Sunday, March 30, 2008

the another person

u know..
i realized something..
something quite funny but nice..
tat is the personality of 2 of my friends..
they r so freak .. but i mean..they r nt the bad-freak , they r good-freak..lolx !
1 of them..
she has gt the caring nt only cold blooded and cool..muahhaha..
another 1..
she is soooo ...
ok...she is nt the one i know..
she is actually..
but anyhow..
tat wont affect our friendship..
but in the other hand..
i am reli

dont judge a book by its cover

Saturday, March 29, 2008

the best best BEST memories..

the song..
suddenly..i saw a song..
i click it..and it started..
and the memories flowing in my brain..
all of sudden..
i feel like i need to tell someone ..
so i decided to tell my secret friend...


~the end~
fren:"wow , reli great and sweet memories.."
me :" no !! of coz no ! "
so ..i now know...
the truth , had been changed..
the truth , had been twisted..
the truth , had been hiden..
the truth , had been my 'fault' ..
the truth, had been my 'bad'..

i dun feel angry..
it's okay..i understand..
i understand y the truth had been.........
tat is wat the normal person will do..
including me..
i wont tell anyone..i wont tell anyone tat tat's nt true..
i wont go n chg the 2nd version of the 'truth' too..
let it be...
time pass..
ppl may forget..

let bygones be bygones..
let the was be the was..

i feel like wanna cry right now..
suddenly..all the lyrics like true..
just let myself cry..
i will not stop writing my blog anyway..
so..u all may think tat i am crazy + funny..
okay..jz think wat u all want to..
it's okay...

so now..
i think..
mayb wat my friend told me is good for me..

anyway ..
i will always cherish the best best BEST memories ..
maybe u dont ..
but it's okay..
i understand..
i wont blame..

and !! it's nt my fault ...

let bygones be bygones


uhh !!!
i am sick !!!!
i get cough ! throat pain ! no voice !
oh my god's sake..
i wan my voice !
i wan to sing..
i wan to talk...
i want i want i want!!!
and now..
my nose is so itchy !!
think will get flu soon..
oh my crap !!
think i get SARS d !!
i dunwan to sick !!
i wan my healthy back !
return it to me !!!!
uhh !!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the worst feeling in my life


my mood is reli reli bad right now !!
i saw it .. i felt it..
my feeling..was and is complicated..
i hv no idea..
i dono either..and yet i am nt sure too..

somethings ..
jz keep them in ur heart..
as long as u know , god know , then it's ok dee..
sometimes , u cannot jz simply tell anyone something...
i mean..
it might make u n ur fren become like..
the distance btw u n ur fren will be further..
yea...correct ..

the feeling..
u wan but u cant..
it's the worst !!
u know..
it's irritating , it's frustrating , it's bothering !!

by the way ,
i dono wat the hack am i thinking ?
i am confused..
i am like..

yea !! i am dead !!
I AM DEAD !!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

champion champion champion !!!

yeah !! i won gold again..
and also..pcghs is the overall champion..
haha !!! thx to our pcghs players...
pcghs BOLEH !!!!!!

b4 the competition ,
i was quite scared actually..
when i know i fight v ash , i am quite down..
she is my friend , and also she is my sir's daughter..
anyhow , i wont kick her as powerful i kick others...
i am paise ...
actually , i won gold..
i am nt vy happy..
bcz i feel a bit compunction after i won....
[ash] sorry la !!! u know..i dun mean it !! i am really vy compunction u know !!!!!!! and ur head ok ar ?? haizzz.....

b4 i fight , my leg already pain...
i am so worry...
nw also pain...
haiz...slipper again for tmr and 3 days...haha !!
but nvm la ...
teacher must feel happy..haha ...

hope can continue get gold for the nx competition..

fake st.john's member

ytd was fri ..
yea..i had my pj...
teacher ask us to do our stuff , i hv ntg to do , so i sit at the stairs at foyer there n sembang v friends..
sud puan. chan ask us who is st.john 1 , then 1 of my fren is..
so she followed her ..
as i am soooo curious , and also..i know sure gt someone injured or pengsan or stg lidat..
so i said , i am st john too she dono 1 la..hahah !!!
then i went to bilik kebajikan ...
at the 1st , i was bcz i am kepo..haha !
but after tat , i saw gt 1 f1 girl..the knees and the hand there , blooding...
i think she fell ..
then u know..i love to do such i hope i can study doctor but not nurse !!..
then i told my fren and ask her let me do..muahahhaha !!!

