Saturday, April 5, 2008

sport day=photo day=angeline birthday

ytd was school's sport day...
this year's sport day r nice !
it's different from previous years 1..
i aspect it will be boring..
but i had enjoyed my day soo much..
after pizza , we ate pizza.
and then craped in the canteen...
after tat , we walked around again..
and finally..
we spotted a good place..
sheh nee was going in to the drum's room..
and then...we followed her..
actually she was going there to do her hw..but we ,4 of us4 of us were going in to take picta..hahah!!!
u know wat...i think we cant stop taking pic for half an hour i think...
after tat , because sheh nee was finish her hw..
and also...we r already soooo hot..(inside there gt no fan at all somemore air cant come in)
so..we went out..
we spotted the playground..muahahaha.
not kindergarten there 1 , is round about there..
omg..u were crazy again..
we went there and take picturessssss again...
we take for dono how many minutes..
but i know..
we had take like A LOT of pictures....

after school dismiss..
we went to gp and celebrated angeline's bday...
we watch L changes the world.
omg ! this movie is so so so bloody nice !!!!
u guys must watch..i mean...MUST !!!!
and then...we went to fish n co makan..
my dish is too i cant finish..hahhaa...
then we went to buy cake when angeline went to toilet..
but who knows..
she went back 1st...hahhaa...swt !
and after we went tp play , we went home...

anyhow , happy birthday angeline...

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