Monday, April 21, 2008

laugh my asss off !!!

i went to dinner with grandma ..
and .. they told us 1 thing tat makes me laugh like hell..
this happen on my cousin , in my grandma's house..
my cousin forget to brg key when he went out..
when he came back..oni he realized it...
but unfortunately , there r nobody ..
so he decided to climb to the roof and to the balcony then go into his room..
when he climb up to the roof ..
he started to walk ..(rubbish)
when he walked for a few step ,
omg thing happened..
the roof is quite fragile , coz it's quite ......
then ..he fell down , then the ceiling in the house also broke ..
then he keep falling ,
until my another consin's room..
then luckily , there is a cupboard , then..
he fell n sat on the cupboard..(the cupboard is quite tall )
then of coz ,
my 2 cousins get shocked..
then the 2nd reaction..
i think is laugh..
hahahhaha !!!!
my god !!
wat the hell is this..

my grandma them said ,
this sort of thing happened b4..
the victim is...
his brother...
omg ! i cant imagine !!!!
u know wat ??
he is .... big in size !!!
he was fell on the front of the house..
tat is even worse , coz that is simen..
luckily he didnt bang his head on the flower pot of the table..

hope the youngest bro dun do this...
or the 3 brothers will make history...lolx.. !!!
or they can go to participate the joke competition and they will win..
hahaha !!!

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魂·失 said...

dunno u heard about one case at clhs bo...a student went to a place to keep his was said that he was keeping his hp or wat there...then d place is located above the staff room...and d ceiling is some sort of clay or wat mia...vry thin nia...he is big in size too....then he walk walk walk n suddenly step wrong and fell from the top!!!! haha...1st his leg come down 1st....the teachers all kebingungan watching a leg come out from the ceiling...then suddenly his whole person fell down and whole staff room dark ki coz wire putus...!!LOL....all teachers gong ki...luckily he grab tiok d aircon mia pipe so ....not free fall...abo leh...i dunno how d lo...LOL