Saturday, May 23, 2009

random post

for god knows why , i am here for a little while.
oh , how much i miss my little blog !!!!
am going to dissolve 'the pearl' and bm sucks poem n short stories and the wateva novel into my brain . *isshh
i dun foresee any advantage in learning this stupid subj !
instead , it's time-consuming. duh !~~

i finally hv a little time to touch my keyboard.
singing my life would suck without you-kelly clarkson to my keyboard.

oh ya ppl !!
anyone knows how to make the header into two lines ?
do tell me plz. thx a million.

well ..
here's some blog i love to read :
1st : sze yun's blog
2nd : ying qi's blog
3rd : 2 tuition teachers' blog

reason for the 1st : i love love love her every purple colours' phase which is written by herself and i love her writing style. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODE .
reason for the 2nd : i love to see the pictures ! she is a good photographer. wink* ohmypootpoot( quote by qi )
reason for the 3rd : ok , i dun think i need to intro , bcz I AM SURE MOST OF THE PPL HAVE VIEWED.

haha , exam is finally almost-over.
why ?
bcz the tough paper 3 and paper2 were OVER !

i am addicted to 齐秦 's song recently. geeeeez
the 丝路and不让我的眼泪陪我过夜 and lots lots more !
but , i still love american's songs , undoubtedly . they rule my mood.

well ..
i will update my blog on fridayyyyyy..
see you !

oops ! i hv a lot of posts to blog afda exam and i am loving it


夜风之歌 said...

purple is beautiful. it symbolizes mystery. of course and lavender, 1 of the most attractive flower in the world.
who is the 2nd tuition teacher? i know 1 only...

huimei said...

her purple phase means those are the phase she wrotoe by herself. and i love it !

anthony and mr oong.

思韵 · zyun said...


I'm flying =D

huimei said...

mmmmmmmmoooooooooooooooodddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~~~