Friday, June 11, 2010

my favourite art.

i dont know if i have ever mentioned about my favourite art.
well , i love african art !! it's like so artistic ,so sexy and most of all , it looks so so wild !!
british art isnt so nice , it gives me no feeling at all.. but african =D
here are some arts , enjoy !

you see you see !! can you feel the wildness ? this is an awesome piece.

this is not bad only , the feeling isnt so strong yet. ( i think it's bcz of the over smooth background )
lot of spaces to improve.

this is something like hang on the wall , so cant see the colour clearly . but it's quite nice.

this doesnt really look like african art , but this is another type of art i like.
it looks very artistic isnt it ?
this is an oil painting. =) 
too simple , i would give a 55% out of 100%

this is another type i like too..
it is like , drawings in a drawing - 画中有画.
can u see the drawings in it ? some faces , fishes , butterflies , body and so on.
( i drew once , mayb i should have scan it next time. ) =D
among all these master pieces , altho some art awsome some are nice some are artistic , but there's still the most important feeling that i dont find in those pieces above.
the wildness feeling + the 'taste'.
i suppose it's the colour problem , if it's a dark red , lighter than maroon a lil bit .
it should be perfect !
( something like the font colour i used to describe it , slightly lighter than it.)

talk about african , i suddenly had an idea about an important event .
the theme.
wait and see ! ( looking forward ) =D

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