ps : guys , dun think i am so crazy until treat a person who is injured like tat also la...i am to say leh..ermm...gentle ?? ya ! if i being gentle , wen rou , u all sure think negatively..dun think i dono wat u all thinking..hahahha !! u ask the girl n see whether is she feel pain or not ? except for she feel pain coz she fell down..and ping ying , i was how the st john 1 treat u , she is bad ..i am better ok ..haha !!

when cleaning the wound and wrapping it v bandage...
stg happen..u know .. one of her god !! she put gas !
actually , i didnt smell or hear la !! is her fren smell i think..haha !!!
then they was so funny...f1 students reli is f1 students..
her fren ask her , eh , u put gas ar..
and the one , she admit..hahahha !!!
and i was like...laugh like hell..
where gt ppl ask this type of quest 1 !!
hahahha !!!!

still gt 1 more thing happen...
the one who put gas (LOL) she said to her fren..
actually i heard it .. but she nvr knows..
anyhow , i am quite song when i heard it leh..haha..
thx anyway , and ya i rmb !! haha !!!!

anyhow..i was so enjoying to do those stuff..
hope her injury can recover soon...even though mayb , i cant recognize her la..

Friday, March 21, 2008

happy birthday carmen law

happy birthday , Carmen Law..
hey , ur birthday party is okay la !! it's nt boring ok..
i enjoy the dance although i dance nt as much as u , myra and christina..
it's funny and also crazy !!!
and the food ! my god sake !! u order so many !! anywya , we finish the pizza too ..weeee...
the pizza nt tat thick thick 1..nice lehh !!
and ur bday cake....haiz...sad to say..haha !!!
but it taste nice dun be sad la k..
oh yea !!! the electric guitar !!!
it rockx !!!! i love it...
and yea !! ur pc !! it's crazy !!! u hv to throw it away la..haha...keep shut down suddenly...scared me..
yorrr ~~~~~ hahah !!
and abt our bday present...
dun paise's ur bday present..
dun care abt the price...of coz we can afford it still la..
so just keep it...
no worries .. haha...

and okay..finally...
happy birthday to u ,
happy birthday to u ,
happy birthday to carmen ,
happy birthday to u ..

may ur dreams and wishes come true..
smile !!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i hate betrayal

i choosed to trust her , but wat did i get ??
i get ....
u know what ?? the feeling is so frustrated , so embarrasing !!
the secrets become a topic ...
wat the hell !!!
idiot ! fuck off !!
and i just dont understand...
there r so many ppl in the school...
y ppl like to talk abt my things so much !!!
y they like to talk abt my secret as a topic tat everybody knows..
WHY ?? WHY ?!?!?!
and also..
u know??sometimes , hv many friends has disadvantage too...
so this is..
and sud i feel like...
my god !!
when did i have so many friends ?????
U ALL !! IDIOT !!! FUCK !!!!!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

do see this post !!!!

went to physic tuition as usual just now..
today is a lil bit special...
teacher shared his 'history' with us today..
he said abt his first love...hahaha..okay..he said he is romantic , hahahah !!! and after the story ..okay...a lil but romantic though..

besides teaching us , he talk some 人生道理..
he said , phy and life r different ..
phy , it focus on the start and the end , the result dun care abt the process..
but life...of coz it focus on the process..
and as i always say , life is abt creating urself..
so yea...if we dun care abt the process , but just the start and the end , so ...
as human will die some day else...
wat else r u still looking at my blog...
just go to die NOW !!!
so REMEMBER !!!! u hv to enjoy ur life no matter u r in the jail , u r in the hospital..
as a normal person , extraordinary person ..will u purposely do something n let urself to be in jail or do something to let u be in a hospital ???
so ! tat's the biggest experience...
dun think ur result is bad , u went to a jail b4 , or just anything wrong , then think of commusuiside ..
NOO !!!!!! understand ... N-O NO !!!!
u hv the chance to chg , u hv the chance to hv better result , no matter it's in the school or work..
create a better us ..

cherish ur friends , family ..
do u think it's easy to be friends or family or relative ??
it's difficult !! exactly ..
there r billion of ppl on the Earth..y nt tat person is ur friend/family ?
so , cherish the time u can still live with them...
maybe tmr , she/he just cant wake up anymore (touch wood) so how would u ever talk to her/him again ??

