Monday, June 21, 2010


do u ever heard of ' changes have got their pusposes , to be a better one or the worse one then ?'
what i heard is of the better one.
and do u ever heard of  'when it is the end , it's a good one , if it's not a good one , it's not the end yet' ?
so , from the mathematical induction , i can conclude it as :
changes have got their purposes , it will be the best one in the end.

if you believe in God , u know God will arrange everything for you , and it has its purpose.
To me , i am a free thinker , the God i always mention is not specific , i believe in any God , Buddha , Jesus , Hindu , Muslim , anything as long as they teach the right thing but not something like teach u to do stupid stuff and commit suicide for God. ish..
but what i belive the most is 'fate' , my 'The Secret' and also 'my own believe and thought'.
alright , back to the topic.

let's give an example :
you want a Pineapple .
To some of the people , Pineapple is disgusting , its a nightmare but to some people , Pineapple is simply awesome.
so , your mum suggest you to take Apple.
you dont like it , not as much as Pineapple , but it's also good for health.
Yet , u insist to take Pineapple .
fine , some of the people has got a bad feeling when u eat Pineapple , and to you , Pineapple wont make you very healthy , and u cant go to somewhere quickly and make you feel sick.
Finally , you decide to take Apple , everywhere has it.
everyone around you feel happy because majority likes Apple, and you wont feel reluctant to eat it too.
with that , the ppl around you offer you to eat a better Apple , mayb an Apple from california or wherever.
besides , they feel happy and offer you to go california for a better quality Apple in a shorter time.
In the end , you can stay in california happily with people who can accompany you to eat Apple.

see !
do u get what i mean ?
alright , i know only a few people know what was i talking abt with that example.
so what i want to say is :
If something you like make your situation bad , you should have change or thinking and try some other things. Good things will also follow it when you change , because :
changes have got their purposes , it will be the best one in the end.

i came blogging in such a late night ,
it's actually because i cant sleep !
teh tarik's fault !

Sunday, June 20, 2010

for you.

read this every single word carefully , i know you knew it but still.
read it over again , with your heart. =)

when the rain is blowing in your face ,
and the whole world is on your case ,
i could offer you a warm embrace ,
to make you feel my love.

when the evening shadows and the stars appear ,
and there's no one there to dry your tears ,
i could hold you for a million years ,
to make you feel my love.

i know you havent made your mind up yet ,
but i would never do you wrong ,
i've known it from the moment when we met ,
no doubt in my mind where you belong.

i'd go hungry ,
i'd go black and blue ,
i'd go crawling ,
down the avenue ,
no ,
there's nothing i wouldnt do ,
to make you feel my love.

the storms are raging on the rolling sea ,
and on the highway of regrets ,
though winds of change are throwing wild and free ,
you aint seen nothing like me yet .

i could make you happy ,
make your dreams come true ,
nothing that i wouldnt do ,

i love you arent the three words anymore ,
it's (far) not enough for my love towards you .
maybe ,
I.L.Y.  I.U.Y.

Monday, June 14, 2010

watch me.

this is what i decide . hear it clearly , see my every single word clearly :
i will make a win-win situation NO MATTER what !
maybe it only sticks to the old plan .
but if it's double-win situation , it's alright.
i wont pick a choice that make me happy and sad at the other side.
so if you're nt gonna choose a win-win situation ,
i will !
let me be it then,
if you u still think that that's the best plan for you.
i dont mind doing the tough job.
i'm tough , i'm alright , i'm fine !
because i am : 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

stole me a dog-eared map
and called for you everywhere.

Friday, June 11, 2010

my favourite art.

i dont know if i have ever mentioned about my favourite art.
well , i love african art !! it's like so artistic ,so sexy and most of all , it looks so so wild !!
british art isnt so nice , it gives me no feeling at all.. but african =D
here are some arts , enjoy !

you see you see !! can you feel the wildness ? this is an awesome piece.

this is not bad only , the feeling isnt so strong yet. ( i think it's bcz of the over smooth background )
lot of spaces to improve.

this is something like hang on the wall , so cant see the colour clearly . but it's quite nice.

this doesnt really look like african art , but this is another type of art i like.
it looks very artistic isnt it ?
this is an oil painting. =) 
too simple , i would give a 55% out of 100%

this is another type i like too..
it is like , drawings in a drawing - 画中有画.
can u see the drawings in it ? some faces , fishes , butterflies , body and so on.
( i drew once , mayb i should have scan it next time. ) =D
among all these master pieces , altho some art awsome some are nice some are artistic , but there's still the most important feeling that i dont find in those pieces above.
the wildness feeling + the 'taste'.
i suppose it's the colour problem , if it's a dark red , lighter than maroon a lil bit .
it should be perfect !
( something like the font colour i used to describe it , slightly lighter than it.)

talk about african , i suddenly had an idea about an important event .
the theme.
wait and see ! ( looking forward ) =D

Thursday, June 10, 2010

the solution.

not going !

