Sunday, January 3, 2010

here i come to blog , out of sudden , as i should sleep now , as my college starts tomorrow.
but well , this post is for jared khor .
something to blog before you leave for 63 days.
i am listening to unbelievable - craig david .
i found out something , i am very down whenever i remember that you are leaving to that shit camp.
sometimes , i even felt my emotional out of control. okay , just like now , this afternoon ,  yesterday , previous day , whenver since thursday. i feel my own temperature at sometimes.
and i love the song , very meaningful , and the rhythm is awesome.
what , 64 days only , and you're coming back at 13th feb isnt it ?
wait , ishh !! my mum is yelling , disturbing my mood now.
remember ? something unbelievable happened ???
i swear , swear with my life that , i really didnt tie that knot , not even touch it . it's when i take the key out , i found your pendrive has a knot with my key..ridiculous isnt it ??? it's some kind of miracle , something , i cant explain with physic , chemistry , bio , whatever ....
it's just some kind of psychic power i can tell..
maybe your pendrive  bu she de me , or mayb should i say , my key bu she de you ?eeeeekk.. wat the hell am i saying , this is wat i called disgusting whenever i hear ppl saying something so..but but , well..i was saying that and that's true..and i know my 6 sense is accurate , i bet , you dont think it's horrible =D
1 sentence : damn ns !
okay so , honestly , i feel sad , i am down , even it's 44 days to go until cny , but , i just couldnt explain , just feel sad , and that's something , some weird feeling i nvr experience , so how could i know ?!
everytime afda the hang out , i want to tell u so much , but but , nothing seems to be out from my mouth , just , hovering in my mind..and then , damn it , i smile and say goodbye.u said u like me for being who i am to say what i want , okay , so now u can dislike , bcz i didnt say something i want to say.
hey it's okay , time flies.
ying qi and theresa bet i will cry , you think ? and yea , i know the answer for now..wat the hell , it's nt that you wont come back , see ! 63 days what ?and i hv my laptop here , i can see the photoss whenever i miss you , hahaha.sorrowful , you wanted to cuci our photo to take it to camp , but but , damn that harvey norman , 2 weeks , so you dun get to see me anymore !! haha..hey , 54 days man !! miss me huh ?? i am sure you will miss me more than i miss you , coz , u dun get to see me  oh yea !!! you have my orang asli !! so u can see it , but make sure u dun lost it , anyhow , i still have one at home , if u lost it , there's a spare tyre.i was expecting those pigs to steal stuffs..especially the orang asli , so cute ! xD
remember ? 63 days only...ONLY....
right , 3 wrds 8 letters .i miss you .
from now onwards..and i know my 6 sense is
and yea , i like the way we went mad and simply ask strangers to take pic , but but !! the pic is superb !! nice nice nice !! i like it ! no .. ilove it ! =D
i know you will survive...
because our memories still stated : to be continue....
yea , right ! so so so .... you will surely survive to continue it.. =)
and yea , i am waiting... =')
wait , if i have the chance , i am going to show u something !! something superb !! but well , at 1st , it's nt wat i wanted , they help me to write ask me now , i will wait for the time ? who knows when ..i will's real superb i tell you.
take good care !
i love this song , unbelievable.
u dont hv the photoss to brg it there , so you can sing this song to represent.. =D
another song which i love it too... nothing's gonna chg my love for you.
so it can represent too !! go go !! just dont be too sad when u miss me..hahahahahahahaha...
at least you can sleep earlier rite ?
yea , i can sleep earlier , no supper , no double chin , no pimples , skin in the good condition  , oh and yea! my hair can grow faster too !! and so to yours.. =D no more monk when you come bck from cny , at least , not so monk i mean.and we can still text , okay , i know , only fri night , sat and sun..awww..sorrowful....
who knows ? you said your 6 sense is accurate too , so i guess you know what i want to say..isnt it ? xD xD
see you !
last but not least , i am happy to go wherever with you , even the sux movie , love happens..duhh...TR !!yes ? tell you one thing , i nvr been anywhere alone with a you're the lucky one .. ahahha..and when i say i miss you , i mean it.
so.... I MISS YOU ! take good care...i am waiting for you to be back.



Jhu said...

College? What course are you taking wor? Add oil la. :)

Herrick Q'more said...

sweet die~~