Sunday, January 31, 2010

shi hun's 18th birthday

tadaaa ~!! i'm here again !
miss me ? 
awwww sorrry peeps !
am too busy recently . life's busy nowadays.

so the latest event is: shi hun's bday !
we went to his kampung - getak sanggol to celebrate his bday.
he said the scenary there is nice , so we went !
let's see ...
b4 i started off with anything .we went to see man;s house 1st. let's see wat's my expression ! hahahaha !! u knw why?
bcz someone called me and mess up with me ! B*TCH ! ruin my moooood !! fine .. 4gt abt it

boat ride to shi hun'n kampung .nahh ! kidding.. so this charming scenary is located at shi hun's kampung ! really awesome isnt it ?
we walked to the sea side , walk along the bridge( it's build at the middle of the sea) so we can walk and enjoy the sea breeze  , i love it. =)
on the way to the sea side.. we started to tell jokes , narrate and whatsoever. 
qi and theresa cho siaooooo...
me , cho siao....LOOL !!! * pai kua + hand pass by slowly * * inside joke*
okay taking session.. whahahaah
qi'smasterpiece. =D
and mine. LOL
zhi hong's masterpiece.
waahh..thisss picc....... they quote it for me..hahahahaa ..
soooo... wth .. LOL
wheeee ~~ ^.^Y
qi the status.LOL
theresa ! woohoooo
shooo them away ~ hahahahah
the three dudes...woooots

zhi hong and thersa ??? hmmmmm ????
look at mrs y*** frustrated expression 1st..haahahaha
nahh ~ this is the one ! WOOHOOOO !! WHISTLE !!!! HAHAHAHAHA
lek being emo kid. =p
so what were we lookng at ?? o.O
JELLY FISH !!!!! 134567890. hate it !! coz it stings me !!!! errr..not now , but , 2 years ago , qi kena tooooo hahahah
wheee ~

we wanted to see sunset..but too bad.. no sunset to seee.
so we went back to hun's old house. whooo ~
we were all sitting at the compound there and talk. =)

it's the most important time now...
shi hun;s surprise !!!
eye on shi hun ! the ferry or what.. idea : see man.
she put the most efforrt into it too !
shi hun loves it !=D
group pic ! woohooooo ~!
so the members who attend were:
qiqi ~!
me ~!
theresa ~!
ps : this pic ada feeling !
see man ~!
herrick ~!
yo!zhi hong ~! hahaha
lek jian ~!


upcoming : dan's bday .

Monday, January 18, 2010

wat a tragedies.

i couldnt sleep again...
now the reason is bcz of the 5 young ppl from clhs.
feeling down ..
2 of them are friends' brother.
i dono wat to say , and i dono how to express my feeling.
anyway !!
GOD , I BEG YOU !! =(
to feng yu , be strong !!!
u hv to bliv tat ur bro will swim back sooon !!!
he can !! he can he can he cann !!!!!!!
and you , be strong !!!!!!!!!!!!

and to jason ch'ng and mr.chin .
RIP !!
throw all ur burdens and in peace !
we will always rmb this. =(

wat i can do is only pray.
i hope He heard wat we are begging for.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


shopping at queensbay with sis n mum.
i saw a bag and i wanted to buy , but i didnt buy it on that day..
alright , at least i will go to get it when i go to qb ~
whooo ~~~
reli love that bag !!!!!
then we saw this dress which my sis is wearing.
it's very nice ! but guess what..
the design at the back has gt a lil bit prob , it's like vy loose at the back and made the whole dress very untidy ' lam nua ' .. so....
sigh ~~ what a waste!
mayb it's bcz my sis was not so fat to fit the size..
and of coz it goes d same way to me too..
sigh ~!
how nice would it be if the design behind fit our size.

okay now..
why is everyone saying me n my sis look alike ?
okay... maybe maybe.. how would i know.
they said if my hair is long like hers , it will be even more similar.. hair is growing longer than longer .
gonna reach the lowest part of my neck anyway. xD
wheee ~~

so i said nothing is perfect.

