Tuesday, March 11, 2008

i am emo...

recently..i am reli emo..
i get angry easily..i cry like VERY EASY TOO...
u noe wat ?? i hate to cry..i always say to those like to cry..
plz dun cry plz dun cry...it's bothring..it's irritating..
but ... mayb i know y u all cry...really..coz i reli do..
i just dont understand y i cry when they said something related to , and it's like a just-something-ONLY..
or i get angry easily too...but it's okay..i am hot tempered when i am at home..

mayb tat's girl's problem ?? hormone imbalance ??
or i am just not me anymore ?? i am not the happy hui mei anymore ?? maybe..i dont know...i really dont know..

but..i found tat , blogging is the only way to release stress and release my emo feeling..
i found tat , blogging is nice..
thx to the blogspot creator...=)

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