Sunday, January 3, 2010

lalalilatampung day 3

day 3 : melaka , makhota hotel , jonker street
nice lobb , nice hotel huh ??? but wait... it really sucks !!! the room is so small and everything are so useless , they prepare us the stove but it stated : do not cook .
wat the hack ?!?!?!?! so tell me wat's d function of d stove ????
and we just want to swim , they disallow the guys to swim coz they say max num of
the guard even staring at us ( girls ) swimming , tat's vision sexual abuse ! i can sue them anytime ( quote of the day ) hahahahahahahahaah

fine !! go to eat their breakfast...holly , not nice at all !! puke !
but still , we enjoy taking photoss....dslr power..whee~~`

jonker street !! i love this place !!! it's somewhere like pasar malam but it's high class pasar malam lol .. why ?? bcz the scenary is nice , the building there are amazing .. loving it. haha....we bought quite a num of stuff , including our sirname's chopstick , and the unique orang asli ( yea that's where i bought the org asli ) = )

walked around...and there are sooo many nice buildings !!!! the historical building , ada feeling.. wheee ~~

we prayed to the angel .. hahahaah

ting * theresa n shi hun..wth hahahaa

there i met my twins..hahaha , why ? bcz it says : woohooooo .. and there's our face.. hahahaha
something happened...and if you know wat is that , this is the proof. X)
this is it... dont ask , bcz i will nvr tell.

walking back to hotel
to be continue...

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