Friday, January 15, 2010

a horrible dream

i nap afda coming back from college AS USUAL .
what happened to today ?!

i napped and i dreamt something !!
scared me to death !
it is like this :

i went to INTI ( but this college's structure is different from the INTI ) .
it has an internal n external car park.
i used to park at the external car park in the dream.

one day , i heard the news from my mum said that the police had finally discovered why is there something which belongs to my bro's gf at my home ( especially my room ) .
it's because there's a mentally corrupted old man ! he look very very horrible !!! ( the main character in my dream )

he look something like a witch ! yes ! his nose and all , but his is the real person witch , so it made himself even more horrible.
he was like he knw some black magic and whatever !
in the dream , he can sneak into ur room easily .
so he always sneak into bro'gf room and take her stuffs , then sneak into my room and put'em in my room.
and that is also why her stuff appears in my room . ( in the dream )
so there we started to be afraid.

one day , i went home from INTI , it's quite late and the day was covered by the black velvet cloth - night.
i park at the external car parking as usual.
then when i came down , i saw tat old man standing beside the stairs behind the wall..
he used to stalk at me in tat dream.
and tat day , i was alone !

but this picture cant reflect that old man and at all bcz this is so not horrible at all !!! but it's something like this la, he stood there n was waiting to stalk me.
i remember he said this sentence : LET'S SPARE THIS MOMENT NOW !
and there's a MCD beside college . the business is running well , so the customers were kind of made the reataurent crowd.
the old man said again : BUT FIRST , LET ME HAVE A DRINK FIRST.
i heard it ( bcz he was just stalking behind me )
then he went into the mcd and dashed into the counter , get his soft drink and started to peek through the window.
and me of course  , i found a board or what , and i hide behind it so tat the old man cant see me.
the old man started to be panic bcz he still dont see me pass by ( as i ald hiding there ) .
he ran out from the counter and came out and searched for me .
he walked a lil round , so i was like , hiding and i hv to move a lil bit surrounding the board so tat he dont see me.
he cant find me !
he then ran into mcd to see if i was still behind or anywhere.
and i.......

and i was awaken !!!!!
and i found myself breathing quickly , and my heart beat was increasing to the maximum.
sweat scroll down my face and my neck.
feeling a lil bit dizzy.


ps : the old man in my dream also has the same look with the psycho old man who sometimes walk around near my house .( and tat's also y i was afraid ) but it's just tat the dream one is too hyperbola tat the nose and all are horrible !
the psycho man who wander near to my house is also a horrible old pervert ! he was like , he treat other's gate ( the gate has square design which is made by the think hard errrrr something like the 铁门's material . sorry , dont knw wat it's the name in english. ) as woman's errr... you knw , the private place. and then he mustarbate with that square shape .
i saw it accidentally through the window one morning , as i cant go out like this if tat pervert is there , so i asked my dad to go out 1st , he then kept =.= his 'thing' and walked away. 
ps : i didnt see his 'thing' but i saw this at the angle behind him.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

say hi to him

hello hellllo...
let me intro. u this 'unique' people.
the name is liang sun ( my so called , JK ) =)

these photos were took on new year eve which i post it in the previous post.
yea , so he is one of the driver who drove us there =D
okay , let's see....

this photo must be zh's masterpiece. =.=
coz he used to take ppl's pic from the angle below.
so ppl look fat ! but no doubt , i grow a lil but fatter =X
coz i always eat supper hahahahaha.
hey JK i dunwan to upload the photo u like . ( the d.c 1 )

okay ... so , we went to autocity and 'pit' L4TP at lek's condo..  sorry guys.. but u all said it will be crowded , so chose nt to go also rite. xD
b4 we went out , this is their so called 回头一眸 LOL

we went there for dinner at manhatten fish market. sat there for around 3++ 4 hours , online. and the waitress was like : sir , can i keep ur plate . ( actually we purposely left some fries there so tat we can say we havent finished our dinner and still can sit there online ) XD they were so unlucky to meet customer like us. who cares.xD xD

3...2...1...happy new year !!
then we went mad and did something crazy !! really !
so this is the production of the madness.
we simply asked strangerssssss to take photo.
1 of them is a lil boy..his expression X)

time for revision now..
bye bye !

all i want it you.
you're my only one. =)
i love you