think of wat i mentioned...
remember !!!!

life is abt creating urself !!!!!!

starbuck + western food

sunday ..
after tuition , i went to gp with my sis ...
we went to starbucks n buy green tea frappucino ..
my sis dunwan the creme something on top but they put on it.. hahahah !! she is scared of fat .. so ....laughed out loud !!!! the creme make it taste better , smooth .. but , it cause fat ..tat's y my sis is scared of it much ..haha..
thx sher lyn for the promotion stuff..
and then ..we went to fattes park western food ..
i ate tri-mix !!! it's so damn delicious !!!
the tri means beef , lamb and pork..but unfortunately , the pork is nt tat good , a bit 'siap' ..lolx...
my sis ate something grill fish , cheese ,'s nt so nice , the fish also 'siap' ...from experiencesss , the beef , lamb , chicken is better than the fish..=)

i hv my nice day !!!
i always enjoy eating ..
and i always love to spend my money on food ... haha...i aint greedy bt i am a food lover..haha...
food can make me feel ...
delicious food , i am just in the heaven ...
but for yucks food , i feel like i am in the hell !!!!

always cherish the food , u r the lucky one tat has the chance to eat , some ppl in some country dont !!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

injured again..

just now went to training..
sir let us free sparring..aikx..i hate it..
we crashed..and i injured my leg again and this time even worse..
my both leg also injured ... T.T
i wonder if it can recover by nx week..
OH-NO !! nx week is the competition already..i want to go for it !!!!
even it's quite hopeless , i still WANT to try !!!
but now..
reli hopeless..
i hope it's just temporary pain ..and will recover tmr , or after a nap..
i dono..
i ain't a doctor or sim seh though..
iisshh !!! i reli HATE it !! fuck off..

ang kong poh pi poh pi...

Friday, March 14, 2008

STOP !! may i hv some peace ?!

she started ..
huimei , dun stay in front of ur computer !
read ur story book or newspaper ! u know students always need nwesp........................
close the piano !
wash ur shoe !
keep ur things away !
tidy up ur books !
u better wake up b4 11 tmr !
u better dun sleep after u turn off ur pc ! read ur story books or reference books!

yelled back..
i am typing my project !
tmr oni wash !
keep later !
tidy later !
plz dun bother me !

i tell u , better dun being no-manners !
wash it now !
close it now !
turn off ur pc !

went out...
close my piano..
wash my shoe..
tidy up my books...
keep my things ..
(open my music loudly !!!)

scolded again..
ask u to shut down ur pc !
go n study !
u better dun let me see a red-ink in ur report card !
better hv some manners!

went to read my story book and think and wonder...
it is impossible to not having a red-ink in my report card..
i will hv some manners if i hv some peace ! if u dun keep "huimei , ....." " huimei....." "huimei....."

when i lye on my bed and read my story book... (havent shut down pc , n music still on ) XD

started again !!!

but i dun care anymore !! i continue to read my book and cover her voice..

u know what !!!
she just dun understand abt those proj !!
she just dun understand a idiot f4 life !!
she just dun understand tat some subjects r so difficult !!! of coz i will work hard .. but still in process ...
she just dono if she dun keep 'huimei....' ' huimei....' 'huimei....' , i will not answer back !!!

when i just keep quiet , she thought tat i ignore her , and she scold ..
so wat u want me to do !!!

this is y i hate holiday...
this is y i love my school much...
this is y i love tuition much...

ps : suddenly i realize tat my finger 'pua poi' (破皮)..isshhh !! sure is the stupid detergent !!
stupid !! guess...pH8? maybe...swt..

i wanna sleep d ! dun care !! bye guys !!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

i miss you

cheyanne ong !!!
do u know ? this is a siao po , as crazy as i ..
but she migrated 2 years ago to australia..
long time no see , but my dream made me recall this ppl..
okay..i am still rmb her , dun think i already forget..haha..
my like..she came back then we crazy together , laugh and crap like last time..finally..she is going back..we 2 mm she tak each other..haha...then......(err herrmm)
but in the end , she i still going back dee..haiz...
2 years didnt see her , dono how is she..
is she still so crazy ..
is she still gt a scar tat because she go n laser her mole .. HAHAHA !!!
is she still dare to bully junior..(u r reli crazy , still rmb , u beh song a junior then u go n scold her or them , then we[wei xi , pei wen and i] A LOT ..)
is she still dare to answer back the teacher..(i know u r just playing , but for a teacher , they ai bin mah , so u better dun ..haha)
is she.....
is she....
anyway , i miss you !!!
rmb to hang out when u come back ...
take care...

friendship will never end..

