Tuesday, January 12, 2010

new year eve

hey dude ! happy new year ( altho it's very late to say )
but who cares , it's still a new year thou.
so we went to lek's condo at butterworth ( no one live there , so we went for an apartment stay )

1st of all , the very very very 1st thing we did is .....
tadaaaa !!!
photo shoooting session . ( wth )
okay , let's see :

theresa and i

shi hun and i ( he said : oops , someone is going to kill me =.= )

woohooo !! me n qi !
me : oh i wait i am not ready . qi : i am waiting for you untill i get impatient !

me and herrrrrrrrick. hehh

okay now .. i am ready..so here we statred our sham pet pattern.
performing : T.U.K.H

oh no oh no !!! they wanna divorce so they snatched lalapom.

wheee ~~ apparently qi won , and zh involved into the relationship.

qi said : i am one-to-many-relationship ! so.... things happened like this.

xiu n andy couldnt bare to see it anymore.. so they showed us wat's called unconditional love. *applause*
qi said : i bu shuang ! i still prefer one-to-many-relationship. so she decided to get back to lek to make the relationship more n more complicated..lol
dan jealous , so he decided to be a gay / pon. coz his heart broke.
weee wangg wanng weeee waanng waangg..ting ~! here come the 2 angels .

they booooooooooooooooooooom in ! and....

who knows , theresa's partner ( vampire ) appeared.
so 2 of them decided to fight them.maa lee maaa lee hom !
see ! lalapom is floating !

zhi hong victory .. ting*~!

they were happy so they belanja us makan mamee monster ~
unfortunately , huimei and jared say : okay , leave the mamee for urself , we are going to somewhere else n enjoy our Manhatten fish , Starbucks. wooooooo..
they were desperate , so they played ps2.

 so these were their expression to say goodbye . LOL

they angry , so they dunwan to wait for us to take group pic.
ohh noo ~~ how sad !

-the end-

let's see wat's going up next.
next post will be :

to : all the L4TP members.

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