Sunday, March 23, 2008

fake st.john's member

ytd was fri ..
yea..i had my pj...
teacher ask us to do our stuff , i hv ntg to do , so i sit at the stairs at foyer there n sembang v friends..
sud puan. chan ask us who is st.john 1 , then 1 of my fren is..
so she followed her ..
as i am soooo curious , and also..i know sure gt someone injured or pengsan or stg lidat..
so i said , i am st john too she dono 1 la..hahah !!!
then i went to bilik kebajikan ...
at the 1st , i was bcz i am kepo..haha !
but after tat , i saw gt 1 f1 girl..the knees and the hand there , blooding...
i think she fell ..
then u know..i love to do such i hope i can study doctor but not nurse !!..
then i told my fren and ask her let me do..muahahhaha !!!

ps : guys , dun think i am so crazy until treat a person who is injured like tat also la...i am to say leh..ermm...gentle ?? ya ! if i being gentle , wen rou , u all sure think negatively..dun think i dono wat u all thinking..hahahha !! u ask the girl n see whether is she feel pain or not ? except for she feel pain coz she fell down..and ping ying , i was how the st john 1 treat u , she is bad ..i am better ok ..haha !!

when cleaning the wound and wrapping it v bandage...
stg happen..u know .. one of her god !! she put gas !
actually , i didnt smell or hear la !! is her fren smell i think..haha !!!
then they was so funny...f1 students reli is f1 students..
her fren ask her , eh , u put gas ar..
and the one , she admit..hahahha !!!
and i was like...laugh like hell..
where gt ppl ask this type of quest 1 !!
hahahha !!!!

still gt 1 more thing happen...
the one who put gas (LOL) she said to her fren..
actually i heard it .. but she nvr knows..
anyhow , i am quite song when i heard it leh..haha..
thx anyway , and ya i rmb !! haha !!!!

anyhow..i was so enjoying to do those stuff..
hope her injury can recover soon...even though mayb , i cant recognize her la..

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