Friday, April 17, 2009


looking into the deepest site of the eyes reflect on the mirror *
observation : tired > satisfied > touched > stunted > filling with tears.

her every single tears
is precious
is invaluable
there's a say for her tears :
she drops tears ONLY for the one she loves
for the things which touched her.
only(?) not really.

the superwoman
listening to the encouragement
playing a role of the performance
present with fragrance.

refreshing the memories
smiling with glee
the world is a city
living with variety community
hunger waste gorgeous dull rich

simple burp
symbol of ignoring the hurts
merging the search
inspire with urge.

type of post : artistic
song performing : tear drops on my guitar - taylor swift


huimei said...
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yvonne said...
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yvonne said...


i cant understand ur poem
does it hv anything to do with the title?
its a nice poem.. it rhymes
but i just don get it

huimei said...

i knw why u did '~!@#$%^&*('

hmmmm...the title is actually with the 1st n last para. xD
i am out of idea for the title. =)
aiyar , oni the ppl in tat situation get it. mayb oni me. hahahhah

魂·失 said...

dunno...but tears drop on my guitar is really nice... haha.

huimei said...

kc , actually i wrote tat song's title jz bcz it has d 'tear' word in it. LOL