Saturday, April 26, 2008

idiot is idiot

do u know the meaning of idiot ??
it means .. watever that idiot do , think , act , talk and watever ,it's always being idiotic bitchy ..
no doubt..
i've a idiotic so-called 'friend' ..
u know wat ??
her name is .. (i'm still gt some pathetic to her )
she,the ..... really insult the ....(club/perkhidmatan/uniform)
she's like..always love to think those rubbish yucky things just like , ' wah , he is so tall , if i ... v him , sure vy....'*omg*
she , bcz wanna noe a boy , she talks to someone she dun like to talk to..
and end up..
the guy dun bother abt her..
haha...laugh my lungs out !
she , she said ..(ok fine..i dunwan to tell this)..
she's so cheap u know ??
but always act like she's so 'expensive' ..

fuck !
i dun ever want to wear those skirts like she wears,it's so yuckz + short !
and i never act like hiao hiao coz i hate it a lot...(as every of my friends know)
and of coz , i wont do anything so disgusting ..(as every of my friends know my personality)
but u know wat she said ?
she said , aiya...she(me) , vy miang 1 la..
she's super miang ..
hoohhh !!!!

so many ppl dislike her recently including me bcz of her kuan and her cheap mouth , keji mouth..
and we all , dono how many ppl ..
most of her 'frineds' call her 贱人贱事..
i dont need to explain y , u wanna noe y , u will know when u know her..

and ya !
the most make me angry stuff is..
u know wat she did ??!
she said i am so dunwan face , so ai bin , so gao bin poi ,
saying myself win this and that..
shit !
and the most important thing is..
when she told my fren , my fren bliv her ..
and the ending , i noe wat will happen..
but luckily ..
1 of my friends, the gang we always join , she saw the trophy ..
and she gt the pic..
so , she bliv...
and she show them those prove...
y do i and she need to show evidence ?
just use the brain and think urself , human ..
will anyone so dunwan face until say herself win this and tat ?
those r wat brainless ppl say like tat idiot..

she said plz dun simply believe wat she(me ) say ,
she always simply say stg...
woah !!!!! i gonna @#@#$#% her !

huh !
always smiling and laughing in front of me huh ?
u know wat ?
my friends will tell me all ok ?
i tell u know !
those who u told them all abt the fake stuff my mine , they r my friendSSSS...
u wanna insult me , plz use ur brain and think who can tell who cannot tell ok..

we had made the conclusion..
y did she want to say all of these..
just because she ai bin , she dono shy , face too thick..

sorry la huh ?
the truth is the truth ..
watever u tell ,
everyone will noe whether it's right or wrong one day ..
maybe some brainless useless ppl bliv in her..
fine..just go ahead..
i will laugh u in my heart only...

i tell u !
u r so stupid u know !
we can keep our friendship if ur mouth not to be so contemptible..
but when i knew wat u said all abt tat..
i've nothing to talk to u anymore..

my friend asked me
'eh ,she is not ur good friend meh'
''s a was'

just a simple questiong to who view this blog..
can u stand this type of ppl although it's ur good fren ?

or mayb i 've to say..
it's not a friend also..
she is a 双面人...

anyway ,
the most stupid thing is..
last time ,
i was so stupid stupid stupid ! until i tell her so many things and being so good v this kind of ppl...

i'm just to be good to tell u tat ..
do u noe ?
not only 3 ppl complain abt u ?
i mean..they said ur attitute and i heard it ok..
and those r all ur friends...

so i think..
she's surely making ppl angry again..

it's non of my business..
i dun care..
i just care abt myself...
tat's all...

i hope when u see this blog ,
think back wat u did ...
i didnt say anything wrongly , do i ?
so to be the last advice for u ,
plz use ur brain to think b4 u wanna say stg and talk ..

god never simply create something useless to ppl !

choose ur friend carefully before u get betray

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

who knows why?

