Thursday, June 10, 2010


i'm in a very big dilemma now ..
there's a trip to pulau redang that is FREE for 4 ( ONLY ) of the sosam committee , it's FOC ( Free Of Charge ) man ! well..wat we need to pay for the 2 days trip is ONLY T-W-E-N-T-Y bucks ! and i already wanted to go pulau redang since last year .. now it's the chance..
but there's the problem.
my dear JK is performing his idiot drama , main cast. wth !?
and it clash the trip ! so i wonder if i should go to the trip or not.

reason for going :
1 : i dont wanna see the scene of hugging and being touched by some other idiots on his ( chest and head and face and wateva ).i know he doesnt want her to touch either but wat to do ? it's the freaking D-R-A-M-A. it's not that i am not generous enough or jealous. wait , alright , i am jealous. but wat ! it's normal right ? if i dont feel jealous , it means that i dont care of him. *grunt*
2 : it's the trip i wanted to go since last year.
3 : it's FOC !
4 : this is the final chance for this year due to the changing of monsoon ( like quite soon ). or else , i will have to wait til next year ( AGAIN )

reason for not going :
1 : drama. ( but i think i'd clarified very clear in the first reason above )

from the whole post , it seems that i should have go , but...
uhh !! wateva !

go or not ?

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