Thursday, April 30, 2009

school graduation magazine post 2

let's continue the post.
i would start with..uhhh..
janoooo and miyukioooo.

afda a moment , they reached mppp ( part of our sch , it isnt d rubish bin kay. )
so were talking abt princess. * inside joke *
here janooooo imitate.
the smilarity is 70% but but , u're better , no worries. *wink

spotted. haha , i hv reason for not smiling to the camera for photo.
here we ( shien joo n i ) started to addict taking pic. i'm influenced by sj. xD

hm , jian min , sj. wait !we're n d main characters to see.
look at little hf behind d tree, says : i wanna take photo. sniff* LOL

sj ew

us. i love this.

2 pairs of couple

this wil be a better one. performed : yingxiu n huiwen

gasp* wat's tat ????? * look !

sj : see !! we : huh ? wat is tat ? sj : tree X)

we found ... stone !

with my crazy face. madagascar? haa

sj n i :" jm , plz dun disturb us taking pic." unhappy *

jm: i dun care ! sj n i : stare at jm. hmmph*
secret admire.nah.. sj oh sj , dun kill me.
well..look at her expression when she saw tat pic. sniff*

dei , this isnt tou1 pai1

like this like this. ahaha
nur : u talk to another girl?! divorce !!! dei : dear nur , plz dun go. T.T

hz acting emo
wow , everyone was capturing hf . movie star?

no...she offered us for doing this n tat. hahaha
according to d custom , chinese stated tat bird shit brings fortune. but I DUN SEE ANY !
bluffing kiddies.
ok , d photo of my shitty hand is like this
sorry , this is too disgusting , only for 'clean' ppl.
ok , continue...
sher , dun be emo. =( xD

miyukiooo n i

the very cool chern minooo

dun look at us , look at sher !!

ok now , us. =)

wad a pose. hahaha

cute little moodeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and i
cm , i realized tat ur butt is kinda....big

me , cm , jane
acting crazy again.
smile =)
on d way to my class, spotted weixi. was functioning again

suapa huiyi lele nancy lulu
'afda' duty. *inside joke*
introducing ya some delicious foods.( opposite pcghs , nt goodall !! near tuition centre lee choo hock.) slurrp =p

chee cheong fun. too cheong hooon , hon . hoon

poh piah. it's finger licking.

laksa yummy !!

sj n her darling , jia

from d morning til d night , we still cant stop taking pic. zzz
sj advertising rocky.
hz with her glimmer smile FAILED to advertise. LOOK AT D ROCKY !

i wonder if we were there for tuition or picnic.

the crows are in love , what about you ?

1 of my favorite pic.

captured on 4th april 09

of blue and white uniform's life


魂·失 said...

wahhh...last photo sui....but dat light kau kau zhan... o.O

huimei said...

it's hard to capture , coz my sis was driving then she slowed down , but luckily we'd good product.
thx anyway.
which light ?u mean d sun ?

魂·失 said...

thats not d sun lai la... o.O

路灯.....sadly...tho now got cam d...but im d one driving...... :S