Friday, May 1, 2009

producing latex

before i start anything else ..
shhhhhhhhh ... keep me a secret. x) camera was nt suppose to function for this activity as i was only allowed to take pic for our grad. mag.
but somehow , it's real excited.
promise ? ok...

here we go.
aim : to investigate the coagulation of latex.
hypothesis : latex coagulates in acid.
procedure 1: prepare the apparatus and materials - beaker , burette , glass rod , measuring cylinder , latex , ammonia , ( wat else ) hydrochloric acid.(?)

procudure 2 : pour latex into the 3 beakers

procedure 3 : pour the alkaline solution ( NH3+) to beaker A and pour acidic solution to beaker B.

procedure 4 : stir it well . any observation is recorded.

observation :latex is coagulate in beaker B. ( and the smell is super duper chocking )

conclusion : latex coagulate when it is mixed with acid.The hypothesis is accepted.

ps : this experiment is nt reli nice , bcz the colour is ONLY white.

adventure is exciting.


John Ang said...

At least u get to do latex. We never did it!! So sad. stupid chemistry teacher. Our experiments were minimum

huimei said...

oh ? hahaha
we are like conducting most of the experiment. syok nya..