Saturday, April 25, 2009

oh away oh no

lonely ,i'm mr lonely~ sing*
sister is nt at home yet , i dun hv the mood to sleep bcz i hate being lonely especially bedtime ( unless i am tired ) =(

was reading blog , oh and oh and oh and oh and oh no ~~~
i saw something !!!
things happened like this :
1.missing the time
2.hate myself
3.gonna slap ppl
lastly , the feeling is back.
NO !!!! stay away from me !!!
i'd well-controlled.i'd avoid to see.i'd avoid to think.i success-ed.but now , i am nt sure anymore.

friend asked ," how many years already ?"
i replied with ," you know the ans well , moron." roll eyes*
and i asked myself , " yeah , how many years ald ? i denied,i lied,for what ?"
i dun look like a zhuan1 yi1 one. so , plz tell me i m not !
okay , i just couldnt believe i actually still hv d feel when i realized tat jz a moment ago.
OH NO ~~
i wonder if i am ......................

okay , this kind of post is rare.
mayb i am way down now , so mayb , i will delete.
who knows my curved-graph-emtion ? * smirk


魂·失 said...

ha harh??bedtime? i prefer me alone in my room....on tiao d aircon till vry cold... then jz sleep...tada ppl kacau better kua?

again....为什么在意别人的目光? lol...

huimei said...

hahaha , i will feel lonely if nobody is beside me on bed.
so , when my sis is nt at home or on a vacation . =X
but couldnt deny , sometimes , it's better when she is nt in. smirk*

aiyar , i didnt care abt other's opinion..did i mention any words which is related in this post?

魂·失 said...

hahaha.....i think she has d same thought v ya too? xD

huimei said...

blah ~~ must be..
hahaha . bcz she loves me so damn much ..of coz...