Monday, March 17, 2008

do see this post !!!!

went to physic tuition as usual just now..
today is a lil bit special...
teacher shared his 'history' with us today..
he said abt his first love...hahaha..okay..he said he is romantic , hahahah !!! and after the story ..okay...a lil but romantic though..

besides teaching us , he talk some 人生道理..
he said , phy and life r different ..
phy , it focus on the start and the end , the result dun care abt the process..
but life...of coz it focus on the process..
and as i always say , life is abt creating urself..
so yea...if we dun care abt the process , but just the start and the end , so ...
as human will die some day else...
wat else r u still looking at my blog...
just go to die NOW !!!
so REMEMBER !!!! u hv to enjoy ur life no matter u r in the jail , u r in the hospital..
as a normal person , extraordinary person ..will u purposely do something n let urself to be in jail or do something to let u be in a hospital ???
so ! tat's the biggest experience...
dun think ur result is bad , u went to a jail b4 , or just anything wrong , then think of commusuiside ..
NOO !!!!!! understand ... N-O NO !!!!
u hv the chance to chg , u hv the chance to hv better result , no matter it's in the school or work..
create a better us ..

cherish ur friends , family ..
do u think it's easy to be friends or family or relative ??
it's difficult !! exactly ..
there r billion of ppl on the Earth..y nt tat person is ur friend/family ?
so , cherish the time u can still live with them...
maybe tmr , she/he just cant wake up anymore (touch wood) so how would u ever talk to her/him again ??

think of wat i mentioned...
remember !!!!

life is abt creating urself !!!!!!

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lansi may said...

hmm..i'd seen it..processes in our lives are important..whenever we refresh back our mind..we'll think what we'd done for so long..when u think nth..den u hafto work somthing out n so u noe u do something for the world..