Monday, March 17, 2008

starbuck + western food

sunday ..
after tuition , i went to gp with my sis ...
we went to starbucks n buy green tea frappucino ..
my sis dunwan the creme something on top but they put on it.. hahahah !! she is scared of fat .. so ....laughed out loud !!!! the creme make it taste better , smooth .. but , it cause fat ..tat's y my sis is scared of it much ..haha..
thx sher lyn for the promotion stuff..
and then ..we went to fattes park western food ..
i ate tri-mix !!! it's so damn delicious !!!
the tri means beef , lamb and pork..but unfortunately , the pork is nt tat good , a bit 'siap' ..lolx...
my sis ate something grill fish , cheese ,'s nt so nice , the fish also 'siap' ...from experiencesss , the beef , lamb , chicken is better than the fish..=)

i hv my nice day !!!
i always enjoy eating ..
and i always love to spend my money on food ... haha...i aint greedy bt i am a food lover..haha...
food can make me feel ...
delicious food , i am just in the heaven ...
but for yucks food , i feel like i am in the hell !!!!

always cherish the food , u r the lucky one tat has the chance to eat , some ppl in some country dont !!


dabizi said...

haha ban jen gui izit?
he talk his chu lian ....

cherish evryone

stay happy~

kc said...

wah...tri-mix.... =.=
really dun scared fat... =P

huimei said...

yaya...coz i hardly grow fat..haha..touch wood , or i will grow fat one day..hahaha