today i said i wanna forget something...
and ended up..
after i calm down..
i think properly..
i know i wont make it ...
sorry, u....
i know...
i had tried my best..
i will try my best..
i just dono why !!!
anyone know ??
tell me plz...
i need the answer...
endless story...
it's so stupid !!
i am like a stupid !!!
i hate it !!
stop thinking abt tat ...

doing a endless stuff is so darn !!

beloved add math chapter 4

wah !!
i am so happy now !!!
i never do add math without thinking..
and the point is..
i solved it !!!
i solve all the quest without thinking..
i love chap 4 a lot !!!
nice !!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

laugh my asss off !!!

i went to dinner with grandma ..
and .. they told us 1 thing tat makes me laugh like hell..
this happen on my cousin , in my grandma's house..
my cousin forget to brg key when he went out..
when he came back..oni he realized it...
but unfortunately , there r nobody ..
so he decided to climb to the roof and to the balcony then go into his room..
when he climb up to the roof ..
he started to walk ..(rubbish)
when he walked for a few step ,
omg thing happened..
the roof is quite fragile , coz it's quite ......
then ..he fell down , then the ceiling in the house also broke ..
then he keep falling ,
until my another consin's room..
then luckily , there is a cupboard , then..
he fell n sat on the cupboard..(the cupboard is quite tall )
then of coz ,
my 2 cousins get shocked..
then the 2nd reaction..
i think is laugh..
hahahhaha !!!!
my god !!
wat the hell is this..

my grandma them said ,
this sort of thing happened b4..
the victim is...
his brother...
omg ! i cant imagine !!!!
u know wat ??
he is .... big in size !!!
he was fell on the front of the house..
tat is even worse , coz that is simen..
luckily he didnt bang his head on the flower pot of the table..

hope the youngest bro dun do this...
or the 3 brothers will make history...lolx.. !!!
or they can go to participate the joke competition and they will win..
hahaha !!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


was tagged by both whooi meen and ting's poh .. XD

1. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Answer: nope..i love someone after i noe him/her more..

2. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
Answer: hayman island by next year !!! (thx to my sis 1st X)

3. Do you think all girls like roses?
Answer:most of them..but i dun like..

4. What are you afraid to lose the most now?
Answer: my family and love one.

5. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Answer: charity , family and myself..muahaha..

6. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
Answer: depands..once in the life .. =)

7. Movies that I enjoy most?
Answer: L changes the world , death note , and some romantic movies..

8. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
Answer: love !

9. What annoy you the most?
Answer: those stupid ppl who keep bothering me , annoying me..and rumours !

10. Which do you prefer from your other half? hug? or kiss?
Answer: hug =D

11. Will you choose a girl who is good looking but not that smart or a girl who is not that good looking but quite smart?
Answer: smart i think..but the one i love has both

12. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
Answer: friends , family, love one

13. Will you join politics?
Answer: no..i've gt my ambition adee...

14. Are you a shopaholic or not?
Answer: not sure..but i would buy the things i like without considering

15. If you have a chance. Which part of your character you would like to change?
Answer: laziness..

16. What's on ur mind right now?
Answer: finish this tag before my sister see me on9 .. XD

17. What's the last shocking thing you've seen or heard?
Answer: do i need to tell here ? X(

18. What is the nicest moment that ever happened in ur life?
Answer: i need to tell here ? XX(

19. What makes you feel disappointed?
Answer: the things i wish to happen didnt happen..T.T

20. What will you do today if tomorrow Earth is gonna be destroyed?
Answer: hmmmm...*secret* .. =p

tagged person :
shin yee
kye chiun
ying shan
ee wei
hsieh zhen
huan xin

david archuleta or david cook

david archuleta :-
he is adorable
he is cute
he is likable
he is awesome
his voice is nice
his eyes r so so charming
but he is short..( T.T )

david cook :-
he is awesome
he is cool
he is likable (too)
his voice is great (too)
but sometimes his hair affect his look
is he tall ??

david archuleta vs david cook
i think i like both...
55%david archuleta 45% david cook...
anyway ..
the conclusion is...
both david r great and awesome...
do all david sing well ???

