Tuesday, June 8, 2010

theresa's 18th.

miss me ? yeh i knw you do .
so , as i promised , this post will be the celebration of theresa's birthday ( omg altho i was way too late to post it up , but still , i post it. )
we celebrated in bayview hotel and feringghi restaurent.

everybody says cheeez ~
we got bored by staying in d hotel , so we decided to go to the beach.

poor lil dog , got caught and guess wat ? he ( actually it's we ) spill some sands on it.  O.O

nah..not really.u see ! we love it =D it has its photoshooting session somemore..not bad.
so here are some candid photos. =)
do u knw wat is this ? =)
the three nuts ! 
the gentlemen.(prove that guys nowadays love to take pic than girls ) =p
the ladies
me n d birthday girl , siao! =D
we both look so retarded especially me.. duhh

we witness the beautiful yet ( touching ) sunset. too bad i dont have the picture here , it's in my mind .
so after an evening of photo shooting session , we went for dinner. some of the pic , lazy to upload all , hee.. the restaurent suck money... duhhh.. the dishes are all super small i mean extremely small ! but for those like yingqi and me who dont really eat too much like guys do , our dishes were like so big. =.=

the birthday cake. this is the FIRST tiramisu i like. bcz the alcohol taste heavier and quite concentrated , with thge coffee.. loving it.
ps : i am nt an alcoholic. lol
group photo. ( notice the shadow on our head , we hv double hair ) =D
once again , happy birthday siao ! may all the bad lucksfly away n attrack fortunes ! have a blast !
end of the post.

wait ! did i say end of the post ? oh so u guys will not believe then , thinking of where's the ' LOVE PHOTOS' ?
right ! it will be in the next next next upcoming post.

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