Tuesday, March 11, 2008

i hate my home

sometimes , i really hate my home...
u know y ??

1.i hv nothing do here..except for on9..but ..stupid..nobody to talk to..
2.isshhh...she keep asking me to keep this away , take that out..vyvy irritating !!
3.also get scold..scold scold scold...u nvr scold ppl b4 izzit ??
4.when nobody scold me , it means there is nobody home already..sometimes i am happy to be the youngest and i hv sibling ..but u know wat ?? they r already 21 and 22...they hv their own car or motor...they can go out whenver they want..annd parents too..so , i always stay at home alone..u noe ?? i am scared of ghost ! i am silly , it's my house..but no ! i am reli scared of ghost ..and also..i am scared of LONELY like A LOT !!
5.i hv no cell phone..my sim card lost..nobody get me a new 1 and nobody go to digi centre and do something blbalbala and take a new num sim card for me..yea..i can share hp v my sis , but that is hers , when she go out , she will brg it along too..
6.and okay..i on9 , but when he comes back , he will ask me to go away for sure...isshh !!! hate him..
7.stupid astro hv no movie to watch also...i stare at the tv like stupid ..so i dun like to watch tv..

so , tat's y i hate my house , i love my school , i love to go tuition , training , lesson...
ppl say "home sweet home" ..
yes , my home is sweet , my bedroom is sweet when i need to sleep...
or else , it's 'home lonely home'..

hui ee said : u dun say until u r so lonely kay ???
hui ee , u just cant imagine..i reli am...always nobody home..nobody to call...nobody to chat to..u noe wat ?? tat feeling is very bad !!!

i hate my life...my life is such meaningless..
fuck off my life !!

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魂·失 said...

study hard....its gud 2 u....dun waste 2 much time on playing or watching tv bla bla...abo u really ll regret de....like me now....


f4 vry important year lai.....if foundation not gud...then....gone case....sighz...