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

smile for the past..

i look at my picture, her picture , his picture , or our picture...
the memories make me smile...
it's funny when i look at some pictures ... i was thinking ... wah !! wat was i thinking...and it's reli reli funny though...
but some of them , i cherish it until now..haha...
and some...make me sad lerr...but nvm ... it's a past wat...anyway , i love this moment..
i am going to create another memory later , tomorrow , tomorrow and tomorrow..
of coz !!! i must take some pictures ... picture addicted...
yess...going to hang out tmr v fellow friends..
i miss them lots !! haha...
i am going to tuition...
i love tuition...
i love my friends..
i love everything..(NO)

it will become a part of your eternal memories when u take a shot..

anti-scale....tournament is coming soon

piano exam is coming soon...
and of coz i have to practise...but u know ..
i reallyhate scale !! i like pisces but ANTI-SCALE..haha..

1st of all , the main reason is i dislike memorize this n tat ..
2nd , scale is like...cha re mi fa so la ti do..........just up n down...such a meaningless !!
but pisces is's a music , a nice music i choose..and also...i no need to memorize ..
but anyhow..i also hv to memorize scale..or i will fail...ishh !! no ! i dunwan to's horrible !!!

so...haizz.....good luck to me...
happy practising scale to me..isshh !!!

oh yea !!! my tournament is coming soon too..
muahahah !! my taekwondo tournament...i love it !!!
but too bad..
i hv to fight v those aged 16-19...isshh !! unfair unfair unfair !!!!
i am the youngest 1 ....NO !!! n mayb hv to spar to black belt 1...who knows...
haiz....hopeless...anyhow !! hope i wont get injury can dee...heeeeeeee....
but anyhow !!!! i want to win !!! i wan to win a medal !! at least a bronze !!!!!


i am emo...

recently..i am reli emo..
i get angry easily..i cry like VERY EASY TOO...
u noe wat ?? i hate to cry..i always say to those like to cry..
plz dun cry plz dun's's irritating..
but ... mayb i know y u all cry...really..coz i reli do..
i just dont understand y i cry when they said something related to , and it's like a just-something-ONLY..
or i get angry easily too...but it's okay..i am hot tempered when i am at home..

mayb tat's girl's problem ?? hormone imbalance ??
or i am just not me anymore ?? i am not the happy hui mei anymore ?? maybe..i dont know...i really dont know..

but..i found tat , blogging is the only way to release stress and release my emo feeling..
i found tat , blogging is nice..
thx to the blogspot creator...=)

i hate my home

sometimes , i really hate my home...
u know y ??

1.i hv nothing do here..except for on9..but ..stupid..nobody to talk to..
2.isshhh...she keep asking me to keep this away , take that out..vyvy irritating !!
3.also get scold..scold scold scold...u nvr scold ppl b4 izzit ??
4.when nobody scold me , it means there is nobody home already..sometimes i am happy to be the youngest and i hv sibling ..but u know wat ?? they r already 21 and 22...they hv their own car or motor...they can go out whenver they want..annd parents , i always stay at home alone..u noe ?? i am scared of ghost ! i am silly , it's my house..but no ! i am reli scared of ghost ..and also..i am scared of LONELY like A LOT !!
5.i hv no cell sim card lost..nobody get me a new 1 and nobody go to digi centre and do something blbalbala and take a new num sim card for me..yea..i can share hp v my sis , but that is hers , when she go out , she will brg it along too..
6.and okay..i on9 , but when he comes back , he will ask me to go away for sure...isshh !!! hate him..
7.stupid astro hv no movie to watch also...i stare at the tv like stupid i dun like to watch tv..

so , tat's y i hate my house , i love my school , i love to go tuition , training , lesson...
ppl say "home sweet home" ..
yes , my home is sweet , my bedroom is sweet when i need to sleep...
or else , it's 'home lonely home'..

hui ee said : u dun say until u r so lonely kay ???
hui ee , u just cant imagine..i reli am...always nobody home..nobody to call...nobody to chat to..u noe wat ?? tat feeling is very bad !!!

i hate my life is such meaningless..
fuck off my life !!

