Saturday, April 26, 2008

idiot is idiot

do u know the meaning of idiot ??
it means .. watever that idiot do , think , act , talk and watever ,it's always being idiotic bitchy ..
no doubt..
i've a idiotic so-called 'friend' ..
u know wat ??
her name is .. (i'm still gt some pathetic to her )
she,the ..... really insult the ....(club/perkhidmatan/uniform)
she's like..always love to think those rubbish yucky things just like , ' wah , he is so tall , if i ... v him , sure vy....'*omg*
she , bcz wanna noe a boy , she talks to someone she dun like to talk to..
and end up..
the guy dun bother abt her..
haha...laugh my lungs out !
she , she said ..(ok fine..i dunwan to tell this)..
she's so cheap u know ??
but always act like she's so 'expensive' ..

fuck !
i dun ever want to wear those skirts like she wears,it's so yuckz + short !
and i never act like hiao hiao coz i hate it a lot...(as every of my friends know)
and of coz , i wont do anything so disgusting ..(as every of my friends know my personality)
but u know wat she said ?
she said , aiya...she(me) , vy miang 1 la..
she's super miang ..
hoohhh !!!!

so many ppl dislike her recently including me bcz of her kuan and her cheap mouth , keji mouth..
and we all , dono how many ppl ..
most of her 'frineds' call her 贱人贱事..
i dont need to explain y , u wanna noe y , u will know when u know her..

and ya !
the most make me angry stuff is..
u know wat she did ??!
she said i am so dunwan face , so ai bin , so gao bin poi ,
saying myself win this and that..
shit !
and the most important thing is..
when she told my fren , my fren bliv her ..
and the ending , i noe wat will happen..
but luckily ..
1 of my friends, the gang we always join , she saw the trophy ..
and she gt the pic..
so , she bliv...
and she show them those prove...
y do i and she need to show evidence ?
just use the brain and think urself , human ..
will anyone so dunwan face until say herself win this and tat ?
those r wat brainless ppl say like tat idiot..

she said plz dun simply believe wat she(me ) say ,
she always simply say stg...
woah !!!!! i gonna @#@#$#% her !

huh !
always smiling and laughing in front of me huh ?
u know wat ?
my friends will tell me all ok ?
i tell u know !
those who u told them all abt the fake stuff my mine , they r my friendSSSS...
u wanna insult me , plz use ur brain and think who can tell who cannot tell ok..

we had made the conclusion..
y did she want to say all of these..
just because she ai bin , she dono shy , face too thick..

sorry la huh ?
the truth is the truth ..
watever u tell ,
everyone will noe whether it's right or wrong one day ..
maybe some brainless useless ppl bliv in her..
fine..just go ahead..
i will laugh u in my heart only...

i tell u !
u r so stupid u know !
we can keep our friendship if ur mouth not to be so contemptible..
but when i knew wat u said all abt tat..
i've nothing to talk to u anymore..

my friend asked me
'eh ,she is not ur good friend meh'
''s a was'

just a simple questiong to who view this blog..
can u stand this type of ppl although it's ur good fren ?

or mayb i 've to say..
it's not a friend also..
she is a 双面人...

anyway ,
the most stupid thing is..
last time ,
i was so stupid stupid stupid ! until i tell her so many things and being so good v this kind of ppl...

i'm just to be good to tell u tat ..
do u noe ?
not only 3 ppl complain abt u ?
i mean..they said ur attitute and i heard it ok..
and those r all ur friends...

so i think..
she's surely making ppl angry again..

it's non of my business..
i dun care..
i just care abt myself...
tat's all...

i hope when u see this blog ,
think back wat u did ...
i didnt say anything wrongly , do i ?
so to be the last advice for u ,
plz use ur brain to think b4 u wanna say stg and talk ..

god never simply create something useless to ppl !

choose ur friend carefully before u get betray


dabizi said...

wah.... scold till haha
calm down la..
erm dun so angry d...
after write out wat u wana write, i think u wil b ok d la

魂·失 said...

1st thing...after i read d starting of ur post...i d get it liao...
mebe dis cheap or so called miang or idiotic guy is enjoying kek tiao u....u lu care about wat she is saying n she will be more high?i mean enjoy? lidis de ppl gehh....i met a lot too...jz try to stay cool and if can u suan her back nid angry de... xD

huimei said...

noo..i dunwan to be like her , so cheap , saying all those contemptible stuffs...isshh.