Thursday, April 3, 2008

sports day

tomorrow is going to school early in the morning..
u know y ?
it's bcz tmr is sports day..
wow..sports day = great day...
i can walk talk talk..crap crap crap joke joke joke laugh laugh laugh ..
and nobody will care..hahaha..
but the greatest is only like tat..
after tat , we will go gp..muahaha..
heard tat many of our sch's students will go..
wow..great !!! hahaha...
mayb will go to watch rush august/august rush...
and then mayb will go redbox...
go to K song..hahaha ...
u know wat..
i jz love to sing sooo much !
and ...
plan to brg camera..haha..
i hv no slip...
but who cares..
mayb will spot check..
watever..i've gt my technique..hahhaa..
swt !!!!
ok...wanna sleep earlier..
nitex guys..

friends are always the best..

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