Thursday, March 13, 2008

i miss you

cheyanne ong !!!
do u know ? this is a siao po , as crazy as i ..
but she migrated 2 years ago to australia..
long time no see , but my dream made me recall this ppl..
okay..i am still rmb her , dun think i already forget..haha..
my like..she came back then we crazy together , laugh and crap like last time..finally..she is going back..we 2 mm she tak each other..haha...then......(err herrmm)
but in the end , she i still going back dee..haiz...
2 years didnt see her , dono how is she..
is she still so crazy ..
is she still gt a scar tat because she go n laser her mole .. HAHAHA !!!
is she still dare to bully junior..(u r reli crazy , still rmb , u beh song a junior then u go n scold her or them , then we[wei xi , pei wen and i] A LOT ..)
is she still dare to answer back the teacher..(i know u r just playing , but for a teacher , they ai bin mah , so u better dun ..haha)
is she.....
is she....
anyway , i miss you !!!
rmb to hang out when u come back ...
take care...

friendship will never end..

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