successful outing

today was our librarian outing..
it's not outing actually..
but's just the so-call...
we organized for this year..
afterall , it was quite successful..
they said they enjoyed it..
and the cake is so nice !!
and also..the presents r attractive..
but badly..
the food is ok oni... i gv B-..haha...
my station game...
i enjoyed splash water on them..
haha..nice !!
and our school's datuk kong reli do bless us..
it raining after we finished d outing..
great !
and now..
i am vy tired..
i need to sleep...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

i can do it

school mid year exam n piano exam r coming...
actually..i hate exam...
but ok...
now,i've my motivation..
u know wat ??
it is ..(read my mind if u can)
bye guys ..

when i say i can do it ,
then i can do it..

Thursday, April 10, 2008


i know wat happened..
i am speechless !!!
u know wat ??
it is soooo ridiculous ..
fuyohhhhh !!!!
i wonder wat is tat bitch trying to do..
wat for she told ppl this kind of rumours..
this is her matter..
i believe , she will get the same one day..
and she will know the feeling...

afterall ...
i feel....
this kinda things happen oftenly..
i am ok ..
but i dono wat other ppl think...
i cant read ppl's mind..

finally ..
i have to tell u two tat...
=.= ... =/
it's u think too much...
i'm nt scolding or wat..
i'm nt angry also...
bcz it's all bcz of dono which bitch saying such ridiculous stuff..
and make all the ppl being crazy...

stop those rumours immediately..

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

the cry day

i think it's gonna flooded by my own tears..
cried for 3 times is aint good !!!
moron la , thm...
but u know...
cry is the best when u need to melepas nafsu..lolx..
but when i saw the chat log , and search for something...
i was so much like a stupid !!!
cry cry cry...suddenly laugh , cry cry , laugh cry l;augh cry laugh ...
think i am crazy...
so i decided to write a blog now to stop thinking abt things...
but blog..
remind me more thiingss...

well ..
1st thing for today ...
someone scolded me....
and my friend told me..
scolded me tat i am a .......
i am not !!!
did i say something again ??
i din say anything ok...
hope u ...just dun simply scold ppl....
and i know y she scolded me...
ok ...
so...i didnt say abt tat!!!
not even a word !!!!!
tat is a rumours ok !
stupid ppl !
idiot ppl!
better dun let me know who is tat idiot..
just simply say those fuck....
rumors rumors rumors...
can ppl jz stop telling rumors...
as we know it is a rumors..
then wat for the 2nd ppl tell the 3rd ppl...
and some rumors affect ppl....
urrghhh !!!!
mayb god shouldnt gv ppl a mouth...
it's better to simply shout like orang asli ..
or just use hand to express ...
it's the best ...

2nd thing happened....
tta idiot !! hell teacher !!
wat the hell is related to her when i laugh....
i am nt laughing to myself also..
it's ... my friend...
she make me laugh..
and who dont laugh when ......
idiot la....stupid !!!
u idiot !! better dun let me see u laugh ...
or i will slap u !!!! ( just saying)

3rd thing..
i had wrote my blog for it...
wrote it just 3 minutes ago..
it makes me cry A LOT..
like..cant stop...
my friend say ,
if she is my true friend , she will friend with me again , forgive me..
well ....
dun think too much...
it's all bcz u r my fren ...
wat if ur fren suddenly ignore you ??

can you ?

