Thursday, January 14, 2010

say hi to him

hello hellllo...
let me intro. u this 'unique' people.
the name is liang sun ( my so called , JK ) =)

these photos were took on new year eve which i post it in the previous post.
yea , so he is one of the driver who drove us there =D
okay , let's see....

this photo must be zh's masterpiece. =.=
coz he used to take ppl's pic from the angle below.
so ppl look fat ! but no doubt , i grow a lil but fatter =X
coz i always eat supper hahahahaha.
hey JK i dunwan to upload the photo u like . ( the d.c 1 )

okay ... so , we went to autocity and 'pit' L4TP at lek's condo..  sorry guys.. but u all said it will be crowded , so chose nt to go also rite. xD
b4 we went out , this is their so called 回头一眸 LOL

we went there for dinner at manhatten fish market. sat there for around 3++ 4 hours , online. and the waitress was like : sir , can i keep ur plate . ( actually we purposely left some fries there so tat we can say we havent finished our dinner and still can sit there online ) XD they were so unlucky to meet customer like us. who cares.xD xD

3...2...1...happy new year !!
then we went mad and did something crazy !! really !
so this is the production of the madness.
we simply asked strangerssssss to take photo.
1 of them is a lil boy..his expression X)

time for revision now..
bye bye !

all i want it you.
you're my only one. =)
i love you

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Ying Qi said...

huimei u love me onot. HOR.