Monday, January 18, 2010

wat a tragedies.

i couldnt sleep again...
now the reason is bcz of the 5 young ppl from clhs.
feeling down ..
2 of them are friends' brother.
i dono wat to say , and i dono how to express my feeling.
anyway !!
GOD , I BEG YOU !! =(
to feng yu , be strong !!!
u hv to bliv tat ur bro will swim back sooon !!!
he can !! he can he can he cann !!!!!!!
and you , be strong !!!!!!!!!!!!

and to jason ch'ng and mr.chin .
RIP !!
throw all ur burdens and in peace !
we will always rmb this. =(

wat i can do is only pray.
i hope He heard wat we are begging for.

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