Sunday, May 31, 2009

missing saxophone

i remember something..
as well as like it happened a moment ago.
i was studying for mid year exam.
and here my mind poped out someone else , my aunt.
i missed her!!

so when i was conscious , i caught my soul and back to the book world.
but who knows !
she called me !!
i was shocked + surprised + happy + went mad.
isnt my subconscious mind awesome and magically? hahaha

i asked mr.wind to be my postman.
so tat he can send u my love anytime.
so , anyone i miss , arent you feel lucky !? hahaha !*kidding

saxophone ? kenny G ?
yeah !!!
i am so so so into saxophone recently !
like i love it more and more !!!

i feel tat saxophone is ,

yes !! i will marry a man who knows saxophone !
or someone who are willing to learn saxophone for me, i will totally go mad !!
okay, am kidding , i mean i am not! but yes!
slap me ! wat am i crapping abt ?
laugh non stop*
ok , i still love my thee.

planned to pick up my violin lesson back right afda spm ,
but now , am in dilemma.


tears , the best medicine ; smile , the best mask.

Saturday, May 30, 2009





Friday, May 29, 2009

gurney plaza

before i start anything else , let's hoooray for the temporary freedom 1st !
woooohoooo ~~~
I'M FREE !!! I'M FREE !! I'M FLEEE !!................

mt promised to drive me.
so did she.hmmph !!!
but she wasnt sincere i tell u !

wen hui , mt.

ps: mt made the 1st turn , and she was so successful !! wow wow wow ~
yea lar , i took camera to sch , catch me lor !
and i knw u dont knw i brought and even took a pic of yours at all ! AHAHAHAHHA
*evil laugh
off to watch movie at gp.
>> night at museum 2 <<
wow , it;s pretty awesome !
will blog abt it in d nx post.
who knows !!
tze bey and henna spotted me !
so we went to hv lunch tgt.
ps : i cant eat.perhaps , jz a lil bit.

yea ! everything is fabulous !!
slurrrp. burrrp. =d
H. loves tb's jacket .
so here she was up to take some shots.
the jacket has 2 caps and tat's why H loves it so much.

finally , we finished.
i mean , 'finally'. *inside joke*

wow , it's hard to hv bey's pic!
pretend to take a pic of mine and of coz , hers .LOL
the 227 !

random pic.
when tb went to toilet.
winks* i love the circular design.heee

pala papa la ,i'm loving it.

i spotted the three little foreigner.they were just so adorable.

it came to an end.
waited tb's mum to fetch us.
here came some random pic again.

a wira , a wooden house , trees....
make the scene classical.

ok , so where is it ?
bingo ! PCGHS. but it looks like PCGHS is located in the jungle bcz of this angle.*smirk
sweet is a must for tuition.
yun yan's polo.
it's new ! it has green , pink and blue !

u cant see the blue ?!
u are right.bcz it is only one in the whole row .
and i get it !!!!!!! woooosh !! AM FORTUNE !!

haha , hz and ming li. nice~
here comes the
ugliest pic of this post.
hahahahahah !! kidding.
pic. of the day.
guess who is this ?
xxx , zip ur mouth and dun tell ppl who are you! xD
exam is not over , exam is starting.
so it keeps hovering in my mind.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

random post

for god knows why , i am here for a little while.
oh , how much i miss my little blog !!!!
am going to dissolve 'the pearl' and bm sucks poem n short stories and the wateva novel into my brain . *isshh
i dun foresee any advantage in learning this stupid subj !
instead , it's time-consuming. duh !~~

i finally hv a little time to touch my keyboard.
singing my life would suck without you-kelly clarkson to my keyboard.

oh ya ppl !!
anyone knows how to make the header into two lines ?
do tell me plz. thx a million.

well ..
here's some blog i love to read :
1st : sze yun's blog
2nd : ying qi's blog
3rd : 2 tuition teachers' blog

reason for the 1st : i love love love her every purple colours' phase which is written by herself and i love her writing style. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODE .
reason for the 2nd : i love to see the pictures ! she is a good photographer. wink* ohmypootpoot( quote by qi )
reason for the 3rd : ok , i dun think i need to intro , bcz I AM SURE MOST OF THE PPL HAVE VIEWED.

haha , exam is finally almost-over.
why ?
bcz the tough paper 3 and paper2 were OVER !

