Monday, June 21, 2010


do u ever heard of ' changes have got their pusposes , to be a better one or the worse one then ?'
what i heard is of the better one.
and do u ever heard of  'when it is the end , it's a good one , if it's not a good one , it's not the end yet' ?
so , from the mathematical induction , i can conclude it as :
changes have got their purposes , it will be the best one in the end.

if you believe in God , u know God will arrange everything for you , and it has its purpose.
To me , i am a free thinker , the God i always mention is not specific , i believe in any God , Buddha , Jesus , Hindu , Muslim , anything as long as they teach the right thing but not something like teach u to do stupid stuff and commit suicide for God. ish..
but what i belive the most is 'fate' , my 'The Secret' and also 'my own believe and thought'.
alright , back to the topic.

let's give an example :
you want a Pineapple .
To some of the people , Pineapple is disgusting , its a nightmare but to some people , Pineapple is simply awesome.
so , your mum suggest you to take Apple.
you dont like it , not as much as Pineapple , but it's also good for health.
Yet , u insist to take Pineapple .
fine , some of the people has got a bad feeling when u eat Pineapple , and to you , Pineapple wont make you very healthy , and u cant go to somewhere quickly and make you feel sick.
Finally , you decide to take Apple , everywhere has it.
everyone around you feel happy because majority likes Apple, and you wont feel reluctant to eat it too.
with that , the ppl around you offer you to eat a better Apple , mayb an Apple from california or wherever.
besides , they feel happy and offer you to go california for a better quality Apple in a shorter time.
In the end , you can stay in california happily with people who can accompany you to eat Apple.

see !
do u get what i mean ?
alright , i know only a few people know what was i talking abt with that example.
so what i want to say is :
If something you like make your situation bad , you should have change or thinking and try some other things. Good things will also follow it when you change , because :
changes have got their purposes , it will be the best one in the end.

i came blogging in such a late night ,
it's actually because i cant sleep !
teh tarik's fault !