be published months ago, unfortunately, i had my trial. so i didnt.
now let the pic talk,imma lazy to type. X)

this was the song with king kong.
i was acting her maid. successful right ? xD
omg ! su lynn's hair style is like mr mcd, the red hair man. =D
next, being a couple and dating at the park.
grand finale. gypsy ! loving it !
actually there were around 20 songs. i was just involve in a few. so that was all.
group photo! *wink*

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