i am addicted to 齐秦 's song recently. geeeeez
the 丝路and不让我的眼泪陪我过夜 and lots lots more !
but , i still love american's songs , undoubtedly . they rule my mood.

well ..
i will update my blog on fridayyyyyy..
see you !

oops ! i hv a lot of posts to blog afda exam and i am loving it

Friday, May 8, 2009

《逝 · 悔 》

循环着 那熟悉的影像
黑夜白昼 只因地平线的划分
差距 在那最萧瑟的北方
夕阳中 独自的孤影
消失了 那再熟悉不过的嗓音
创作于 2009年5月8日
竟然创作创到掉泪,我真是疯了!但也不能怪我的性格这么感性。或许应该说我完全沉入在这情景中。sampat *

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

may , month of pressure exerted

stolen my breath,took away my heartbeat.
dan mungkin bila nanti , kita akan bertemu lagi.

dont ask me why am i writing a 'rojak' post.
my mood is a mess !

i hate exam.
i hate pressure
i hate pimples which link to pressure.( why do these 2 phenomenon linked ? hell! )
i hate being a female who hv to experience thing which guys do nt have to.
i hate my brain secreting idiotic hell hormones .
i hate being moody like this !


bahasa melayu ? apalah language ini ???
bagaimana tulis dengan bahasa melayu ?
language itu memang boleh bunuh saya !!!
of coz juga , mempersiasoikan saya saja. duh ~
well , my chaotic life is waving to me again.
jadi ? masa untuk ulang kaji lah ! so ?

Friday, May 1, 2009

T 's bday

ppl , i am d 2nd one for updating this post.
ps : qi is d 1st. =D

we celebrated T bday at QEII , which located beside the jetty.

here is d look of the restaurant.

obviously , the girls are more punctual than d guys except lek jian who helped us to capture this.

the bday girl, T n i



herrick / ruan jing tian

the gay. haaa , kidding ~

the big eyes and round round face. =D

apple n i .NICE! thx lek !

okay , so as usual , we walked around and never the less , the toilet !
we did some shameful things. ahhaha ,sigh ~ hahahah

T maine huimei

yin fang , see man , me

xiu , u look like teh peng instead of kopi peng in this pic.
ROFL !!! OMG . * inside joke *

tada..T n qi

H , D ( herrick , daniel )

emo me. suppose to be happy , dude.xD

lek , delete d old one and save this pic. i'd edit for the brightness

acting crazy with the delicious mushroom soup. slurp ~

thx me for this pic !

okay now.
let's look at d FABULOUS(S) in QE II , every order is recommended for u all . =d

1.dono-wat-cherry-drinks( i'd forgot d name )
sweet n sour. nice ~

2.water on fire. nice. hahahahah !!!!!!! ppl , question me for this , quick . hahahahah ! slurppie pepper chicken ( correct me if i am wrong )

4.toasted potato.

5.seafood creamy pasta. [ prawn , oyster , scallop , squid ]
6.martini chicken.
hahahahah !! well , i cant stop laughing when i look at this pic. my order/ ivan's order.
xD xD * inside joke * oni T , maine n i wat was happening for this order.hahahahaha!!
7. my bikini martini. ( alcohol )
apparently , oni herrick , lek n i like this.
with my very 'professional' look

chocolate martine(alcohol) the others like this instead of my bikini m.
i feel tat it's like rotten choc. sorry girls. haha

i recapture this pic. why ?? find the ans yourself.
get it ? bcz of herrick !

the natural one.

hey lek , i love this !! look at d colour ! wooosh ! sexy(?) huh ? like african colour. LOL !!!

okay , the normal one.haha

y.qi ~
after tat , ivan arrived , woohooo ~
the hero of d day. but unfortunately , he'd to leave earlier.
sigh ~ he'd a hard time for this party.
so we asked T to dedicate him a ..... er hermm....
applause* clap clap clap
these are the decoration of d restaurant.

the toilet's wall. i love the design. very different toilet.

pebbles oh pebbles

lastly , we prepared a surprise for T.
the waiter was kind enuf to help us. a million thx to him.=D

candles love

she loves it. winks*
last but not least.
us the gang. =D
we'd knew each other for 9 years
i hope our friendship will never fade away.hugs*