i think....
i gonna lose a friend like quite soon ...
i dono the reason...
i dono y !!!!
she is like...
dunwan to talk to me recently..
not even a smile..
u know the feeling ??
u dono...
she is ...
a ....friend...
she is a...
dono which type of fren..
i mean..
friend gt some type 1 rite ?
best friend , close fren , friend , gossip fren , secret friend...
i know which type of friend she is..
because she is tat type of my friend ,
so she feels bother ... she feels irritating...
i dono !!!!!!
as i always say..
i dun care i dun care...
but know..
i care !!!!
i care a lot !!!!!
i feel sooo.......
dono wat is the feeling...
i dono wat is the feeling ...
i dono how to describe..
if she dunwan to friend with me...
at least ...
ohh nop...
she has gt her reason for sure...
but at least...
i must know it !!!
mayb it's remours ??
mayb it's my fault...
human being....
surely did something wrong b4...
after tat , we need to chg or apologize and ask for forgive...
wat if she just don want to tell me..
and ...
i am losing a friend by no reason !!!
i try to talk to her ...
but wat i get is ...
a cold response...
mayb it's me the one ..
think too much...
she is really ...
hate me..
the friend...
i dunwan to lose...
i dun hope to lose...
the friend...
tell me she wants her.....
she miss her ...
she ......
she argue v me ...
she talk to me....
can i continue our friendship ??
u know...
i reli cherish u as my friend...
there are some of my friendsssss tat i dunwan to lose...
the one...including you....
can u tell me wat i did ??
can u forgive me ??
can u ????????
or mayb...
i shouldnt write this blog..
or it will be embarrassing when i meet her ...
but anyhow..
this is my blog...
blog is for me to write the thingss...

friendship never torn apart ? i have no comment...
friendship ?? i dunwan wat it means....

Saturday, April 5, 2008


I went to faces n had our celebration..
for wat ??
for taekwondo la..
we ate at faces as i mentioned..swt !!
and the food there...
all r western food..'s nice !
i ate mushroom chicken..dono the name d..
the price is reasonable..
the drinks..
regular 1 is normal..
large one is like a jar..
actually i drank b4..
i can finish it..
i drank love...
haha..the love..not bad la...
and the decoration there..
haha...romantic man !!
but the only thing is ..
i dun reli like plants plants plants..
it's romantic still..
i am full now..
and i am satisfied..
thx to mr. looi..

train hard..train tough..get champion again !!!

idiot msn

my msn is so idiot..
i cant send anyone msg..
it will said , wat...msg nt delivered when i send ..
hate it....
so ..sorry for those who ask me stg...
sorry sorry sorry..

sport day=photo day=angeline birthday

ytd was school's sport day...
this year's sport day r nice !
it's different from previous years 1..
i aspect it will be boring..
but i had enjoyed my day soo much..
after pizza , we ate pizza.
and then craped in the canteen...
after tat , we walked around again..
and finally..
we spotted a good place..
sheh nee was going in to the drum's room..
and then...we followed her..
actually she was going there to do her hw..but we ,4 of us4 of us were going in to take picta..hahah!!!
u know wat...i think we cant stop taking pic for half an hour i think...
after tat , because sheh nee was finish her hw..
and also...we r already soooo hot..(inside there gt no fan at all somemore air cant come in)
so..we went out..
we spotted the playground..muahahaha.
not kindergarten there 1 , is round about there..
omg..u were crazy again..
we went there and take picturessssss again...
we take for dono how many minutes..
but i know..
we had take like A LOT of pictures....

after school dismiss..
we went to gp and celebrated angeline's bday...
we watch L changes the world.
omg ! this movie is so so so bloody nice !!!!
u guys must watch..i mean...MUST !!!!
and then...we went to fish n co makan..
my dish is too i cant finish..hahhaa...
then we went to buy cake when angeline went to toilet..
but who knows..
she went back 1st...hahhaa...swt !
and after we went tp play , we went home...

anyhow , happy birthday angeline...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

sports day

tomorrow is going to school early in the morning..
u know y ?
it's bcz tmr is sports day..
wow..sports day = great day...
i can walk talk talk..crap crap crap joke joke joke laugh laugh laugh ..
and nobody will care..hahaha..
but the greatest is only like tat..
after tat , we will go gp..muahaha..
heard tat many of our sch's students will go..
wow..great !!! hahaha...
mayb will go to watch rush august/august rush...
and then mayb will go redbox...
go to K song..hahaha ...
u know wat..
i jz love to sing sooo much !
and ...
plan to brg camera..haha..
i hv no slip...
but who cares..
mayb will spot check..
watever..i've gt my technique..hahhaa..
swt !!!!
ok...wanna sleep earlier..
nitex guys..

friends are always the best..