if you ask me why ? i will tell u that u will understand if u love someone.
wateva it is , i can go there anytime.
and after a few arguments and dealing , the problem solved.
this is the way we communicate.
bring out all the problem , discuss it , say wateva we want , then find solution.
wth altho it took my whole afternoon as i planned to take a nap . xD

anyway , you guys enjoy the trip la !
see ! i am being so kind ! give the others d chance. =p
we ( buddies ) go there together next year la ok !?
this one , cheh ~ no friends , no photoshooting session ( i am talking to u qi =p ) , no fun.

i lovey you
nothing matters ,but you.


i'm in a very big dilemma now ..
there's a trip to pulau redang that is FREE for 4 ( ONLY ) of the sosam committee , it's FOC ( Free Of Charge ) man ! well..wat we need to pay for the 2 days trip is ONLY T-W-E-N-T-Y bucks ! and i already wanted to go pulau redang since last year .. now it's the chance..
but there's the problem.
my dear JK is performing his idiot drama , main cast. wth !?
and it clash the trip ! so i wonder if i should go to the trip or not.

reason for going :
1 : i dont wanna see the scene of hugging and being touched by some other idiots on his ( chest and head and face and wateva ).i know he doesnt want her to touch either but wat to do ? it's the freaking D-R-A-M-A. it's not that i am not generous enough or jealous. wait , alright , i am jealous. but wat ! it's normal right ? if i dont feel jealous , it means that i dont care of him. *grunt*
2 : it's the trip i wanted to go since last year.
3 : it's FOC !
4 : this is the final chance for this year due to the changing of monsoon ( like quite soon ). or else , i will have to wait til next year ( AGAIN )

reason for not going :
1 : drama. ( but i think i'd clarified very clear in the first reason above )

from the whole post , it seems that i should have go , but...
uhh !! wateva !

go or not ?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


~ joke of the day ~
mum : hey you knw there's my friend who is a psychologist..she has gt mental problem now ...
me    : why ?
mum : because she meets those stress or lil psycho people everyday . she talks and consults them everyday , she feels so stress at the end , and she also gt a mental prob now. so u better consider wisely..
me    : * laugh non stop *
i'd made my decision , anyway.

my life is very contented now , except the fact that joshua had left us.
the last says to joshua :
i remembered you asked me to organize a trip to monkey beach , however , i did not. if it is , it's around this time . i remembered you asked me to help u to organize ur farewell party in d hotel , i did not. i just leave it for you. these two events failed to organize at the end.
sorry , i am not a good president. i am so sorry . your president doesnt rocks as u said. =(  
maybe god loves you more , because you're really a great person.
and it might be a relief for you , you wont suffer in earth anymore , enjoy youself in heaven !
you're always so optimistic , so cheering and we wont hear no laughter whenever you're around us. 
i remember u once asked me , if i as a taekwondo player fight with a karate player , who will win ?
i told you , i dono ? maybe me ? then smile. and u told me :
then i said it loudly , YES ! I WILL WIN !
you laughed with joy and said : YES MAN ! I LOVE THIS ! 
you always ask us to be confident , i will remember it forever. 
i also remember you told me that me and liang sun make a nice and sweet couple , you like it. 
thanks for all those encouragements and memories.
our SOSAM will become a lil dull without you , bcz u're a real active and great member !
we miss you joshua .
may your soul rest in peace and your spirit stays with us.

joshua is the indian boy , the future vet. if he's still here.

life brief candle
what we need to do now is appreciate everyone around you.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

theresa's 18th.

miss me ? yeh i knw you do .
so , as i promised , this post will be the celebration of theresa's birthday ( omg altho i was way too late to post it up , but still , i post it. )
we celebrated in bayview hotel and feringghi restaurent.

everybody says cheeez ~
we got bored by staying in d hotel , so we decided to go to the beach.

poor lil dog , got caught and guess wat ? he ( actually it's we ) spill some sands on it.  O.O

nah..not really.u see ! we love it =D it has its photoshooting session somemore..not bad.
so here are some candid photos. =)
do u knw wat is this ? =)
the three nuts ! 
the gentlemen.(prove that guys nowadays love to take pic than girls ) =p
the ladies
me n d birthday girl , siao! =D
we both look so retarded especially me.. duhh

we witness the beautiful yet ( touching ) sunset. too bad i dont have the picture here , it's in my mind .
so after an evening of photo shooting session , we went for dinner. some of the pic , lazy to upload all , hee.. the restaurent suck money... duhhh.. the dishes are all super small i mean extremely small ! but for those like yingqi and me who dont really eat too much like guys do , our dishes were like so big. =.=

the birthday cake. this is the FIRST tiramisu i like. bcz the alcohol taste heavier and quite concentrated , with thge coffee.. loving it.
ps : i am nt an alcoholic. lol
group photo. ( notice the shadow on our head , we hv double hair ) =D
once again , happy birthday siao ! may all the bad lucksfly away n attrack fortunes ! have a blast !
end of the post.

wait ! did i say end of the post ? oh so u guys will not believe then , thinking of where's the ' LOVE PHOTOS' ?
right ! it will be in the next next next upcoming post.