Friday, January 1, 2010

lalalilatampung day 2

day 2 : KL , christmas eve.

we went to pusat science negara as the 1st destination for the day.

krim hood appeared !! wth !!
we love chemistry =p
wooooo...dan n i the zombie
ate at madan kwan =D delicious !!
then we went to KLCC to buy xmas present for our own lucky person..wootss
we cooked in the hotel .
the cheft : yin fang ying xiu and i .
food : spegghati   =d

here come some sucks + lame game . hhaahhahaha

the other game are : magic
2.LISTEN TO ME ( wth i am going to slap qi for this game ) 
3.ling long
5.matches ( i still cant figure this out , qi )
6.3 holes to 1 hole ( wtf i am going to slap shi hun for this game ).

the title of this game :

ane ane ane ane ziup ane , ane ziup ane ane ane ane * piak *

exchanging present time ... start off with the dancing kingss , zh n lek danced  for the opening ceremony 
wooooo ~ everyone were happy ! =D
qi the santa !!! wth

i love pocky ! woohoo

purple pixie !!!! =D yucks yucks !!   isshh !!! so goddamn lala !! wth !!

lala lek , lala pom and lalamei

group pic ! woohoooo !
picture of the day !!! =D

to be continue...


示涵.拉普他 said...

waraode, picture of da day a few ppl's face gone!!! AHHHHHH

huimei said...

ahhhhhhhh ok sorry !! i go make it in smaller size !!! =X

xiaomei said...

i sgt sgt suka ur krimhood!