Monday, March 10, 2008






relaxing day

today i went to training as usual at youth park...
but unfortunately !!!! today has no training ??/ why !!! i dont know !!!...arghhh...FUCK..

after tat , i decide to walk around youth park and finally ..i sat on a wooden chair..
i saw the X-pax 1 , relay ur life and something like tat having activity at the field there...i sat there and look at them...

and suddenly ... :

i sat on a wooden chair ,
surrounded by greenish tree and plants;
breathing in the fresh air ,
refreshing my brain;
looking at the senior citizens walking on the little rock ,
listening to their talk and laughter;
looking at the caterpillar ,
searching for its food;
looking at the birds,
building their nest and feeding their little bird;
listening to the romantic music,
feeling the way i am;
listening to the DJ,
cheering up peoples;
listening to the rock music,
rocking my world;
looking at the little boy cycling so fast,
wonder perhaps he falls , he cry (ouch !! arghh)..
'BANG' , the lil boy fall..
wondering am i a fate decider;
hoping the boy dont cry,
hoping the boy dont blame on me;
looking at the boy stand up without crying,
praising him in my heart...

yea...tat's something like lame poem tat i suddenly thought of..
and also...i thought of some life ..
here it is :

1.wondering how the senior citizens past their time ...

2.wondering if i hv such a simple life , like caterpillar ,surviving for food and some basically creature-being's nice , it's easy but yet , it's meaningless..

3.wondering is it so difficult to bring up a child , is it so disapponting when her child did something hurt or disappointed ..

4.wondering how difficult is to stand up and build confidence after lose or fail ..

okay..there r those lame? things i thought of..
and...after some minutes , my mum came and i went home..XD

[life is about creating yourself]

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i hate gastric !!

today i got gastric...
weird..i ate in the morning , afternoon...but y ??
uhhh...i pain frm 5.00++6.00pm until around 9 or 10...
i was like my organ gonna BURST ...
it''s so very pain...
i cant ever stand or sit or sleep properly n of coz walk....
but the bell rang , i still havta go bck to i dont care much dee..
straighten my body and walk ... uhh...finally i reached my bus...thx god..luckily i'm nt fainted..haha...
when i reached my home , i 4gt to brg my key out ... i cant shout shout...*vyvy pain* ...but nobody in house..*omg*
after a while , my mum came bck..n my stomuch pain until....i gonna faint dee...
and finally...pain until i cant control my tear...n cried automatically..
then my mum brg me to clinic...
crazy doctor gv me lotsa medicine..
gastric , wind , stomuch ache..swt..obviously..i am gastric la k..
9pm gt add math tuition ..i wanna go .. add math is so difficult..but at the end..i din go...too pain dee..
haiz..i miss the sad...
after i take a nap..i am alrite dee..heeeeeeee...
now gonna study..
good luck ~~

Saturday, March 1, 2008

test is coming soooon

3/3 is the 1st day of my test...
it's sooo fast... really hate examm...*grrrr*..
i scared i fail my add math...i donno how to do chap 1...
regret tat i didnt go to the tuition centre i love at the 1st time bt went to a tuition centre tat i dono wat was the teacher teaching abt also...
but luckily i chg to my beloved ttn centre when the teacher started to teach chap 2...
so i noe how to do chap2..hehe..
for chap 3 , he havent teach yet , so...
amitaba la...hahahaha...
and for other subj , it's okay..coz i luv the 3 science much...
and i hv to prove to myself and my sis tat , it's right tat i choosed sc stream...X) ...

my aunt is back from singapore,my beloved xiao gu gu..
and also...with a sport car !!

okay..going to study dee...
good luck to me and friends !!

she is back

my sis came back dee..
hahahaa...and i am so happy..
because i do not need to sleep alone already ..(tell u guys a secret: i scare of ghost A LOT !)
she bought me a tee shirt..and chocolate...
i love the tee so much !!!
it's so cute !!
photo will be uploaded soon..=)
and...yea...i can ask her de chemist to teach me chemistry ..hahah !! luckily she came back in time..lolx..but actually chem has no problem la..just dun understand a few sub chapter only..X)
so okay..time to study ..